Idleon Maestro Build Guide (AFK, Active & Skilling)

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Idleon Maestro Build Guide (AFK, Active & Skilling)

Learn how to utilise your Maestro effectively to boost your account progress with this Maestro build guide and general information on how to unlock the Maestro secret class. Building on the secret Journeyman this class remains unique compared to the other core Idleon classes with a range of interesting mechanics and talents to help boost your other characters.

While it’s significant effort to both unlock the Maestro and use it effectively those that invest into this yellow character will find that it pays dividends for their other characters. The Maestro is also a popular active character for it’s ability to quickly spawn crystal monsters that offer useful items like statues and pen as well as large amounts of potential experience. Answering the question of how to unlock the Maestro and providing builds for AFK, active and skilling Maestros you’ll be able to maximise your account gains with this page. Skilling is particularly important given the Maestro specialises in boosting the experience and efficiency of other characters that have lower skilling level and the Maestro benefits from higher level skills in terms of damage .

Keep in mind that Idleon is a diverse game with many mechanics and the best talent option for you may differ to someone else due to account progress differences. You should always assess these talent recommendations with consideration of your own Idleon account progress and current specific objectives. The information here should be combined with our Journeyman guide. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


How To Unlock Maestro (Secret Idleon Class)

Similar to the pathway to unlocking the Journeyman the Maestro requires players to complete a lengthy and challenging quest line to unlock. The later you tackle this quest in your overall account progression the easier it will be though and given the Maestro actually offers little to your account until you’ve made solid progress with your other characters can be a viable option. For the full details of the steps required refer to the video below or the Idleon Secrets Wiki page.

A summary of the requirements to the Maestro quest line are:

  • Obtain high Journeyman levels in W1 and W2 skills
  • Have the W2 Snelbie map unlocked (Djonnuttown)
  • Have 594 defence (not required but makes the quest easier)

Idleon Maestro Build – AFK Build

While the Maestro is a popular active character and has a focus on skilling you’ll likely still be doing some AFK fighting time because you either can’t play actively or are playing actively as another character. In this AFK build your focus will generally be on maximising your damage, AFK gains and drops as the Maestro is fairly weak when played AFK so will often spend time revisiting earlier worlds to obtain rare drops such as Woodular Circles or Nuget Cakes when AFK.

Like the Journeyman the Maestro retains the LUK specialisation which does help slightly here and means accuracy is never really an issue but its mostly your past talents as Journeyman that help provide necessary utility which is reflected in the Maestro talent point build suggestions below. With enough talent points at a higher level I’ll generally combine my AFK and Active Maestro build in a single preset and have skilling as my other preset as I only active for several hours a day and don’t leave my computer on for 24 hours for a pure active build.

idleon-afk-maestro-buildWith that in mind your priorities for an AFK Maestro build are:

  • Skillage Damage: A powerful and important boost to damage as a Maestro and just one of the reasons why you’ll want to focus on skilling your Maestro across all skills. Given this skill works on an every 5 levels basis you’ll want to regularly evenly level up your skills to keep pushing into the next tier of damage boost. Maxing this first is going to be a significant boost to your Maestro and one they desperately need at this stage.
  • Jman Was Better: The Journeyman has a wealth of utility talents that are covered in depth in our Journeyman build guide. Given this you’ll likely want the extra points that this talent provides as a close second to boosting your damage as with this you can boost drop rate, card drop or other key Journeyman talents that you need the additional talent points for. For a Journeyman with high skilling this might be less of a factor as you may have an abundance of talent points already for your needs so consider your own circumstances.
  • Printer Go Brrr: Depending on your account progression this extra resource time may be invaluable or actually have little impact because you are already swimming in resources so consider your own account progression point. Ideally your second Maestro talent preset would actually max this skill and each day you would switch to that preset to obtain a good amount of printing resources. If that isn’t possible due to your second preset being starved for talent points (such as an active build) then placing at least a single point here offers great return on investment as it adds an extra hour of sample printing for your daily check-in. Maximising this can also be considered if you are a diligent daily checker as this multiples the number of hours and gives a reasonable cooldown refresh chance if that helps your account progress.
  • Colloquial Containers: Giving players a source of AFK Gains provided you are levelling the first yellow alchemy bubble this can be a good talent point investment provided you have the talent points on your first tab of talents available given this only increases the maximum level of Sleepin On The Job and you still need spare talent points to utilise that new maximum level. For 50 points you’ll gain an extra 1.75% and 2.8% for 100 levels.
  • Bliss N Chips: An option that relies on you having additional talent points in tab 1 or tab 2 to spare with both skills that benefit from this talent can be useful. Not only do you get an extra amount of LUK for your damage and drop chance from your Journeyman talents but the extra experience for all skills can help you push those passive skills to higher levels. Skills such as smithing, alchemy and construction will be able to boosted by this along with things like trapping or worship provided you do those activities with the talent preset active.
  • Maestro Transfusion: Similar to above this can be an effective option to boost town skills given they are not impacted by efficiency. For example smithing, alchemy and construction can earn a massive boost to experience to help your Maestro out level your other characters which imparts benefits to your account.
  • Left Hand of Learning/Right Hand of Action: An alternative option to invest your Maestro AFK points when you already have sufficient experience on your Maestro or simply have more talent points than you know what to do with. This doesn’t benefit your Maestro directly but if you have characters trying to gain skill levels or farm resources while your Maestro is AFK your overall account may benefit depending on your goals.

