Legends of Idleon Best Special Talents Guide

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Legends of Idleon Best Special Talents Guide

Learn the best special talents to utilise on your Idleon characters with this star/special talent build guide. In addition to giving you a clear set of priorities this guide details the steps to acquire them so that your account can access everything this special talent tab has to offer. Unlocked slowly throughout your adventure special talents are sometimes overlooked by players given they require specific activities, purchases or monster kills to unlock.

While some special talents do leave a lot to be desired in terms of their strength others are pivotal to your overall Idleon progression into the late game. Given they offer a shared talent tab between your characters and are general buffs the principles apply consistently across mage, warrior and archer classes with differences generally being driven by the purpose of the character (active, AFK or resource acquisition based). Refer to our other Idleon guides for further tips to progress your game account.

Special Talents Overview

Before diving into the best special talents (or star talents) and how to obtain them players should be aware of the following mechanics for this talent tab:

  • Once a special talent is unlocked it is available for every character on your account to spend points in.
  • Points in the star talent tab are earned in a similar way to your core character skills with points obtained from character levels and skill levels.
  • Special talents can be reset by crafting star talent reset potions on the second anvil tab. Alternatively they are available in the Idleon gem shop.
  • Players can have multiple special talent setups with the skill talent preset system.
  • Obtaining special talents has some of the most diverse sources in Idleon with some from quests, purchased directly, the respective world merit shops, party dungeon progress or dropped from monsters.


Special Talents Build and How To Get Them

Below I’ve provided a breakdown of all the Idleon special talents currently in the game, where to obtain it, the effect, my personal tier rating of it and notes as applicable that should also be read when designing your special talents build. Talents are covered in left to right, top-down order they are presented in the talent window and split by page.

The tier rating of each talent follows a S>A>B>C rating system where:

  • S tier should be prioritised above all else in the appropriate build when available factoring in the notes for the talent. These will give you the greatest account gains or utility of all special talents.
  • A tier special talents should then be invested into as they can be just as impactful once you’ve maxed your S tier special talents (or don’t have them available yet).
  • B tier lack the power of other tiers but useful in certain situations (refer to notes)
  • C tier should be avoided at all cost and aren’t worth your special talent points.


Special Talents Guide Page 1

Special Talent Unlocked By Effect Tier Notes
idleon-special-talent-bored-to-deathBored To Death Not Applicable – Currently Not Available Reduces character respawn timer (increased AFK survival percentage) N/A N/A
idleon-special-talent-beginner-best-classBeginner Best Class Create a Journeyman Gives +1 weapon power for every 10 levels of your highest level beginner. For example a level 30 beginner will mean you can invest 3 points into this talent on your other characters to obtain 3 weapon power S Weapon power stays a powerful stat throughout the game and this special talent should always be invested in as your Journeyman (or Maestro) grows in levels
idleon-special-talent-studious-questerStudios Quester Not Applicable – Currently Not Available Additional experience gained when completing quests N/A
idleon-special-talent-quest-chungusQuest Chungus Dropped from crystal enemies (any world) + LUK for every quest completed, capped at 4 per point invested A A difficult special talent to acquire that will require some crystal monster farming. LUK provides a decent boost to all your characters in obtaining loot so worth the investment and even more powerful for beginner class characters
idleon-special-talent-crystals-4-dayysCrystals 4 Dayys A reward from the sixth quest in the Picnic Stowaway daily questline (The Last Supper, at Least for Today!) Higher chance to spawn crystal monsters A Useful in farming crystal mobs which is a prerequisite to a number of important items so worth investing in on the character you plan to farm on only
idleon-special-talent-will-of-the-eldestWill Of The Eldest Complete the Scripticus quest to defeat Amarok (The Bigger they are, the Bigger they Fall!) +1 to all stats based on every 10 levels of your highest Idleon character. This works in a similar manner to Beginner Best Class above. B This is likely to be the one of the first special talents you acquire and early on the all stats are actually quite useful for a small damage and accuracy boost. Mid to late game though the stats are pretty marginal
idleon-special-talent-tick-tockTick Tock Purchase from the alchemy liquid shop for 50 water droplets Increased AFK gains for skills and fighting S A W2 priority should be to reach 50 maximum liquid capacity to purchase this as its a significant boost and should be maxed. Note the max level varies with each purchase so buy it until you acquire at least level 84 when diminishing returns kick in per point
idleon-special-talent-stonksStonks! Wellington final quest (pig located at Sands of Time map) Provides special talent points S This is essentially free special talent points to level 30 as each point gives more special talent points than it costs until then.
idleon-special-talent-roll-da-diceRoll Da Dice Can be found anywhere in Blunder Hills (W1) including mining and chopping Rolls a dice (10,000 sides at level 1) that gives a special trophy if it lands on 1 B The trophy itself is fairly decent on a beginner as it gives 2% LUK. This talent does require you to play actively though so I recommend 1 point only on any character you intend to play actively and then hope you get lucky
idleon-special-talent-attacks-on-simmerAttacks on Simmer Like Roll Da Dice above can be found anywhere in Blunder Hills (W1) including mining and chopping Attack moves (on your attack bar) boost AFK gains more than default S A huge special talent that will result in a large boost to your fighting gains. Max this on any fighting build for your characters
idleon-special-talent-toilet-paper-postageToilet Paper Postage From TP Pete in the Rats Nest location by saying “More like Poopy Pete” in chat Stamps with skill efficiency give higher bonus C Stamps provide such a small boost to your efficiency that this is simply not worth investment until much later in your account progress when you have high level stamps and leftover star talent points after spending them in better options.
idleon-special-talent-exp-converterEXP Converter Provided by Glumlee in the Tunnels Entrance at level 11 mining by completing his quest (The Impossible Task) Converts skill experienced gained (e.g. mining) into class experience C Not an important special talent as skill experience is valuable and its easy to obtain class experience through fighting
Goblet Of Hemoglobin Blunder Hills Merit Shop Adds health regeneration per monster kill (including for AFK) A A highly important talent as you enter W2 and beyond as it adds survivability to your characters allowing them to AFK longer and not consume as much food. I recommend at least level 15 during W2 as needed and then pushing this to level 30 in W3 at a minimum with more points invested as necessary to progress


