Idleon Journeyman Build Guide – How To Unlock Journeyman

Last Updated on May 23, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Journeyman Build Guide – How To Unlock Journeyman

Discover how to unlock the Journeyman in Idleon and the best Journeyman build to use for this secret class to maximise your experience gained and loot potential. For those unfamiliar with the Journeyman subclass they are essentially a permanent Beginner who doesn’t take the traditional path of character advancement in Legends of Idleon. With some material changes to the Journeyman skills in 2021 you’ll want to be using the best up to date Journeyman build for your account to maximise the unique benefits of this class.

In this guide we’ll answer the how to unlock Journeyman questions you have and how to build this secret class to be an AFK farmer that contributes to your account with its unique talents. While you can technically unlock the Journeyman as your first character and some in the community do challenge themselves with this it is recommended that you create this class later in your account progression. This is because the Journeyman lacks specialised resource gathering skills (although gains experience in all of them at an accelerated rate with talents) and is significantly weaker compared to other classes due to the weak Journeyman weapons and Journeyman talents so you will need significant account wide upgrades to support their progression.

For this reason I don’t recommend creating a Journeyman until at least your fifth character after you have one of each class and a second Warrior for a dedicated Idleon mining build. Ideally though you would push this Journeyman desire until seventh character as earlier than that will slow down your general account progress. Is the Journeyman worth it? In time they can be an important contributor to your account although are not a priority as reaching this potential is a long road that needs other strong characters first. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

How To Unlock Journeyman (Secret Idleon Class)

Unlocking the Journeyman requires players to complete a secret Journeyman quest in Idleon which means skipping Promotheus and his job advancement quest entirely. This special unique quest has various requirements and resources that Idling Jack covers in this concise video guide for those wondering how to get Journeyman for their account:

With a focus on acquiring peanuts in their regular and golden form players should spend some time on their other characters acquiring the necessary resources (hot dog, copper ore and bleach logs) before accepting this secret challenge. In addition to becoming a Journeyman you’ll walk away with the Club Member trophy and Beginner Best Class special talent that gives you an extra weapon power per every 10 levels of your beginner.

Idleon Journeyman Build

With the Journeyman unlocked you’ll need to turn your attention to a build that plays to the characters strengths. While the Journeyman does come with some unique loot boosting active skills players of the community generally opt to play an AFK Journeyman due to their weak damage output. However, when you are interested in crystal carrot farming (or other crystal mobs) playing your Journeyman as an active character can prove useful given their talents to boost spawn chance.

With that in mind your priorities for a good Journeyman build will be:

  • Accuracy: Accuracy is the heart of any build in Idleon for obvious reasons, if you can’t hit your enemy you won’t be earning any experience or item drops. The Journeyman is different to other classes such as the Mage or Archer though in that this comes from the LUK stat which with investment also boosts your drop rate. This means the Journeyman is rarely going to have any issues in achieving accuracy requirements in Idleon as you’ll be heavily invested in LUK.
  • Damage: Second to accuracy comes maximising your damage for faster gains and allows progression. LUK also plays a role here and this relationship can be improved with talents although not necessary. This leaves good old traditional weapon power as the main damage boost which you acquire from the Journeyman weapons type fisticuffs.
  • AFK Gains Rate (Fighting): As you’ll primarily be AFKing maximising any talents or other boosts to AFK gains rate will be beneficial.
  • Utility: Once all the above are taken care of players can start to look towards class utility of the Journeyman which comes through optimising loot, cash and card drops. The Journeyman also has some unique reward opportunities through random game rewards and crystal mob spawn chance.


Journeyman Build Talents

Idleon is a diverse adventure and players can take many approaches in advancing their account with mechanics like statues, stamps, family bonuses and others making your account different from other players. For this reason the below should be used as a general guide on which skills to focus on, I recommend testing 1 point at a time in some circumstances where noted below to see what is giving you personally the best gain if you want to min-max to the extreme.

Tab 1 talent skills for your Journeyman build should be considered as follows:

  • Lucky Clover: The first place you should be putting your points given this drives your key accuracy stat. Once you have enough accuracy requirement for your current map you can move along to other options. Early on in your progression you’ll likely want to stay a few maps ahead as well given how quickly you’ll progress. A good checkpoint (depending on your account) is around 40 for the W1 boss and given your Journeyman will likely be in W1 for a long time is more than enough to start.
  • Sleepin’ On The Job: With AFK your main focus of the Journeyman you will want to max this eventually. Starting with 50 points here is a solid investment before moving into the two skills listed below but consider testing this on your specific account setup. If you want an easy rule of thumb I’d recommend 50 in this, sharpened axe and gilded sword before returning to max this.
  • Sharpened Axe: Offering extra weapon power sharpened axe is a good staple of most character builds and the Journeyman is no exception. You’ll want to max this in time and it can be levelled alongside Gilded Sword.
  • Gilded Sword: The last skill you want to max out on your Journeyman tab 1 talent build as it gives you a useful percentage boost to damage output.

