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Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Optimise your Maestro build with this guide to the secret class that can boost your Idleon account once you achieve the Maestro requirements. Building on the Journeyman theme the Maestro (or Mman) is a powerful support character to your account that rewards players for achieving this class promotion although these unique talents can be confusing to use.

This guide details how to get Maestro, tips on overcoming this challenge and how to build this class for skilling, rare drops or crystal farming. This page should be combined with our Journeyman guide and other Idleon builds.

Table of Contents:
How To Get Maestro (Secret Subclass)
Maestro Build – Skilling
Maestro Build – Fighting (Active & AFK)
Maestro Crystal Farming Tips


How To Get Maestro (Secret Subclass)

The Maestro requirements are challenging and allows you to advance your Journeyman to a Maestro subclass with this quest process outlined on the Idleon Secrets Wiki page. I recommend players follow a character creation order where your Maestro is your seventh character as this ensures your account will be capable of completing the requirements. While this quest becomes available in World 2 it is likely you will already have made some progress into World 3 before actually being able to complete it.

A summary of the requirements to the Idleon Maestro quest are:

  1. Obtain high Journeyman levels in W1 and W2 skills
  2. Have the final W2 map with Snelbie monsters unlocked (Djonnuttown)
  3. Defeat the Biggie Hours miniboss with 1 HP, players can take no damage in this fight by having 594 defence that makes this quest significantly easier.

Most players find the skill levels and defence requirements to be the greatest challenge and my recommended tips to help with the Maestro unlock are:

  • To improve your skilling experience on your Journeyman players the following are the main methods to reach the required mining (32), chopping (33), smithing (35), fishing (23), alchemy (25) and catching (25) skill levels.
Crystal Chance Source Notes
Happy_DudeJourneyman Talents – Happy Dude A key source of skilling experience that applies to all of the skills we need levels for Maestro.
Black_PearlBlack Pearls Available from the Killroy Skull Shop each pearl gives 20% of a skill level up to level 30. These should be saved for the higher skill levels as they are percentage based.
1_HR_Time_CandyEXP Balloons & Time Candy Available from in game events, quests, alchemy and Killroy if you have a stockpile of these they can be worth using to obtain the Maestro class.
Icing_IronbiteSkilling Foods For mining, chopping, fishing and catching using skilling foods can significantly boost your experience gain per hour. To conserve on food players can equip 1 food per AFK session which provides the same result as multiple skilling food.
Unending_EnergyPrayers If you’ve reached wave 51 of the Goblin Gorefest tower defence mini game in World 3 then the Unending Energy prayer is a notable boost to skilling experience although it maxes your AFK time to 10hours.
  • While players can complete the 1HP Biggie Hours fight required to unlock Maestro with a bow this can take a long time and one mistake requires players to reset. Reaching 594 defence means you’ll take no damage during this fight and can easily finish this quest. The best sources of defence at this stage for players are:
Mechanic Notes
Armor_Upgrade_Stone_IIIEquipment I recommend all of your armour slots are filled with the highest defence armour possible and use World 3 upgrade stones purchased from the shop.
Bucklered_UpTalents The Bucklered Up talent in the beginner talent tab provides defence.
50px-Oak_Logs_Card50px-Forest_Soul_Card50px-Sheepie_CardCards Cards like the Oak Tree, Forest Soul and Sheepie all provide defence bonuses.
Golden_Meat_PieGolden Food Equip any Golden Meat Pies you have available.
36px-OrangeBubble9Alchemy The FMJ bubble in the Power Cauldron (bubble 9) can be levelled with Fruit Flies for flat and percentage gains to defence.
Shield_StampBuckler_StampStamps The Shield (W1 Shop) and Buckler Stamp (W3 Snouts quest) add defence.
Star Signs Fatty Doodoo and Ned Kelly both provide defence and are along the primary star sign progression path so players will need to unlock them.
Granite_Obol_of_Amarok's_StareObols Pop Obols dropped from Gigafrogs provide some defence and are an important obol anyway given their drop rate. If available players can also use any Amarok Obols they have.


Idleon Maestro Build – Skilling

Skilling will be a major aspect of your Maestro as you want to keep your skill levels (W1, W2 and W3 skills only) ahead of your other characters as this boosts efficiency and experience gained through the left and right hand Maestro talents. The Maestro has a number of talents to support this with a pure skilling build utilising the following in priority order:

