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Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Learn how to get the Journeyman class and the best Journeyman build with this comprehensive guide to to maximising the potential of this secret Idleon class. Serving as a permanent beginner class the Journeyman is a unique character that doesn’t take the traditional advancement path in Idleon which brings some unique talents but also confusion for newer players.

For maximum effectiveness I recommend unlocking the Journeyman as your seventh character as they require account progress to be useful. Combined with the Journeyman skill build for skilling and fighting below players will be on the path to beginner class mastery. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
How To Get Journeyman (Secret Subclass)
Journeyman Build – Fighting
Journeyman Build – Skilling


How To Unlock Journeyman (Secret Idleon Class)

Players need to complete a secret Journeyman quest in Idleon which means skipping Promotheus and his job advancement quest entirely which is detailed in the video below. While there are a number of steps to follow the required items are relatively straight forward and I recommend players start purchasing hotdogs as soon as they can afford them as it will take half a week to acquire enough.

Item Required Number Source
36px-PeanutPeanuts 1,651 Crafted at the anvil by combining 2 hotdogs, 1 copper ore and 1 bleach log. The recipe is unlocked by completing Picnic Stowaway quests on the World 1 Frogs map.
36px-Hot_DogHot Dogs 3,302 Purchased from the W1 town shop (750 per day) or the W1 boss map vendor (1,000 per day).
36px-Bleach_LogsBleach Logs 1,651 Available from the Birch Tree located on the World1 Beans map.
36px-Copper_OreCopper Ore 1,651 Mined from the portal left of the World 1 town.
36px-Gold_BarGold Bars 250 Gold ore is mined two portals left of the World 1 town and then turned into bars from World 1 town smelting.

Idleon Journeyman Build – Fighting

When fighting with your Journeyman your priority will be class experience to reach higher levels and obtain rare drops. While you can also farm crystal monsters I recommend players wait until the next secret class advancement which is covered in detail on our Maestro guide page. For Journeyman fighting I recommend players obtain the following beginner talent tabs in priority order:

Talent Effect Notes
Lucky_CloverLucky Clover + Base LUK The luck stat is accuracy and damage for the Journeyman that makes it an initial priority. Once you have sufficient accuracy for the current monster you should progress down this list of priority talents until you need more accuracy.
Sleepin'_On_The_JobSleepin’ On The Job +% AFK Gains rate for fighting Boosting your AFK gains rate will improve the experience and drops from your AFK fighting.
Sharpened_AxeSharpened Axe + Base weapon power Early game base weapon power has a noticeable impact on damage to allow you to push new monster fights.
Gilded_SwordGilded Sword +% Damage dealt Once you have a base of damage the % boost of Gilded Sword provides further damage boosts.
FeatherweightFeatherweight +% Movement speed Only after maxing everything above players can look at boosting their movement speed. This has a small impact to AFK gains and also a quality of life as you explore the world of Idleon.


The Journeyman has some of the most complex and specific use case talents in Idleon so players should carefully read the notes on each skill below for the Journeyman talent priority order:

Talent Effect Notes
Indiana_AttackIndiana Attack Whip forward dealing damage and pulling in monsters A single point here to unlock an attack talent will boost your AFK gains and is useful for any active Journeyman combat (such as boss kills). Further points should only be considered after considering all the other options below.
Two_Punch_ManTwo Punch Man Punches now hit a 2nd time and do extra damage A similar use case to the above and again I recommend a single point initially before focusing on other utility talents below.
Cmon_Out_CrystalsCmon Out Crystals +% Crystal mob spawn chance A critical talent when you are actively farming crystal monsters given the boost to spawn chance that is only applicable when crystal farming. I recommend you do this after you advance your Journeyman to Maestro though in most cases and you should only invest points here when crystal farming (skip otherwise).
Cards_GaloreCards Galore +% Card Drop chance This is my recommended main loot and utility skill as it allows players to start accumulating some of the useful cards they need for account progression (such as boss cards). At talent level 35 players have half the card drop rate benefit of this skill so it can be a good initial checkpoint to aim for when talent points are scarce early on.
Curse_Of_Mr_Looty_BootyCurse of Mr Looty Booty +% Drop Rate
-% Damage
A tempting talent that players need to use carefully and judge their own account progression. This is a talent players will slowly level up as their Journeyman gains damage to ensure they maintain enough damage but maximise drop rate.
Rares_Everywhere!Rares Everywhere! +% Rare Drop table rate Boosting your chance of finding items in rare drop tables players can acquire more of the useful rare Idleon drops like obols, statues and rare food items. This is a boost to items found in the blue rare drop bags that players can see on the respective monster cards menu.
Gimme_GimmeGimme Gimme +% Chance for double loot Only works when active which makes this talent targeted to crystal monster farming or boss farming for additional loot chances.
Its_Your_Birthday!Its Your Birthday! Drops a random reward A fantastic one point wonder as soon as this gives you a free game reward (Time Candy, Experience Balloons and Gems) every 24hrs. Eventually as you have additional talent points available you can add extra points which increases the chances for the talent to instantly refresh its cooldown.
Lucky_HorseshoeLucky Horseshoe + Base LUK Any spare points can go into boosting your base luck stat and beyond this players can also invest in Lucky Hit and F’Luk’Ey Fabrics.

Idleon Journeyman Build – Skilling

Skilling is difficult on the Journeyman but still important as high skill levels are required for your Maestro job advancement and resources do have their own important cards or rare drop tables to farm. For Journeyman skilling I recommend players obtain the following beginner and Journeyman talent tabs in priority order:

Talent Effect Notes
Fist_of_RageQuickness_BootsBook_Of_The_WiseFirst of Rage
Quickness Boots
Book of the Wise
(Beginner tab)
Increases base STR/AGI/WIS Investing in these provides a small boost to your skilling gains for the respective skill. This means strength for mining/fishing, agility for catching and wisdom for chopping.
Happy_DudeHappy Dude (Beginner tab) +% Exp Gain for all skills Boosting experience gained is critical to our goals when skilling with Journeyman.
Curse_Of_Mr_Looty_BootyCurse of Mr Looty Booty +% Drop Rate
-% Damage
With damage having no role in skilling this is a fantastic skill to farm cards or other rare items as the extra drop rate has no down side.
Cards_GaloreCards Galore +% Card Drop Chance With skilling cards offering strong boosts to your skilling gains the Journeyman is a fantastic class to farm these by maxing Cards Galore and Curse of Mr Looty Booty together.
Rares_Everywhere!Rares Everywhere! +% Rare Drop Table rate Resource nodes for skilling offer several useful items in their rare drop tables including obols, silver pens and golden foods that makes this worth obtaining.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.


  1. Thank you very much for that detailed explanation to become a journeyman. I almost went insane doing this as my first Char on my new Account but I thin this will be worth it x)

    • you are crazy. You should get jman on like the 6 or 7 charachter

      • Like his name is literally “crazy” cray tho xD

      • Oh. I got him on my 5th.

  2. bro how do i get sleeping otj
    it doesnt show up in my talents

  3. Hi

    This talent appears on the bottom right of your beginner talents only after you advance to Journeyman and it will not appear if you are still a beginner class

    Games Finder Team

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