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Last Updated on April 6, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

In this guide to the secret Voidwalker (Vman) class you’ll learn how to get this specialist class and create the best build from their unique talents. With similar themes to the previous beginner class promotions the Voidwalker offers incredible account wide buffs to experience gain, damage, base stats, cooking speed, critters and soul gain that are critical to account progression.

This guide will help players unlock the Voidwalker, optimise their speedrun portals and create the best builds for skilling and fighting activities based on my experience from thousands of Idleon gameplay hours. For help reaching this class in the first place you can refer to our Journeyman, Maestro or other Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
How To Get Voidwalker
Voidwalker Void Talent Points Overview
Voidwalker Speedrun Build (Combat)
Voidwalker Skill Build


How To Get Voidwalker (Secret Idleon Class)

Unlocking the Voidwalker can only be completed on a Maestro that has reached class level 150 and World 4 (Hyperion Nebula) which like your journey so far with the secret class is a high bar for players to reach. Once these requirements have been met players will need to talk to the purple Nebultye that is hiding at the far right side of the World 4 map (above the kitchen table and below the W5 portal) and complete the following quests:

  • Have 1 million Deathnote kills on all monsters in W1, W2 and W3. This is kills across all your characters and also requires you visit the Deathnote after the kills are acquired.
  • Defeat Chaotic Chizoar with your Maestro.
  • Have 12 million Green Mushroom kills on your Maestro.

After meeting these challenges you will be given a class advancement pop-up similar to other class promotions and players can claim a special Voidwalker nametag.

Idleon Voidwalker Void Talent Points Overview

The Voidwalker operates on the unique void talent point system and doesn’t acquire talent points in the traditional Idleon way. These void talent points can only be obtained by:

  1. Investing in the Maestro talent “One Step Ahead” which makes this a key talent to max for all builds.
  2. Unlocking portals during the Voidwalker’s speedrun mechanic from the Void Trial Rerun talent. This is a unique game mechanic of the Voidwalker which sends players back to the start of the game (while retaining all of their equipment, stats and talents) in an attempt to push as many of the game portals as possible within a time limit. For each portal that is unlocked you’ll be awarded with permanent void talents to invest in any Voidwalker talent. Note that in order to obtain these points after a talent reset you must always have at least one point in the Void Trial Rerun talent.

Like other Idleon characters this means players will want a combat speedrun talent build preset and a skilling preset. Once players feel they can’t push their speedrun high score further for now it can also be useful to move talent points away from speedrun talents towards the other powerful account boosting talents that are competing for your limited void talent points.


Voidwalker Speedrun Build (Combat)

Alongside these speedrun combat build focused talents players will want to maximise movement speed, damage, multikill and mob respawn from their equipment and other game sources to maximise speedrun portals. For a speedrun build your priority talents are as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Void_Trial_RerunVoid Trial Rerun Begin a speedrun. Gives void talent points per portal unlocked during a speedrun. The core speedrun talent that activates a speedrun which lasts longer based on the level of this talent. The higher this talent the longer players will have to push a new speedrun highscore. Importantly a speedrun resets all of your deathnote kills on your Voidwalker and sets them at 2million per monster. The speedrun will also
Void_RadiusVoid Radius Hit every mob within range and gives +% Multikill per tier while speedrunning An important combat skill for speedruns and outside speedruns this is a massive area of effect attack that provides the added benefit of multikill (only during a speedrun). A key aspect of speedrunning is careful usage of this talent on large later world maps that would be slow without this talent.
Bossing_VainBossing Vain Boss kills count as portals and each unique boss kill during the speedrun makes mobs respawn +% faster Boss kills add an extra portal to speedruns with higher difficulty bosses counting for multiple portals (1 for Normal, 2 for Chaotic and 3 for Nightmare). This also has a compounding effect where these boss kills boost mob respawn during the speedrun.

For general combat to benefit speedruns and non-speedruns players will want to prioritise these talents:

Talent Effect Notes
Quad_JabQuad Jab Punches now hit a 4th time and do extra damage An extra hit when attacking is a notable boost to damage that is great for boss fighting although if you already one hit monsters you are fighting this may not be necessary to heavily invest in.
Voodoo_StatuficationVoodoo Statufication All statues give +% more bonuses to all characters Statues have a range of benefits with several having a notable impact on damage inside and outside speedruns given it improves all characters. This includes Power, Speed, Feasty, Health, Kachow, Beholder and Battleaxe.
Master_Of_The_SystemMaster of the System +% Multikill per tier per 5 maps of speedrun high score for all characters With a strong boost to multikill this makes a number of Idleon activities easier for all characters and also effect for speedrunning.
Eternal_StrEternal_AgiEternal_WisEternal_LukEternal STR/AGI/WIS/LUK + Base stats and max level to base stat talents for all characters Boosting base stats across our account increases damage and skilling that make this a fantastic investment.

To save on void talent points players can invest into these talents, swap onto their other characters to increase the max level of base stat talents like the Warrior’s Fist of Rage and then reset their Voidwalker talents while maintaining the new max level of base stat talents.

Power_OrbPower Orb +% Damage for all characters for every 50 class level over 200 The final source of damage for the Voidwalker this has a lower impact than other options and does require some notable account levels before being noticeable.


Voidwalker Skill Build

Outside of the speedrun mechanic the Voidwalker has some incredible account focused talents for players to utilise and are commonly placed on your skilling build as the Voidwalker can often spend a long time skilling for levels and skilling cards. Even if you aren’t skilling players can also swap to this preset before placing critter traps, farming worship souls or using cooking ladles as these mechanics in particular are strongly buffed by the Voidwalker.

Talent Effect Notes
Blood_MarrowBlood Marrow +% Multiplicative meal cooking speed per total level of all meals The strongest boost to cooking speed in Idleon that only gets more powerful as your total meals upgraded increases. This is a must max whenever players are using cooking ladles on their Blood Berserker.
Species_EpochSpecies Epoch +% Critters and Souls based on combined trapping and worship level above 100 With critters and souls both being bottlenecks for player progression this is the talent designed to help players overcome them. This must be used when placing traps or when collecting souls and its reliance on Voidwalker skill levels means you want to push trapping and worship levels as high as possible.
Voodoo_StatuficationVoodoo Statufication All statues give +% more bonuses to all characters Statues have a range of benefits when our Voidwalker is skilling and for our account in general that makes this an important priority.
Master_Of_The_SystemMaster of the System +% Multikill per tier per 5 maps of speedrun high score for all characters While this does not benefit the Voidwalker directly when skilling the multikill per tier benefit across your account can be a significant boost to your kills per hour.
Enhancement_EclipseEnhancement Eclipse Enhances a talent for another class every 25 points. The applicable talents this improves are all available on the Idleon wiki and have a significant impact on the strength of other characters on your account.

Notable thresholds include 50 for Pirate Flag (Siege Breaker), 125 for Apocalypse Chow (Blood Berserker) and 225 for Knightly Disciple (Divine Knight)

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.

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