Idleon Hunter Build Guide (Damage & Trapping)

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

This Hunter build guide provides the talent templates to maximise damage and trapping critters from this Archer subclass. While the Hunter doesn’t have the raw power of their Bowman counterpart they are critical to optimising the World 3 trapping skill with their Eagle Eye talent that allows them to collect traps on behalf of your other characters. Uniquely the Hunter also gains damage based on the game items you’ve found with the Looty Mc Shooty talent and is the first class you’ll unlock with a respawn mechanic.

This guide details talent priorities for both fighting and trapping with a simple to follow list to invest your talent points alongside comprehensive talent information for advanced players. This guide should be combined with our Archer talent build and other Idleon build pages.

Table of Contents:
Hunter Damage Build
Hunter Trapping Build


Idleon Hunter Build – Damage Build

This Idleon hunter build provides fundamental guidelines to talent point placement that players can use as their build foundation and make changes if necessary to their specific account progression. If you are interested in learning the impact of individual talents I recommend players spend a small number of talent points at a time while looking at the player stat window and AFK info.


For players that want to follow a talent template I recommend the following priority order for talents:

Talent Effect Notes
Bear_TrapBear Trap Lay down multiple bear traps that deal damage Active attacks placed on your attack bar like Bear Trap and 360 Noscope can have a large impact on AFK and active gains when advancing to the Hunter.

I recommend 50 talent points in both of these initially to benefit from this while also providing reasonable damage for any active activities like boss fights and World 2 Killroy runs.

360_Noscope360 Noscope Deal damage to enemies in front of the player As above 50 talent points before moving onto other talents below.
Stop_Right_ThereStop Right There Immobilises monsters Players should place at least 1 point here for the utility this talent provides in the World 3 tower defence mini game as it can stop all monsters for a short period. As each level improves the range and immobilise time additional points can be useful for reaching higher tower defence waves although takes away from damage focused talents below.

As a result players should determine their own account specific investment here based on your current goals and use reset potions as necessary.

Have_Another..._Again!Have Another… Again! +% chance for basic attacks to hit twice Building on the Archer fundamentals the Hunter has another skill to trigger multiple attacks. Level 30 (~50% chance) and 40 (60% chance) are attractive stopping points due to diminishing returns with this benefiting both active play and AFK gains.
Looty_Mc_ShootyLooty Mc Shooty +% damage for every 50 items found on any of your characters  

The primary damage talent of the Hunter that grows in power for every 50 items found. There is also a World 5 mechanic (Slab) that operates on a similar premise and allows players to see a list of all items to identify any missing items.

In order to have items recorded for this talent they need to be looted from the ground so players should drop and pick up items that are placed directly into your inventory (e.g. quest rewards and crafted items). Players can check the talent information window to see the number of items they have looted prior to World 5.

AGI_AgainAGI Again + Max talent level for Quickness Boots Agility is our secondary source of Hunter damage with this allowing players to invest additional points in Quickness Boots (Archer tab).
Previous_PointsPrevious Points + Talent points for the Archer talent tab In order to capitalise on AGI Again and other Archer talents this will give you additional talent points to spend in your Archer talent tab.
Shoeful_Of_ObolShoeful of Obol Obols give +% more AGI Obols are a minor source of Agility with this talent adding a small amount of damage.
Visibility_VesselsVisibility Vessels Each level of Archer or Bust bubble raises max level of I See You Requires players to progress alchemy in World 2 this will increase the max level of I See You in the Archer talent tab that provides critical chance for a minor boost to damage.
Straightshot_StatuesStraightshot Statues Speed, Anvil and Bullseye statues give +% larger bonus This talent can increase the effect of bullseye statues that provide accuracy that may help the Hunter fight bosses before some of your other characters. There is also a damage benefit from boosting Speed statues as there is an alchemy bubble (Quick Slap in the green cauldron) that increases base damage based on speed.
Uwu_RawrrrUwu Rawrrr When monsters die they respawn faster The first Idleon respawn mechanic that is available this can improve the speed that monsters respawn for less down time. Generally though active gameplay (where you use the Auto attack function with the game open) is best saved for elite classes unlocked in World 4 as they have stronger respawn mechanic options.


Idleon Hunter Build – Trapping Build

Trapping is a World 3 Frostbite Tundra skill that allow players to place traps at different critter locations to acquire normal and shiny resources to use in progression mechanics like alchemy, stamps and anvil crafting. A Hunter trapping build should be on a second talent preset that includes the tab 1 Archer talent of Elusive Efficiency as this has a large impact on trapping skill efficiency.


Other Hunter talents for a trapping build should be prioritised as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Eagle_EyeEagle Eye Collect traps for other characters but get reduced critters and experience. The core of any trapping build the Eagle Eye skill is incredible quality of life for easy trap collection. While this comes with a penalty to critters and experience gained it is a significant time saving and should be maxed first to minimise this penalty.
Invasive_SpeciesInvasive Species Increases trapping efficiency per power of 10 Froge in storage.  Boosting trapping efficiency improves your gains by giving bonus critters once you met the threshold for that critter. By focusing on farming some Froges early players can maximise this talent further with a thousand or ten thousand an achievable initial goal.
Shroom_BaitShroom Bait +% Trapping experience gain Higher experience gains will allow players to acquire stronger trapping equipment and is your best trapping talent after the above.
Reflective_EyesightReflective Eyesight x Shiny critter chance per 10 trapping levels This can be a tempting initial trapping talent as shiny critters are required for the Lord of The Hunt NPC quests to progress critter locations.

However, once players reach level 10 trapping you’ll be able to craft Silkskin Traps that have a large natural shiny multiplier for shiny critters instead. After you’ve maxed the above talents though this is still worth investing in as shiny critters have various uses.

AGI_AgainAGI Again + Max talent level for Quickness Boots With the core trapping talents acquired this source of agility can provide a small boost to trapping efficiency.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.


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  2. Does trapping build just uses catching archer pages?

    • Hi Pleo

      That is correct, on a trapping build for your hunter you want to focus on obtaining as much agility as possible from your talents after you max Elusive Efficiency (bottom left in the first skill tab)

      Games Finder Team

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