Legends of Idleon Smithing Build Guide

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Legends of Idleon Smithing Build Guide

Smithing is quite different from the other starting specialised skills of Idleon which makes a smithing build guide vital to optimising this mechanic for your Idleon account. While archers specialise in smithing each one of your characters can contribute to creating materials with similar efficiency although the archer class does have some unique talents to improve returns.

Like other skills though smithing is a key foundation to your Idleon progression as the materials generated are used to craft new equipment, upgrade alchemy bubbles, complete quests, upgrade stamps, deliver post office orders and sell for money if you’re in a pinch for funds.

In this guide to Idleon smithing we’ll cover the basics of the mechanics, how to spend your anvil points and an archer smithing build for the fast ranged smithing specialists of your account. In addition to the smithing guide you can refer to the Idleon Smithing wiki page that has all the raw data and stats to the mechanics discussed here. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


Smithing Basics

Smithing is a mostly passive exercise in Legends of Idleon with materials constantly crafted up to your capacity which players can select from once they meet the smithing level requirement. These production items progress through Thread, Trusty Nails, Boring Brick, Chain Link, Leather Hide, Pinion Spur and Lugi Bracket that each provide varying experience return and time to craft.

Collecting these crafted items can be done from the W1 anvil in the lower left hand side of the screen or through the codex and the produce tab with the option to quick deposit all crafted items directly into storage. Given you can change the item being produced at any time by visiting the W1 anvil players will often vary their focus based on current Idleon goals although Thread and Trusty Nails in particular are needed in bulk for a range of activities. If you are a beginner player wondering how to get Boring Bricks in Legends of Idleon for example you’ll first need the appropriate smithing level of 12 (gained when you collect smithing items or craft them) and then select produce as shown below.


Anvil Points

The power of your smithing can be upgraded through Idleon anvil points on all your characters and investment here can significantly speed up your progress in creating a stockpile of resources. Anvil points can be obtained by trading resources or purchasing them for coins instead and in practice players will want to use both of these methods. Note that there is a cap on the points available which limits your ability to continually level your anvil.

Points can be spent on the following anvil attributes and in W3 players can purchase an Anvil Reset Whetstone from the town store that allows you to reset your anvil points at an individual character level.

  • Bonus Experience: Increases the amount of experience that is earned by players per item produced.
  • Speed: Increases how fast items are produced at the anvil.
  • Capacity: Increases the capacity of your anvil (can also be upgraded through material carry capacity).

Generally you’ll want to invest points into speed as a priority as this will translate into more produced items that you need to upgrade other Idleon mechanics as anvil can be a bottleneck without sufficient speed. Capacity is the second priority although this can also be upgraded by increasing your material capacity cap so will naturally increase over time directly with material pouches on your characters and a small number of stamps.

While you could invest solely in speed when progressing your account you’ll likely need some expenditure into capacity to maximise your anvil speed (unless you check Idleon to claim anvil with high consistency) as capacity bags might not keep up. Thus for most players you’ll want to find a balance between speed and capacity that ensures you have no wasted capacity for your Idleon login cycle.

As an example I will usually check Idleon once every 24hrs so I invested into speed and capacity until my Thread production generated caps at around the 24hr mark. At this time I collect it and there is no wasted production of Thread, note that the other production items do not cap as Thread is the fastest production item. 24hrs also serves as a good aim as there is a W3 construction upgrade that will automatically deposit anvil items every 24hrs if they aren’t at capacity.

Having one character heavily invested in bonus experience can also be a viable path as you use them to unlock the higher tier production items and access higher tier crafted items while you start building a stockpile of them for your account. The faster experience gained can also mean higher smithing levels and thus higher bonus talent points but still needs to be balanced with speed and capacity to support that production. Archer classes are popular for this option as they gain damage from smithing levels although some also do this on their Maestro to boost the experience gained for all other characters provided the Maestro level stays higher. Be aware that ultimately though in time you’ll be unlocking everything anyway whether you have experience boosted or not.

