Idleon Squire Build Guide (Damage & Construction)

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

This Squire build guide provides the talent templates to create a durable Idleon Warrior that is a master of the World 3 construction skill. While not a damage orientated Warrior class advancement like the Barbarian the Squire is critical to your account progression. In order to maximise this potential I’ve created combat and construction/mining builds below for players to copy for their own Idleon account.

Including a summary of the critical talents and detailed information on how each talent benefits your progression this guide is designed for both new and intermediate players. This page should be combined with our Warrior, mining and other Idleon build pages.

Table of Contents:
Squire Damage Build
Squire Construction Build


Squire Damage Build

The below talent guidelines will optimise your combat prowess and can be combined with your unique Idleon account progression for the best AFK or active combat outcomes. As the Squire primarily gains damage from refinery ranks their speed of damage scaling will be notably slower than your other characters.


The skill talent investment for your Squire combat build in priority order is:

Talent Effect Notes
Shockwave_SlashShockwave Slash Slash forward causing a shockwave which deals damage to multiple enemies The Squire’s core attack skill that attacks enemies in front of them and ideal for boosting AFK gains and used in active Idleon activities. I recommend 50 points initially before moving onto other priority talents below and maxing this later if additional attack damage is needed or you run out of other talents.
DaggerangDaggerang Throw a dagger that comes back to you dealing damage to multiple enemies Another strong area of effect attack that the Squire has available and I recommend players follow the same logic as Shockwave Slash above with 50 points initially.
Precision_PowerPrecision Power +% Damage per refinery rank if accuracy is 1.5x 100% enemy hit chance requirement The primary damage source of the Squire this scales with your refinery ranks that come slowly with game time. This talent also requires that players have 1.5 the monsters accuracy requirements which means it may not always trigger when players are pushing maps aggressively.
Mastery_UpMastery Up +% Mastery (minimum damage) Minimum damage is factored into your Idleon AFK combat gains that means this is a potential source to improve your overall kills for higher loot and experience gain.
Sharper_SawsSharper Saws +% Construction experience Construction is a critical skill in Idleon as there are a number of buildings to buff your progression and provide quality of life features. Construction levels have the biggest boost to your build rate speed that makes it important to increase these levels even on your combat build.
Redox_RatesRedox Rates +% Build speed per power of 10 Redox Salts in storage With the importance of construction the additional build speed provided by this talent is important even on your combat build to maximise progression in this skill.
Blocky_BottlesBlocky Bottles Each level of Warriors Rule bubble raises max level of Meat Shank Allowing players to push their Meat Shank talent further this is a reasonable source of damage provided you have the talent points and alchemy progression on the Warriors Rule bubble.
STR_SummoreSTR Summore + Max talent level for Fist of Rage Strength is the last source of damage available to the Squire although like Blocky Bottles above players need sufficient talent points in their previous talent tabs to use this.

If you are short on talent points this should be levelled alongside Back to Basics to ensure sufficient points are available.

Back_To_BasicsBack To Basics + Talent points for the Warrior talent tab  

With two talents that require Warrior talent points above this is often important for players that are progressing to add extra talent points. Later game when talent points become abundant this can always be skipped based on your account specifics.

Shieldiest_StatuesShieldiest Statues Power, Mining and Defence statues give +% larger bonus Boosting the effects of Power statues that are a damage increase this is another small place to gain damage on the Squire combat build.
Fistful_Of_ObolFistful of Obol Obols give +% more STR Obols provide small values of STR which can be increased with this talent although the lowest priority as it is a small effect.

Squire Construction Build

Your Squire construction build should be on the same preset as your mining talents and is important to maximising the boosts available from this skill. This is particularly important to help overcome the initial World 3 bottleneck of salt refining by actively using Refinery Throttle from this preset when players login.

The skill talent investment for your Squire construction build in priority order is:

Talent Effect Notes
Refinery_ThrottleRefinery Throttle Automatically triggers refinery cycles An important talent that should be diligently used each day as part of your Idleon daily activities given salt is a major factor in how fast you can progress through World 3. With higher levels increasing the number of cycles that are triggered maximum points here is critical.
Sharper_SawsSharper Saws +% Construction experience Similar to our combat build we always want to be maxing construction experience as levels are a major contributor to construction build speed.
Redox_RatesRedox Rates +% Build speed per power of 10 Redox Salts in storage Another source of build speed increase that should be high on your Squire skill talent preset build to improve your pace of progression through the World 3 skill.
Super_SamplesSuper Samples +% Sample size when taking 3D printer samples Sampling is a World 3 mechanic that allows players to automatically generate a percentage of their AFK skilling gains. This talent boosts the percentage of your real AFK skilling gains players can produce and important to buffing your mining printer gains.
Shieldiest_StatuesShieldiest Statues Power, Mining and Defence statues give +% larger bonus Boosting mining statues turns talent points invested here into higher ore gains for the Squire and the largest boost available.
STR_SummoreSTR Summore + Max talent level for Fist of Rage Strength provides a small boost to mining efficiency although players also need sufficient Warrior talent points to capitalise on this.
Fistful_Of_ObolFistful of Obol Obols give +% more STR Obols have small boosts to STR that makes this the last albeit small potential boost to mining gains.
Back_To_BasicsBack To Basics + Talent points for the Warrior talent tab If players require extra Warrior talent tabs like after investing in STR Summore above then this can be levelled as necessary although shouldn’t be prioritised above any construction or sample related talent.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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