Idleon Siege Breaker Build Guide (Damage & Sailing)

Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

This Idleon Siege Breaker guide details how to optimise your damage and maximise loot from World 5 sailing to progress with this pirate themed archer class. Including summary and detailed information of the priority talents and how to setup your active attack bar these Siege Breaker builds maximise your unique talents potential. Like other elite classes the Siege Breaker is an adept active fighter who spawns Plunderous Mobs to provide an account wide experience and drop rate boost.

Providing templates of talents with detailed explanations of how each talent is best utilised this guide is suitable to all Idleon experience levels and is based on my thousands of gameplay hours. This Siege Breaker build guide should be combined with our Bowman and Archer build with guides for other classes and skills accessed through our Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Siege Breaker Damage Build
Siege Breaker Sailing Build


Siege Breaker Damage Build

The Siege Breaker damage build has two distinct roles in your Idleon account which will share the same preset. The first of these is AFK combat where your Siege Breaker will often be one of your strongest characters in terms of AFK kills given the damage scaling of this class and your previous job advancements that makes them ideal for farming deathnote kills or pushing portals.

The second use case of your Siege Breaker damage build is hunting Plunderous Mobs actively which give a permanent boost to experience and drop rate based on the power of 10 number you have killed (Archlord of the Pirates). Spawned from the Pirate Flag talent and boosted by the Plunder Ye Deceased talent these giant mobs appear with a skull above their head and have higher health than regular monsters. Like the Divine Knight the Siege Breaker prefers flat maps (such as OJ Bay in World 5) when active given your attack talents favour long sight lines to be effective with the recommended attack bar below:
idleon-siege-breaker-active-damage-buildThe recommended talent priority order for your Siege Breaker damage build is below with players able to adjust the mixture of active and AFK talents based on their current focus until they have enough talent points available to max everything.

Talent Effect Notes
Pirate_FlagPirate Flag Kills can spawn Plunderous Mobs with xHP and +% EXP and drop rewards Enabling the spawning of Plunderous mobs this is a key talent for active playstyles although can be ignored when you are only going to use your Siege Breaker for AFK build play. With each talent point mobs will be a greater threat by boosting their HP although this also comes with higher experience and drop rewards. Plunderous Mobs have a 2% base spawn chance and a pity mechanic that spawns one automatically after 40 normal monster kills. Further enhancements to Plunderous Mob spawn rates are available from the Voidwalker Enhancement Eclipse which doubles their spawn rate and automatically spawns one if your Pirate Flag score is above 100 for 25 coin count.

I recommend only one point initially as this is sufficient to unlock the active playstyle with extra points only required if you are specifically focused on experience, monster drops or have spare talent points.

Plunder_Ye_DeceasedPlunder Ye Deceased Kill Plunderous Mobs to enable coin drops which respawn mobs and auto loot A talent that works alongside Pirate Flag above for active combat that means any Plunderous Mob killed will drop skull coins on the ground that are automatically looted and respawns regular monsters. As these regular monsters provide extra experience, loot and opportunities to spawn Plunderous Mobs this should always be maxed as extra talent points adds longer duration.
Suppressing_FireSupressing Fire Fire a spread of mini cannonballs dealing damage One of the best active attacking talents given the low cooldown and multiple cannonballs that is ideal for flat maps. Extra talent points here increase the damage and number of cannonballs which players will need to tailor to their needs against the other talent priorities here.

I recommend players always have at least 1 talent point in each of the attacking talents (Supressing Fire, Fire Bomb and Cannonball) to allow for their cooldowns to overlap and then invest remaining points here as a priority over the other attack talents.

FirebombFire Bomb Throw bombs around which explode and hit multiple enemies A high damage long cooldown attack that hits multiple monsters and flies through the air to attack monsters far away from the Siege Breaker. I recommend one talent point only until you have maxed every other talent noted here as the damage should already be high enough to kill monsters and talent levels only slowly increase the number of monsters hit (from 5 at level 1 to 7 at level 100).
CannonballCannonball Fire a large cannonball forward dealing damage and exploding The other short cooldown talent of the Siege Breaker that explodes in an area dealing damage. Like Fire Bomb one talent point is enough initially due to the high damage that makes further talent points generally unnecessary as they only boost damage. If your active damage output is lacking though then invest more talent points here.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~gSymbols Of Beyond ~G + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Similar to the other Idleon elite classes the symbols talent is highly efficient for a single talent point as it will add a talent point to every other talent you have talent points invested and continue to grow in power every 20 levels. This allows players to get a few extra max talent levels out of useful attack talents like Plunder Ye Deceased that make it an important active and AFK talent priority.
Archlord_Of_The_PiratesArchlord of the Pirates +% EXP and drop rate per power of 10 kills of Plunderous Mobs. Applies to all characters The main reason players will want to be farming Plunderous Mobs this is a notable boost across your account to gain levels and rare items.

10,000 (10k) Plunderous kills is a reasonable initial goal which provides players with a 4x bonus although depending on your ability to active play and other goals you may want to stop at a lower point like 1,000 (1k) which still provides 3x bonus for a significantly lower time investment.