Key Anvil Upgrades

The appropriate smithing build goes beyond just the anvil points with a number of important anvil upgrades that players should not overlook which are detailed below. Note that this is not exhaustive list and focused only the strongest options that you’ll want to obtain.

  • Golden Anvil (Gem Shop): Purchased from the premium gem shop this is one of the highest priorities of your entire Idleon account as it gives you the ability to craft multiple anvil items at once which means additional materials and experience gained. Given the number of methods to earn gems for free even free to play players will be able to purchase this vital upgrade.
  • Hammer Hammer (Alchemy): Offering the same benefit as the premium anvil upgrade noted above this can extend your number of potential crafted materials at a time up to 3 and worth having active on your characters for that reason.
  • Anvilnomics (Alchemy): Reduces the cost of purchasing anvil points and while it shouldn’t be invested in over damage, accuracy or defence anvil bubble priorities it can be worth investing into once anvil costs become overly expensive if you want to continue to push production.
  • Anvil Zoomer Stamp (Stamps): A stamp that can be obtained from the first handful of W1 monsters it’s likely you’ll encounter one of these at some point in your adventures. Upgraded with the copper ore which itself is widely available it can be a potential pathway to gain some additional anvil speed. However, given the vast range of uses that copper ore has (such as mining efficiency boosts) don’t go overboard here.
  • Fire Forge/Cinder Forge (Card): These cards are earned as you smelt ores in the smelter and can quickly become maxed which provides a 16% and 28% boost to production experience respectively. When you start in Idleon and lack other useful cards equipping these is a simple way to acquire faster smithing levels and can remain relevant on skilling builds in particular where you lack other useful cards for that particular skill.

There are some other minor enhancements available to your smithing such as the post office that gives additional experience, production speed and chance to craft additional slots on items (note this additional slot mechanic is currently not implemented). However, there are vastly better options for the post office than investing in smithing so is not recommended like the items detailed above.


Smithing Build – Archer Talent Points

The final element of a smithing build is utilising the archer talents you have available as this is the speciality of this class and equally applicable to your Bowman or Hunter subclass. Unlike other skilling builds though smithing is not one you will have a dedicated character build for and instead be using as either a hybrid option or temporary option for a particular goal as follows:

  • Catching Hybrid Build: The only option for a hybrid smithing building comes from the Bowman who is going to use one preset for catching. After you’ve maxed out the core catching skill talents you can place any remaining points in the Archer tab skill Broken Time to improve the speed of your anvil production materials while you AFK catching bugs.
  • Temporary Crafting Build: One reserved for only the extreme late game where you’ll be crafting mass numbers of often basic items and using powerful upgrade stones to maximise their stats (particularly weapon power). By investing in Godly Creation temporarily through talent reset while crafting these items you can obtain a small extra boost to the core stats of STR, AGI, WIS and LUK. This is hardly game breaking though offering only an extremely small boost and a low chance (28.57%) on top of needing to roll the stat you want for your character. At the stage of Idleon progression that you would be doing this a single stat point is also unlikely to make the difference so reserved for only the insane min-max players of the community that want to flex.
  • Temporary Anvil Points Build: The best option when it comes to smithing builds this is a sneaky tactic to get extra anvil points to spend as you desire and can be a fantastic account investment at any point of your progression. This method involves players purchasing as many anvil points through cash and resources first and then investing in the Acme Anvil talent on the archer skill tab to max (no other talent point investment required). Following this you’ll want to spend these anvil upgrade points at your anvil based on your preferences. Finally, you’ll use a talent reset potion to reset your preset and use it for a build you actually need be it a catching or trapping one. When you visit the anvil following this you’ll see you have negative anvil points (shown below) but you will still benefit from those points invested. This should be done on all archers in your account and I also suggest repeating this each time you can make a decent money or resource investment to purchase new anvil points or your smithing level increases as the Acme Anvil talent provides additional points for every 10 levels in smithing.


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