Idleon Maestro Build – Active Build

The Maestro is a favourite for active play given some of the talents allow you to perform crystal carrot farming (and other crystal monsters) for experience and their drops. Maestro’s also benefit from killing these crystal mobs given their Crystal Countdown talent allows them to gain skill experience for these kills. Crystal monsters only spawn when playing actively in Idleon which requires you to have the game open and use the auto feature. Their base spawn chance is 1 in 2000 and they have 15x HP, 35x EXP while the drop tables provide a good source of statues, obols and post office pens to benefit your account.

In order to utilise an active build to maximum effectiveness players will want to acquire all the methods to boost crystal monster spawn:

  • Journeyman Cmon Out Crystals talent
  • Special/Star Talent Crystals 4 Dayys
  • Post Office Non Predatory Loot Box
  • Crystallin stamp
  • Cards (Poop & Demon Genie)
  • Crescent Shrine (can be boosted by Chaotic Chizoar Card)

With these sources you can reduce your crystal chance to low levels and further enhance it through the W4 lab Chocolatey Chip that has a chance to spawn crystal monsters after one dies. Popular maps for crystal farming including slimes (W1), sandcastles (W2), rams (W3) and soda cans (W4) given the high enemy spawns and map layout allows for maximum kills per hour. However, you will need to factor in your goals to find the best map. For example a slightly less optimal map in terms of monster spawn may offer rare drops that you need or a different map may offer better experience that is a current goal for your Maestro.

idleon-active-maestro-buildWith this setup you will want to combine it with the following Maestro talents:

  • Crystal Countdown: One of your core talents in an active crystal farming builds for the Maestro given it allows you to level up your skills with active gameplay. Note that there is a cap involved in this skill so a common gameplay loop for Maestro is to actively farm crystals then swap to AFK/active skilling and then repeat. For a long time this skill was bugged and only required 1 point for maximum effectiveness but this has been fixed so you should now max the talent.
  • Jman Was Better: Like your AFK build many of your best talents actually sit within the Journeyman tab so placing points here will allow you to obtain them. With multiple drop rate talents, card talents and the important crystal spawn talent the Journeyman talent tab is simply too powerful to pass on.
  • Triple Jab: Giving you an extra hit on your targets when playing actively the triple jab talent continues the multihit theme from Journeyman and provides a good damage boost. Stronger punches allows you to transition from W1 crystal farming initially into W2 and W3 which have different drop tables and offer better experience.
  • Skillage Damage: A fantastic boost to damage that like Triple Jab above will allow you to push further with your Maestro for better experience gains and access the different drop tables of the other worlds.

Once all of these are maxed you can consider Bliss N Chips, Maestro Transfusion and Left Hand of Learning/Right Hand of Action for the reasons noted in the AFK build section.

Idleon Maestro Build – Skilling Build

Skilling is a large part of your life as a Maestro character and while you can use candies, mini games and balloons to reduce the number of actual hours spent gaining skills you still want a skill focused build when using those methods to boost experience gained. Thankfully the Maestro talents and the other talent tabs of this class have ample opportunities to boost experience gained. This includes players putting points in the beginner boosting talents for STR/WIS/AGI for the respective skill (e.g. WIS for chopping) and Happy Dude. You can also utilise your drop and card drop rate talents to get more rare drops from resources than you would otherwise with spare points.

idleon-skill-maestro-buildFor Maestro talents when skilling with Maestro you will want to use the following:

  • Bliss N Chips: Boosting Happy Dude by a massive number of levels which gives us an extra 1% skilling experience without diminishing returns makes this the core of your skilling Maestro build.
  • Jman Was Better: Like our other Maestro builds there is simply so much in Journeyman talents that can be helpful and the same applies for skilling if you are doing it for cards or rare drops. If more points in Journeyman tab helps your goals then be sure to take this.
  • Printer Go Brrr: Having this maxed on your skilling preset and swapping to it daily can give you a great boost to your printer output when you remember to use. At max level its not uncommon to get several resets that means more resources for your Idleon account.
  • Skilliest Statue: While it sounds good the boost is actually quite small that makes this a lower priority than other talents for skilling. The statues you want to improve (EhExPee) are also primarily going to be acquired from W3 crystal farming which can take some time to reach on a Maestro.
  • Maestro Transfusion: Generally you won’t actually want points here as the lower efficiency is going to hurt your experience gain in most situations. That being said the ultimate min-maxer can experiment with some points here as there are some situations where the experience gained will offset the lost efficiency. For the vast majority of players though simply avoid this when AFK or active skilling. That being said if you plan to use balloons for Maestro skill levels (fishing is particularly popular for this) you will boost your experience gained when using a balloon dramatically.

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