Idleon Shaman Build Guide (Damage & Alchemy)

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Idleon Shaman Build Guide (Damage & Alchemy)

Master alchemy and deadly associated attacks with our shaman build guide that ensures this mage subclass will contribute to your Legends of Idleon account at the highest efficiency possible. Likely to be your first job advancement from the mage class given the W2 speciality in alchemy you’ll be leaning on this character for hundreds of hours to come given alchemy is such a core component to your overall Idleon account growth.

While the Shaman doesn’t have the flashy elemental attacks of his cousin the Wizard they are still a capable fighter and a favoured bossing character for many in the community given their available active talents are deadly. In addition the shaman brings many useful talents that interact with alchemy and retains the chopping efficiency of the mage which makes a hybrid chopping and alchemy talent preset an option. In order to maximise this shaman guide I recommend combining it with our base mage build. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


Idleon Shaman Build – Damage

Given the shaman strength is linked to your alchemy progression the best shaman build will fluctuate based on your current alchemy position and that of your broader account upgrades. With all the account wide mechanics that Idleon utilises in W2 and W3 any Idleon guide can only offer general guidance on what talent build investment is likely to be the most efficient for your objectives (damage or otherwise). Accordingly, if you want to truly min-max you’ll need to consider your specific account progression and carefully place points across skills while assessing the impact to your specific character gains.

For those that don’t want to spend time doing this exercise every time they have skill points to spend or have major shifts in their account wide bonuses you can follow this shaman build guide below without leaving too much potential on the table. Note that this build is based on an AFK build as the shaman skills are lacklustre in an active playstyle (outside of using them to hunt bosses with the right setup) as they chew through mana and Crazy Concoctions requires you to aim the attacks. That being said the elite class after shaman is a devastating active character when you do reach that point of account progression in the future.


The skill talents for your shaman build should be as follows:

  • Crazy Concoctions, Auspicious Aura, Sizzling Skull: The Shaman active skills have some of the most unique mechanics in Idleon and are part of the reason why the shaman kit is so effective at some of the toughest bosses. Focusing on an AFK build though you’ll want to max all of these skills evenly as each gives 3% damage gains (1% for 3 enemies in the case of Sizzling Skull) and don’t have any diminishing returns. Given the skill points required to achieve maxing all of these it’s unlikely you’ll need to do anything else with your Shaman although once you get significantly far in alchemy you will receive better AFK gains from a single point in your active skills and maxing out Virile Vials.
  • Virile Vials: A core pathway to damage on the shaman that will only shine in the mid to late game when you’ve got multiple vials at green level or higher. This does only require 3,600 materials total per vial so it can be worth investing in vials that are easy to obtain even if they don’t actually offer a huge benefit to your account to maximise your shaman damage. An example of this is the Trusty Nails vial which boosts an unnecessary Special Talent but are easy to obtain in mass. While this is very account dependent I’d consider switching to this talent being a priority max over your active skills once you cross between 5-10 green vials which at max talent level will translate into a 30-60% damage boost.
  • WIS Wumbo: More wisdom means you’ll find more damage although this requires you to have sufficient talent points available as you need to spend two talent points (one on Wis Wumbo and one on Book of the wise) per wisdom point.
  • Sharing Some Smarts: With your core damage options sorted players can add this to their combat based talent preset in order to gain a little more alchemy experience for levels. These levels provide players some talent points, unlocks additional water cauldrons and allows you to invest more into the bottom right corner of the pay to win alchemy tab for experience and brew speed boosts.
  • Busy Brewin’: Similar to the above with your damage talents maxed you can boost your brewing speed to help alchemy progression even when fighting as it is pivotal to your account power level for a long time.
  • Earlier Education: If you’ve got your talents above maxed you can begin to invest in Earlier Education to boost your mage skills that ultimately translates into more damage and utility after you have acquire your core talents from the shaman talent page.

Idleon Shaman Build – Alchemy Build Guide

This alchemy build will serve you well in your Idleon progression and the foundation of any alchemy guide. Alchemy is one of the first mechanics you are introduced to in W2 and also one of your first of several complex systems that you will need to master. Split between vials, liquid and cauldrons alchemy is a late game powerhouse that provides various account buffs that are limited only by your ability to acquire the necessary resources. The first step to acquiring this alchemy power though is unlocking all the available vials and brewing all cauldron bubbles which the alchemy build below is designed to assist with.

Given alchemy boosting skills are limited to your tab 3 shaman talents players can easily run a hybrid chopping and alchemy build which is the approach I take on my shaman. This alchemy guide to building your shaman means investing your skills as follows:

Tab 1: Smart Efficiency > Active AFK’er > Book of the Wise > Mana Booster > Lucky Clover

Tab 2: Logs on Logs > Leaf Thief > Deforesting All Doubt > Individual Insight

Note that Inner Peace (tab 2) can also be a decent investment when you first unlock alchemy to quickly level this new talent before applying the above tab 2 talent alchemy guidance. With the above in place you’ll setup your shaman tab 3 talents into an alchemy build as follows:


  • Busy Brewin’: Brew speed is the heart of alchemy gains so increasing brew speed should be your first priority. Maxing this skill means you’ll obtain alchemy build gains significantly faster than those that don’t and there are no diminishing returns for points invested.
  • Bubble Breakthrough: With higher alchemy cauldron bubbles having low percentage success chances this is another useful alchemy orientated talent to max. Note that this only applies when brewing with your shaman so ensure that you have the necessary preset active and you brew new bubbles only on your shaman. A secondary benefit of this skill is also the extra experience gained for alchemy for your shaman which impacts on your brewing speed and also unlocks liquid cauldrons. Generally by the time you unlock all alchemy bubbles players will have plenty of talent points on their character so staying invested here for the experience is worthwhile.
  • Sharing Some Smarts: An effective way to help your other characters that don’t specialise in alchemy to gain some levels and in turn boost their alchemy speed to take some pressure away from your shaman class. Note that this only applies to characters that are on the same cauldron as your shaman so you’ll want to rotate your characters around as necessary to keep them all at approximately the same level from an efficiency standpoint. However, once you have your Maestro unlocked they will likely always be alongside your shaman given the benefits they gain from skill levels.
  • Earlier Education: If you want to improve your ability to chop wood to reach new wood types consider investing into this talent to invest heavily into past talents given there are many wood boosting talents available.
  • Wis Wumbo / Stupendous Statues: If you want some marginal alchemy and wood chopping gains instead then either of these skills can provide a small boost to both skills but are the lowest priority overall.

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