Special Talents Guide Page 2

Special Talent Obtained From Effect Tier Notes
idleon-special-talent-just-expJust EXP Drops from Dr Defecaus and Baba Yaga only if you have a point in the Blunder Hills Merit Shop special talent drop purchase Boosts class experience gained A A fantastic place to invest your talent points and max given it will mean faster levels gained that can be a key progression element given the talent points a level provides. Note that max level is random so you may have to hunt multiple drops
idleon-special-talent-frothy-malkFrothy Malk Same as Just EXP above Increases food boosts B Not as strong as its cousin from the same drop source in Just EXP. I would not place points here until you already have maxed the special talents in higher tiers (S and A)
idleon-special-talent-convert-better-darnitConvert Better, Darnit Purchased from the Yum-Yum Desert Merit Shop Improves the EXP Converter from page 1 C Similar to the skill it improves this is simply not useful
Pulsation Purchase the special talent drop chance from the Yum-Yum Desert Merit Shop which then allows Biggie Hours and King Doot to drop this Boosts mana regeneration rate B Has its uses in active playstyles or content that requires active play such as colosseum and worship. Not a priority but useful in certain situations
Cardiovascular Same as Pulsation above Increases card drop rate A With many great cards in Idleon and particularly W2 this can be a viable investment to make those easier to obtain. Once you have your cards maxed out though you can respec out of this and invest those points elsewhere
idleon-special-talent-just-expMilkyway Candy Purchase from Flurbo Shop (party dungeon) Chance to get Time Candy when you AFK for longer than 30hrs B Limited use for most Idleon players unless you regularly don’t visit your characters for 30+ hours. It also requires a serious point investment to get the odds at a sufficient level to make it worthwhile.
idleon-special-talent-telekinetic-storageTelekinetic Storage Purchase from the Frostbite Tundra Merit Shop Deposit items in your inventory directly into storage (destroys items on ground) and boosts passive carry capacity S An amazing quality of life and 1 point wonder that means reduced trips back to town. Only a single point is necessary as the cooldown is already low and the passive carry cap is negligible
idleon-special-talent-printer-samplingPrinter Sampling Complete a Hoggindaz quest (Constructing a Tower) in W3 Cast a sample of your AFK gains to be used in the 3D printer S Another 1 point investment you’ll want to make and is required to start using the 3D printer. While you can max this skill to boost the sample from 10% to 17.5% this is generally not worth it until you max out the other best special talents here
idleon-special-talent-just-expSupersource Purchase from Flurbo Shop (party dungeon) Base efficiency for all resource skills A A base efficiency boost to your skilling presets can be a useful addition and will be further boosted by your % efficiency boosts.
idleon-special-talent-just-expAction Frenzy Purchase from Flurbo Shop (party dungeon) Increases speed for skills B Useful in situations where you are looking to maximise your printer samples. While it is also useful to quickly farm resources players are generally going to be limited by other factors to take full benefit from this option (e.g. how often you can check the game or your inventory space)
idleon-special-talent-just-expDungeonic Damage Purchase from Flurbo Shop (party dungeon) Damage % boost based on Dungeon Credits earned A Damage is rarely a bad investment in Idleon and this talent is no exception but it does require you to be a diligent party dungeon participant.
idleon-special-talent-shrine-architectShrine Architect Complete a Hoggindaz quest (Taking Samples) in W3 Allows you to place shrines and boosts charge time S Similar to Printer Sampling this is a special talent prerequisite to using a W3 mechanic. One point on all characters is useful here so you can move your shrines as necessary. The increased charge time is simply not worth more than one point investment though
idleon-special-talent-just-expMega Crit Purchase from Flurbo Shop (party dungeon) Boosts critical chance with a damage boost if you achieve over 100% critical. B Can allow for critical heavy builds to become a viable pathway if you can reach the 100% rate required. This is likely outside the possibility for all but the top tier of players who specifically target alchemy and their builds towards this.

Special Talents Guide Page 3

Special Talent Obtained From Effect Tier Notes
Tiptoe Quickness VIP Talent Library (unlocks via the arena in W4 pet breeding) Increases movement speed if you are below 200% otherwise it gives accuracy A A strong talent that provides another source of boosting movement speed across your characters. Once you go above 200% though its effectiveness is weakened until you acquire Overaccurate Crit to capitalise on the accuracy boost.
Ubercharged Health VIP Talent Library Increases Base HP C An average investment for your classes in the late game as this base HP can translate to a large boost with all the HP multipliers in the game. More beneficial for your mining character or warrior classes though that benefit significantly from HP compared to other classes.
Coins for Charon VIP Talent Library Boosts coin drops based on multikill damage tier B A reasonable boost to coins gained but requires late game levels of damage to be effective on mobs that drop a good base of coins.
American Tipper VIP Talent Library Increases coins gained for every 10 levels in cooking skill B Another money based talent that isn’t weak in itself but cooking levels do not come easy to most characters beyond level 20 cooking that limits its effectiveness.
Overaccurate Crit VIP Talent Library Adds critical chance for excess accuracy A Pairs nicely with Tiptoe Quickness and Mega Crit as it rewards players to keep pushing their accuracy numbers higher

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