Legends of Idleon Mage Build Guide

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Legends of Idleon Mage Build Guide

With this Mage build guide to Idleon your progress as the magic wielding class will efficiently take you to end of W1 and give you a solid foothold into W2. The Mage is the magic wielding subclass of Idleon and also specialises in woodcutting which makes them key to early progression in the Idleon universe. In addition to tree chopping you’ll find your Mage has a high reserve of mana and devastating spells that are blasted from the wand weapon type that also make it a visually pleasing class to watch in action.

The focus of this Idleon Mage guide is for players to understand the core talents of this class and allow you to defeat Amarok which is the first boss you’ll be faced with. This Mage build will also serve you well until you acquire your next class of Shaman or Wizard. If you need further build help for your other Idleon characters refer to our Journeyman, Warrior or Archer build guides. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


Idleon Mage Build

Creating your Mage in Idleon follows a familiar pattern to the other game classes with accuracy always being a priority for you to reach 100% chance to hit for the current monster you are fighting against. In the case of Mages this is the Agility (AGI) stat that you’ll primarily obtain from talent points and then support this with weapon power to boost your damage. While wisdom (WIS) does boost your effectiveness at chopping down the various trees you’ll encounter (that each give their own type of wood) it’s best reserved for a focused woodcutting build instead.

The below levelling guide is intended for new players who don’t have a large pool of other account wide buffs applying to their Mage character and need to maximise their damage for progression. It provides a general order of focusing your talent build but cannot take into account the specifics of everyone’s account. For this reason data focused professional Idleon player looking to min-max should always be spending points in talents a single point at a time and determining the effect on your damage through the player stat window as the best single point investment can change overtime, particularly as you move into W2 and beyond.


Tab 1 skills for your Mage build should be considered as follows:

  • Quickness Boots: Your main source of agility when playing as a Mage placing points here when you need more accuracy should always be a focus. You can expect to need around 45 on fresh accounts to defeat the first boss and be able to take your next job advancement in W2. With this goal in mind placing points into this talent only as necessary for your current goal will ensure an efficient mix between accuracy and damage.
  • Sharpened Axe: A base boost to your weapon power that is an effective use of points up to around level 50 initially, after this you can expect your two % based damage boosters (refer to below) to be a slightly stronger investment. This is because you’ve created a solid enough base of weapon power for % gains to have greater potency. As with all characters make sure you have the best wand weapon possible equipped in addition to investment in this skill. Note that this is eventually maxed at the higher character levels but after level 50 move along to the below skills.
  • Overclocked Energy: The first 30 points here are guaranteed to offer you more value than Gilded Sword as each of these levels offers at least 1% damage boost per every power of 10 Max MP and you’ll have more than 10 MP. Talent point investment after level 30 come down to how much mana your character currently has so you’ll need to observe in the talent detail window for this skill what % each point is actually worth to your Mage. There is nothing wrong with just moving to Gilded Sword at this point though for the casual Idleon player who doesn’t want to do this as the difference is negligible.
  • Gilded Sword: Consistently gives a 1% boost to your damage so placing any remaining points here until you get your class promotion is the way to go for boosting your Mage damage output. Similar to Sharpened Axe you will eventually max this at higher character levels.
  • Idle Casting: A powerful talent once you obtain the initial ones noted above as it provides a boost to your AFK gains. Obtaining this after you reach some of the key breakpoints noted above you can begin investing here to turn that foundation into better gains. This will generally occur around the time you take your first subclass in W2 although will depend on the speed you progress and how much skilling you do as this also provides talent points to invest. 50 in this skill is a good initial objective before you consider other talent options due to diminishing returns.

Tab 2 skills for your Mage build should be considered as follows:

  • Energy Bolt: An important 1 point investment upon becoming a Mage this will give you a solid active and AFK bonus that hits enemies hard while boosting your gains. You will come back and max this later point for point with Mini Firebolt but to start increase this to level 1 only and place it on your attack bar.
  • Mini Firebolt: Similar to the above invest 1 point into your Mini Firebolt and then come back later to this fire based active attack.
  • Power Overwhelming: Translating your weapon power into more damage dealt this is where the majority of your tab 2 skill talent point investment will go when playing as the Mage class. This skill has no diminishing returns so you can spend as many points as possible all the way until you reach level 100 as a simple to follow rule before returning to Energy Bolt and Mini Firebolt. For the dedicated min-maxer though you can do some experiments to your AFK gains of adding additional points in Energy Bolt and Mini Firebolt over this skill which may come out slightly ahead depending on your account progress.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. His favourite character is his deadly wizard who he actively plays for his favourite game mechanic, worship tower defence.

  1. whats about the afk gains ?

    • We’ve added details around when to invest in Idle Casting as this is a key mage talent once you obtain a foundation of power from other talents.

      Games Finder Team

  2. What gear would you recommend for a mage going into world 2?

    • Hi JelyThePlatypus

      For all characters going into W2 Amarok chest, pants and boots with a golden helmet is your staple equipment (Amarok helm is expensive for what it provides). Pair this with 2 steel band rings and your choice of pendant (Sleek Shank (craft), Carrot Horror (quest) or Trantulight (store) which are all close in stats).

      Make sure you also have the best mage weapon possible to you right now and upgrading this weapon is always your priority.

      Games Finder Team


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