Idleon Squire Build Guide (Damage & Construction)

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Idleon Squire Build Guide (Damage & Construction)

With the right squire build guide you’ll have a formidable and durable fighter for your Legends of Idleon account who also serves as a useful construction and refinery character. Available as one of the job advancement options from the base warrior class the squire has a defensive theme being the only class to get a bonus from defence statues through talents and specialises in W3 mechanics. While not as damage focused as their barbarian counterpart the squire will still serve you well and often a good option for your main mining character as this also allows your barbarian to focus on killing and fishing which can be a significant time sink for resources.

This guide to building your squire character is focused solely on the applicable squire talent tree and should be combined with our warrior build guide for maximum effectiveness. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


Idleon Squire Build – Damage Build

Like the other class options available in Legends of Idleon building your squire in an optimal manner is often unique to your account. This is because of the large number of account wide bonuses and mechanics the game has to offer that everyone upgrades in different ways and differing priorities. With this in mind slowly investing points into your character and assessing the impact on your damage is the only method to revealing the most optimal path for your character at a point in time.

With that in mind this squire build below is designed to give you some general guidelines and tips that will allow you to achieve substantially the same result without the need to carefully monitor each point spent. The squire also has one of the simpler builds of all Idleon characters although some differences depending if you intend to play actively or AFK.


The skill talent investment for your Squire build should be as follows:

  • Shockwave Slash/Daggerang: The two active skills of the squire talent build are actually the heart of your build and should be levelled up equally when playing as this class. These provide the highest boost to your AFK gains and can be taken all the way up to level 100 before thinking about investing in alternative options. Note that if you are playing a large amount of the time active as your squire then you can consider only a single point here as you’ll be unlikely to sustain their usage due to mana requirements. Both skills are particularly useful on the W2 boss (Efaunt) and certain game maps as they offer reliable ranged damage against multiple enemies.
  • Back To Basics: After putting points into your skills as per the above instructions Back To Basics is generally the best path forward in your squire build. With these extra points into your warrior talents you can look at gaining additional damage through Strength In Numbers and Absolute Unit.
  • Precision Power: It’s rare that you’ll ever want to be at 150% accuracy requirement for a monster as that generally means you have wasted points into WIS that you can reset into damage instead. However, if you’re farming earlier locations and plan to be at these maps for a while then you can invest points here if you have a strong refinery rank to maximise this boost to damage.

Idleon Squire Build – Construction Build

While a construction build is far from vital compared to the other skills in Idleon (and why there are so few construction guides) it can be still worth creating as Refinery Throttle provides a simple method to improving your salt refining which is a bottleneck resource for W3. Activating this skill when you visit town by swapping to a separate preset is a simple but effective way to boost your refinery salt gains.

I also recommend that you pair the talents here with your standard mining build as you’ll generate some additional construction experience and build speed while your squire is deep in the mines. Note that you’ll be able to obtain slightly higher efficiency for mining if you focus on Back to Basics and STR Summore instead of the below if you are currently just shy of mining your next ore type you may want to invest points there instead. Factoring the above in mind you can create a hybrid mining and construction build for the squire as follows:


  • Refinery Throttle: The only absolute must max when creating a construction build for your squire but does require you to activate this skill to receive the benefit of it. With salt being the main factor in how fast you can progress through W3 the ability to trigger a number of cycles instantly is a powerful talent to have and should form part of your Idleon dailies.
  • Sharper Saws: Boosting your construction experience with no diminishing return for point spent this is a reasonable talent and one that will mean you can unlock higher tier cogs with greater speed.
  • Redox Rates: Boosting your build speed this can help shave off some time requirement to building the higher tier construction items while you are busy AFK mining. The unfortunate nature of this talent though is that it is based on the power of 10 red salt which you are unlikely to accumulate large stockpiles of due to its high need and low creation rate so is a low priority compared to the above.

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