If players have maxed all of the above you can invest in anything you feel your Journeyman is lacking to progress (such as health or defence). There could be an argument for Extra Bags as well if you AFK for long time periods and lack carry capacity to take all your drops although unlikely required by the time you build a Journeyman as you can craft the necessary bags. As a result Feather Flight is likely your best investment as it does boost your AFK gains and movement speed is hard to obtain otherwise.idleon-journeyman-build-tab-1

Tab 2 skills for your Journeyman build should be considered as follows:

    • Indiana Attack: One of your two attacks that boost AFK gains this is an obvious max for the AFK Journeyman build. Levelling this alongside Two Punch Man is a good default position and likely to be optimal for most accounts unless you’ve got some imbalanced upgrades in other account wide mechanics. If you intend to use your Journeyman to farm lower level W1 areas for rare drops or materials you can leave this and Two Punch Man around level 40 to 60 for the time being and move onto some of the drop based utility skills. If you want to push your Journeyman into W2 and beyond though you’ll need both maxed for the damage they offer (although limited compared to other classes).
    • Two Punch Man: Level this up alongside the above as noted until you reach max level or your desired level for this skill as well.
    • Its Your Birthday!: A fantastic one point wonder as soon as you unlock the Journeyman as this gives you a free game reward every 24hrs. This includes powerful Time Candy, Experience Balloons and Gems with all of these items being useful for your account and Journeyman.
    • Selected Utility/Loot Skill: After you max the skills Indiana Attack and Two Punch Man (or reach a satisfactory damage level) it is time to move onto the Journeyman utility loot skills. This includes Breakin’ The Bank, Gimme Gimme, Chaching, Lucky Horseshoe, Curse of Mr Looty Booty, Cmon Out Crystals, Reroll Pls, Cards Galore and Rares Everywhere. Each of these options is explored at the end of this page as to why you should or should not bother with putting points into them.

Special Talents for your Journeyman build should be considered as follows (based on your available unlocks):

  • Best Beginner Class: Some free small weapon attack, place one point here per 10 levels of your beginner (Journeyman) class.
  • Quest Chungus: With LUK being a strong stat for Journeyman class investment here and diligent quest completion can boost your damage, accuracy and drop rate further.
  • Will of The Eldest: Grab some useful all stat, similar to the best beginner class you want 1 point for 10 levels of your highest character.
  • Tick Tock: Great boost to your AFK gains in both skilling and fighting that you’ll want to max after Attacks on Simmer.
  • Attacks On Simmer: As most of your time is spent fighting this is your ideal AFK boost and should be a priority special talent to max.
  • Goblet of Hemoglobin: Add points as necessary to improve your survivability but generally not a priority for the Journeyman as you won’t be pushing the highest levels of enemy content compared to your other Idleon characters.

Journeyman Build Utility – Which To Use

  • Breakin’ The Bank: This is an active based skill so not ideal for the AFK Journeyman and only multiples the values of coins on the ground so you would be using this before you pickup coins every 33 minutes and 20 seconds (its skill cooldown). Not worth the points or the additional active time required to use this as its only a small boost to coin value.
  • Gimme Gimme: Can actually be useful given its a 50% chance to drop 2x loot for a long period of time. Unfortunately as an active focused skill it’s not usable outside low level areas where you are hunting something specific and you’ll need to check in regularly to make sure the drop doesn’t disappear from the ground! Not recommended but can have some niche uses if you are at your computer anyway focused on low level mobs or crystal farming.
  • Chaching: Nothing wrong with a simple 25% boost (at level 100) to cash in theory but you’ll likely earn more cash just by using one of your good fighters at a high level areas so not worth the investment.
  • Lucky Horseshoe: Boosts LUK which means more damage, accuracy and drop rate although a waste of points given the second tab has much more useful benefits and you can obtain plenty of LUK via the first tab of Journeyman skills.
  • Curse of Mr Looty Booty: Quite useful in specific low level farming areas where you are capped in your AFK kills per hour and want even more drop rate. Outside of that though this isn’t a go to option you’ll be running regularly but can be temporarily invested in for particular needs so I generally just recommended the vast majority of players avoid this option.
  • Cmon Out Crystals: An absolute must for when you want to go crystal carrot farming for drops from these special crystal mobs that are required for certain quests and item drops. Note that you have to be actively playing for crystal mobs to spawn and their strength is a multiple of the current mob you are fighting so you’ll want to fight in a low level location so that you can kill the crystal mob when it does spawn.
  • Reroll Pls: Rerolls can be useful as they effectively allow you to have a second chance at rare drops if after an AFK session you got nothing of value. Even at level 100 though this is only a 22.5% chance so just isn’t high enough in my opinion to justify taking it over the other drop rate boosting options first.
  • Cards Galore: This is my recommended loot and utility skill to start as obtaining cards and reaching the higher level cards can do wonders for your overall account progression. I focused on this and used it to farm specific strong cards I wanted alongside points into Rares Everywhere given the diminishing returns on both these skills. At around level 35 you can get half the drop rate benefit of this skill so that’s a good first checkpoint to reach.
  • Rares Everywhere: If you’ve got your card needs meet than this is your next best utility skill option for a Journeyman build and one worth getting alongside Cards Galore anyway. It definitely has some diminishing returns at play though as well with you getting nearly half the drop rate benefit from just 30 points but is still likely to be the best place to dump spare points.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the balancing and optimising of the various game mechanics across the available game worlds as he continues to push his damage and printer output to new heights.

  1. Thank you very much for that detailed explanation to become a journeyman. I almost went insane doing this as my first Char on my new Account but I thin this will be worth it x)

    • you are crazy. You should get jman on like the 6 or 7 charachter

      • Like his name is literally “crazy” cray tho xD

      • Oh. I got him on my 5th.

  2. bro how do i get sleeping otj
    it doesnt show up in my talents

  3. Hi

    This talent appears on the bottom right of your beginner talents only after you advance to Journeyman and it will not appear if you are still a beginner class

    Games Finder Team


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