Idleon Hunter Build Guide (Damage & Trapping)

Last Updated on February 4, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Hunter Build Guide (Damage & Trapping)

Utilise this hunter build guide to design your master of damage and trapping for your Legends of Idleon account. Capable of reaching some impressive damage numbers and offering the unique catching focused talent of Eagle Eye the hunter is a key contributor to your progression with the appropriate trapping build.

The hunter is one of the possible paths players can take after the archer class (the other being the bowman) and turns your ranged fighters into one that specialises in stalking monsters and collecting traps that your other characters place at the trapping locations spread across the game world. In addition to the new attacking talents unlocked from this class advancement the hunter’s signature move boosts their damage based on the number of items you’ve found in the game to date. They are also the only class that can gain a bonus from the bullseye statue if you invest in the related talent.

This hunter build guide details the priorities of investment across these skills to maximise your damage and utility. Pairing this page with our base archer talent build will allow you to create the best hunter possible for your account. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


Idleon Hunter Build – Damage Build

Just like the other characters in Legends of Idleon a hunter build has some fundamental guidelines that will offer you the best result in most situations. However, Idleon is a vastly complex game and depending on your account wide bonuses there may be some slight differences for your particular account based on how far you’ve progressed.

Verifying the absolutely best min-max option for your account often comes down to spending points slowly with the player stats window open to see the impact that talent investment has given your specific account details. If you’d rather just follow this guide blindly though you’ll still achieve the large majority of your potential damage as it’s designed for the majority of the player base and assumes a balanced progression spread across the Idleon account wide bonus mechanics such as alchemy.

idleon-hunter-buildThe skill selections for your hunter talent build is based around 4 core damage skills and should be as follows:

  • 360 Noscope and Bear Trap: Attacks have a large impact on both your AFK and active gains so placing points into these will reward you handsomely with gains in both areas. Levelling these equally up to around level 30 is a good starting foundation of your hunter build before switching to the skills below and returning to these two skills later. If you intend to play your hunter as an active fighter for a period of time by leveraging the respawn talent Uwu Rawrrr rather than focused on AFK then you’ll actually want less points here (1 in each is sufficient) as the mana drain is significant and you’ll be unlikely to use these regularly while in an active state. Note that while the hunter was once a top tier option for active play they have since been overtaken by other elite class options if you have them available. Players can also place points in Stop Right There although its main use is tower defence as it pushes those mobs backwards to give you more time.
  • Have Another… Again!: Building on the archer fundamentals the hunter has another skill that gives you the potential to attack twice with a single pull of your bow. This skill like many in Idleon suffers from diminishing returns so stopping between level 30 (~50% chance) and 40 (60% chance) is my general recommendation here and then leaving it at that point until you have an abundance of points.
  • Looty Mc Shooty: With the above at a reasonable level it’s time to invest in a unique Idleon skill that gives you more damage for each item that you’ve discovered. Similar to Have Another you’ll be looking at around 40 points invested before switching back to your active skills of 360 Noscope and Bear Trap for point investments. In world 5 of Idleon players will gain access to the Slab which allows you track what you have and have not collected, prior to this point the best option is to ensure that you drop items on the ground if they go directly into your inventory (e.g. quest rewards) for it to count towards this number. While you can gain credit for the item by having it equipped or placing it into storage this may not always work and does require the map to refresh (such as moving through a portal) and before the Slab is not possible to confirm it has counted without use of external game tools. There are over 1,000 items that count towards this skill and you can see how many you have obtained on the talent screen as shown below.
  • AGI Again: With agility being an element to your damage this is the next damage focused talent to focus on as a hunter provided you have the talent points available in your previous tabs to utilise the new maximum level this provides.
  • Previous Points: Given there are no other major damage talents available to the hunter it is time to turn your attention to your past talents by investing in this option.
  • Visibility Vessels: Critical chance is a consideration in the AFK formula so this can provide a small potential boost although relies on players having enough talent points available first so I recommend it after Previous Points unless you are already overflowing with talent points.
  • Straightshot Statues: The final talent that offers anything of value to your damage focused build you’ll be able to get a little extra movement and anvil speed from statues when on this preset so you can dump remaining talent points here.


Idleon Hunter Build – Trapping Build

Second to your primary damage build it’s a good idea to have a preset reserved for a trapping build based on the trapping guide below. The concepts of traps are introduced early in W3 through the starting quests of the Frostbite Tundra with the Lord of the Hunt unlocking the trapping zones for all your characters as you progress in his quest line. These quests require you to obtain a healthy amount of critters and associated shiny critters so an appropriate trapping build on your hunter is both a progression and quality of life feature.

Like many other skilling talents that are unlocked in W3 only your third tab of hunter talents provides significant benefit to your trapping efficiency. Other talent tabs should be invested in tool efficiency, experience gained for specialised skills and agility.

In designing your hunter talents for a trap build you’ll want to invest as follows:


  • Eagle Eye: The core of any trapping build is the Eagle Eye skill that allows you to collect critters for all your Idleon characters without having to visit the traps manually (although a W3 building also provides this functionality). While this comes with a penalty to critters and experience gained it is a significant time save so will be used regularly and for that reason you’ll want to max this first to minimise the penalty you take when using it.
  • Shroom Bait: Boosting your experience gained for trapping is vital early after unlocking this resource skill as it means you can access better traps to improve your gains. While it can be tempting to invest into shiny critter chance to earn more gaining experience faster and using the specialist shiny traps (first available at level 10) is a superior path of trapping progression. These extra levels also unlock higher tier traps that let you place extra traps to multiply your gains.
  • Invasive Species: Boosting your efficiency improves your gains by giving you bonus critters once you met the threshold for that critter and thus is an obvious third choice from the hunter talents.
  • Reflective Eyesight: This can be a tempting investment as shiny critters are key to progressing through the critter locations. However, once you reach level 10 trapping you’ll be able to equip your crafted Silkskin Traps that has a fantastic shiny multiplier naturally to earn the required shiny critters instead. Accordingly, only after maxing the skills noted above should you look to invest points here.
  • AGI Again/Previous Points: Remaining points can be invested here as necessary to give yourself a little more agility for a minor improvement to trapping efficiency.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the balancing and optimising of the various game mechanics across the available game worlds as he continues to push his damage and printer output to new heights.

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  2. Does trapping build just uses catching archer pages?

    • Hi Pleo

      That is correct, on a trapping build for your hunter you want to focus on obtaining as much agility as possible from your talents after you max Elusive Efficiency (bottom left in the first skill tab)

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