Your late game target should be 100k and in time 1 million as drop rate is always useful to your progress and this multiplicative boost is a significant source available to players.

Adaptation_RevelationAdaptation Revelation +% AGI and + max talent level for Quickness Boots Providing players an additional source of Agility you can boost your damage with this talent and also use the likely abundance of tab 1 talent points you have at this stage of progression.
Stacked_SkullsStacked Skulls +% Kill per kill per 1,000 AGI With the Siege Breaker being a  popular AFK farmer for their high damage and the Archer’s Smeltin’ Erryday talent this will slightly improve the kills that are recorded for portals and the World 3 deathnote to assist with progress.
Crew_Rowing_StrengthCrew Rowing Strength + Weapon power for every 10 sailing levels While weapon power is strong initially the effectiveness drops in the later stages of Idleon progression which makes this the lowest priority in a combat build as you’ll likely only see a small damage improvement and it also relies on reaching significant sailing levels first.

Siege Breaker Sailing Build

The Siege Breaker sailing build allows players to improve their sailing loot and boost experience gained to help progress through the islands of this World 5 town skill. This should be combined with your Bowman catching preset and can be swapped to before interacting with the sailing map in town to claim your sailing gains. While you do not need to be on your Siege Breaker for these sailing specific talents to work in practice you’ll likely be using them as you return to town from fighting to swap to this talent preset anyway.


These talents are listed based on general priority although if you have limited talent points this may change slightly based on your current account goals that are detailed below:

Talent Effect Notes
Unending_Loot_SearchUnending Loot Search When sailing loot pile is almost full ships can upgrade previous chests instead. Also +% chest loot A talent that could be an entire Idleon guide in itself as there are many factors to consider in your decision to invest into this talent and may even change several times as these factors change for your account. This talent dramatically alters how the World 5 sailing mechanic work and accordingly it’s a talent you will either invest 0 talent points or max.

Points in this talent turn sailing into a skill similar to World 4 breeding where if your loot pile on the dock is nearly full (1 below your max chests) the chests already in your pile can upgrade to higher tier forms (wood, iron, gilded, noble, occult and miracle chests). While this might sound like a benefit it means that your boats will no longer queue on the dock after your loot pile is full which impacts how many chests you can store before claiming. Given the multiplier bonus for higher tiers of chests is a small multiplier it is possible to have less overall loot when using this talent as a larger number of wood chests may provide better loot and importantly higher artifact relic chance than a smaller number of higher tier chests.

The main factors in this complex decision will be how often you check sailing, your max loot pile chest number, how many total boats you have and your current sailing goals (artifact or treasure). As a general rule the earlier players are in sailing progress, longer players have between claiming AFK gains from sailing, the lower number of boats players have and a preference for treasure will make this talent a worthwhile investment. This is because you’ll have less overall time where your boats are stuck at the dock which means no experience, no potential chest upgrades and for a low number of boats is not many chests waiting at the docks anyway.

Later in your sailing progress where you have additional boats unlocked and access to several methods to trigger sailing progress multiple times (alchemy and golden food) you may want to skip this talent entirely instead.

Expertly_SailedExpertly Sailed +% Sailing Experience gain Boosting sailing experience is important as higher levels unlock extra daily captain inventory and stronger captains with higher maximum stat potential.

Sailing levels also empowers the Siege Breaker’s Crew Rowing Strength talent and boosts your chances of finding artifacts through the Fauxory Tusk artifact available from the first island (Safari Island).

Captain_PeptalkCaptain Peptalk +% Experience for sailing captains Captain experience is separate to your sailing level and improves the proficiency of the captain stat effect (boat speed, loot value, cloud discover rate, artifact find chance and rare chest chance) which means improved sailing progression.
Symbols_Of_Beyond_~gSymbols Of Beyond ~G + Level for all talents higher than level 1 (bonus increases every 20 levels) Like your damage focused Siege Breaker build above one talent point here is highly effective and maxing this has a small boost to all your other core skilling talents.
The_Family_GuyThe Family Guy +% Larger family bonuses than what is displayed With the Siege Breaker family bonus being minimum sailing time this can allow your ships to return from islands slightly faster for improved progression speed. Siege Breaker levels are the best method to increase this bonus though and this is a relatively small boost so it is second to optimising for experience gain first.
Skill_AmbidexteritySkill Ambidexterity AGI has a +% larger impact on Skill Efficiency. Also + AGI While Agility doesn’t improve our sailing gains it still has a notable impact on your catching gains that make this worth acquiring.
Adaptation_RevelationAdaptation Revelation +% AGI and + max talent level for Quickness Boots Extra agility from this talent provide another small boost to catching skill gains.
Archlord_Of_The_PiratesArchlord of the Pirates +% EXP and drop rate per power of 10 kills of Plunderous Mobs. Applies to all characters If you’re going to be on your sailing/catching build preset for an extended period of time and have your Plunderous mob kills obtained then consider investing talent points here to maintain the experience and drop rate boost for other characters on your Idleon account.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.


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