Talent Effect Notes
Bliss_N_ChipsBliss N Chips +Max level for Happy Dude & Lucky Horseshoe Happy Dude has no diminishing returns (1% per level) and a critical boost to skilling experience so raising the maximum level is core to a Maestro skilling build.
Skilliest_StatueSkilliest Statue Higher statue bonuses for EhExPee, Kapow and Feasty With EhExPee and Feasty statues both having useful benefits to skilling the ability to boost the effect from these is another skilling boost.
Maestro_TransfusionMaestro Transfusion +% Skill EXP Gain
-% Skill Efficiency
This is useful if you have over 100% chance on a resource node as behind 100% you do not earn additional experience. As a new Maestro you won’t be using this often but eventually it will be critical to maximising experience gain so level this slowly based on your account specifics.
Printer_Go_BrrrPrinter Go Brrr Print hours of printer samples (W3) instantly I recommend players put this on a skilling preset as you’ll have a higher number of spare points compared to your combat preset. Activating this daily can be a huge boost to resource gains to be invested into other Idleon progression mechanics like alchemy or stamps.
One_Step_AheadOne Step Ahead + Talent Points for Voidwalker Provides void talent points which are used in your next job advancement tab (the Voidwalker). Prior to this the talent has no effect and can be skipped.
Right_Hand_of_ActionRight Hand of Action +% Skill Efficiency for other characters if lower skill level than Maestro A key benefit to having your Maestro maintain higher skill levels players will want to max this talent to enhance their other characters when skilling and I recommend having this on your Maestro skilling preset.
Left_Hand_of_LearningLeft Hand of Learning +% Skill Experience for other characters if lower skill level than Maestro Similar to the above although this only has a niche use for when you need skilling experience on your other characters. Be careful not to out level your Maestro in that skill though.
Jman_Was_BetterJman Was Better + Talent Points for Journeyman Useful if players have spare points and need more for the Journeyman talents instead.


Idleon Maestro Build – Fighting (Active & AFK)

Despite being a skilling master the Maestro also has a fighting role when active or AFK. Active fighting (where Idleon is open and players use the Auto feature) is critical to the Maestro skill levels with Crystal Countdown rewarding players for crystal monster kills by lowering the experience required for a skill level. For tips on maximising crystal farming refer to the end of this guide page.

Traditional AFK fighting is also effective on Maestro where they can serve as a specialist for rare drops that you need such as Woodular Circles and Nuget Cakes or focus on farming monster cards instead. Players should combine these roles together into their second talent preset with the following priority order:

Talent Effect Notes
Crystal_CountdownCrystal Countdown Killing a crystal or giant lowers experience required for a random skill A critical skill to active gameplay to help keep your Maestro ahead in levels that should be a priority unless you are never able to play active.
Skillage_DamageSkillage Damage +% Damage for every 5 levels of your lowest level skill The primary damage boost of the Maestro based on your lowest level skill from W1 to W3 skills. Players should try level all of their skills equally because of this talent and gives you another reason to focus on Maestro skill levels
Colloquial_ContainersColloquial Containers Raises max level of Sleepin On The Job based on alchemy Lotto Skills bubble level This talent is limited by your Lotto Skills (alchemy) bubble level so this should be the same level as that and never higher. This allows players to invest more points in the Journeyman talent that increases AFK gains.
Triple_JabTriple Jab Punches now hit a 3rd time and do extra damage I recommend 1 point here initially as priority when you start to active as it will boost your active damage notably with the third melee hit. Extra levels can then be used as necessary to maximise your active kill speed (aim for 1 hit crystal kills).
One_Step_AheadOne Step Ahead + Talent Points for Voidwalker Similar to the skilling preset players will need Voidwalker points on their fighting preset.
Skilliest_StatueSkilliest Statue Higher statue bonuses for EhExPee, Kapow and Feasty A lower priority for your fighting preset for the boost to Kapow (critical damage) and Feasty (Food effect) statues which can boost your damage slightly.
Bliss_N_ChipsBliss N Chips +Max level for Happy Dude & Lucky Horseshoe A low priority for excess points only to increase the level of Lucky Horseshoe for extra LUK that primarily gives accuracy and damage to the Maestro.
Coin_TossCoin Toss Throws a coin that deals damage based on the amount of money you have A low priority this skill must be actively used by the player but can be useful when players actively farm bosses for extra damage.

Maestro Crystal Farming Tips

Crystal farming with the Maestro is one of their class strengths as it empowers Crystal Countdown and can also be used to farm crystal monster drops such as statues, obols and post office pens. Crystal monsters only spawn when playing actively (1 in 2000 base chance) and have 15x HP and 35x EXP of the monster on the map they spawn on. In order to reduce the crystal monster spawn chance players should use the following:

Crystal Chance Sources
Cmon_Out_CrystalsCmon Out Crystals (Journeyman Talent)
Crystals_4_DayysCrystals 4 Dayys (Star Talent)
50px-Drop_ShipmentNon Predatory Loot Box (Post Office)
CrystallinCrystallin (Stamp)
50px-Poop_Card50px-Demon_Genie_CardPoop (W1) & Demon Genie (W4) (Cards)
Crescent_ShrineCrescent Shrine

These sources can reduce your crystal spawn chance to low levels and it is not uncommon for late game players to have chances as low as 1 in 25. Players can also acquire a World 4 lab chip (Chocolately Chip) that adds a chance to spawn a crystal whenever you kill a crystal that results in a significant uplift in gains as you create chains of crystal spawns. Popular maps for crystal farming including beans (W1), sandcastles (W2), rams (W3) and soda cans (W4) given the high numbers of enemies and easy to navigate map layouts.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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