Idleon Voidwalker Build Guide – How To Unlock Voidwalker

Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Voidwalker Build Guide – How To Unlock Voidwalker

In our guide to the secret Voidwalker (Vman) class we cover how to unlock Voidwalker, optimise your speedrun portals unlocked and utilise the special talents that this class has available to boost the progress of your whole Idleon account. Following a similar design to the previous beginner class promotions you’ll find the Voidwalker a valuable team player with unique talents that provide a family boost to experience gain, damage, stats, critters, soul gain and cooking speed. The theme of past classes is also present in the difficult bar that is set to unlock the Vman advancement which rewards players for continued investment in this secret pathway of Idleon.

Unique elements that the Voidwalker brings includes a speedrun concept to test your Idleon account progress and personal quick reaction times which is also tied to the talent points you unlock. For help reaching this class in the first place you can refer to our Journeyman, Maestro or other Idleon builds page.


How To Unlock Voidwalker (Secret Idleon Class)

Unlocking the Voidwalker can only be completed on a Maestro that has reached class level 150 and World 4 (Hyperion Nebula) which like your journey so far with the secret class is a high bar for players to reach. Once these prerequisite requirements have been met players will need to talk to the purple Nebultye that is hiding at the far right side of the World 4 map (above the kitchen table and below the W5 portal) and complete the following quests:

  • Have 1 million Deathnote kills on all monsters in W1, W2 and W3. This is kills across all your characters and also requires you visit the Deathnote after the kills are acquired.
  • Defeat Chaotic Chizoar with your Maestro.
  • Have 12 million Green Mushroom kills on your Maestro.

Following these you will be given a class advancement pop-up similar to other class promotions and players can also claim a special Voidwalker nameplate.

Idleon Voidwalker Talents Build

The Voidwalker operates on the unique void talent point system and these points can only be obtained in two ways:

  1. Investment in the Maestro talent “One Step Ahead” which makes this a key talent to max for all builds.
  2. Unlocking portals during the Voidwalker’s speedrun mechanic from the Void Trial Rerun talent. This is a unique game mechanic of the Voidwalker which sends players back to the start of the game (while retaining all of their equipment, stats and talents) in an attempt to push as many of the game portals as possible within a time limit. For each portal that is unlocked you’ll be awarded with permanent void talents to invest in any Voidwalker talent. Note that in order to obtain these points after a talent reset you must always have at least one point in the Void Trial Rerun talent.

Given the unique nature of the Vman talents the below build guide is split between a speedrun pushing talent build and a discussion on the use cases for the remaining talents that players can mix and match on their Voidwalker talent presets based on their account goals. Personally I would have one talent build focused on pushing speedrun portals in the beginning and then once you have pushed it as far as currently possible consider resetting until you attempt it later on.


Idleon Voidwalker Speedrun Talents Build

With acquiring talent points from the speedrun mechanic vital to how many talent points you have available I recommend that players have a specialised speedrun focused build initially. As players will want to constantly try to push higher portals with practice and different strategies this is extremely important in the beginning. Once you believe that you cannot push portal unlocks any further at your current stage of progression players can remove the talent point investment from these talents if they wish until they are ready to push speedrun portal unlocks again.

Notable things to focus on from your talents (and other sources) when speedrunning as the Voidwalker include movement speed, damage, multikill and mob respawn which are reflected in the selections below.

For a speedrun build your priority talents are as follows:

  • Void Trial Rerun: The core of your speedrun build with each talent point here increasing the duration available for your speedrun which also means using the library checkout for this talent is critical. While you want to ensure you get at least a point in Void Radius and Bossing Vain as well to support your speedrun the priority should always be this talent.
  • Void Radius: A great addition to your arsenal with an area of effect attack that is great for speedruns and also active gameplay on your Voidwalker. While reasonably long in cooldown this can easily clear entire maps and makes the timing of this attack during a speedrun critical to how many portals you accumulate.
  • Bossing Vain: At least one point here can give you access to some extra portals in a speedrun as it turns boss fights into 3 potential portals for nightmare boss kills. Further points can still be worthwhile though as it boosts the mob spawn rate of maps during a speedrun which can help you clear some of the slower maps that rely on mob respawns to be cleared.
  • Master of the System: With multikill speeding up portal clearing this can once again help your speedrun build on the Voidwalker although a lower priority as its power is only applicable after already having a decent portal unlock number as this is what the scaling of this talent is based on.
  • Power Orb: More damage means higher potential multikill tier when speedrunning and faster boss kills (if not already one hitting the bosses).
  • Voddo Statufication: A lower priority talent for speedrun purposes as only a few statues provides the stats we need for speedrunning such as movement speed, food effect and damage. If you’ve already maxed out the above though then this is where you can extract slightly more gains.
  • Eternal LUK: Like the above talent once you have unlocked the priority first five listed options this is an extra place to acquire some damage gains that might push you into a higher damage tier on certain maps albeit unlikely at this point if you’ve already acquired this many void talent points to have some remaining.


Idleon Voidwalker Talents Build – Other Talents

Outside of the speedrun mechanic the Voidwalker has some incredible account focused talents for players to utilise in their build and eventually with some high portal unlock counts combined with One Step Ahead from the Maestro talents you can actually obtain most of them at a time. Importantly many of these talents are account wide so its important to have them active on your Voidwalker preset when collecting gains or engaging with mechanics on other characters in your account as well.

These talents are discussed for their use cases below in an approximate priority order noting that early on when you lack void talent points you may need to reset your talents depending on the activity. The priority order for you will also be heavily influenced by your current account goals and progress so players should consider their own needs when deciding how to invest void talent points.

The best Voidwalker talents include:

  • Voddo Statufication: With statues offering such broad account gains it can be hard to go wrong with boosting all statue boosts across your account given the diverse increases to skilling and fighting this provides. If you are yet to farm statues to a reasonable level though this may not be your personal first priority as the boost is based on increasing what you currently have in terms of statue stats.
  • Blood Marrow: Turning up the cooking speed significantly this a must have cooking focused talent that allows you to reach the highest level of meals available in Idleon. While it might start slow given it is based on your total meal level this means it also slowly grows in power to reach an insane level of cooking boost. While you can invest in this only when using ladles on your account if you are short on void talent points the speed boost can still play a surprising role in just general AFK time passing in cooking depending on your account.
  • Species Epoch: Critters from trapping and souls from worship are two notable bottlenecks to player progress which can make the benefits from these absolutely game changing. The reliance on your Voidwalkers combined levels in the respective skills also encourages you to continue pushing those skill levels to further increase these gains. Like Blood Marrow above players can only invest talent points when setting traps and spending worship charge if low on void talent points and then remove them after these activities to place them elsewhere if desired.
  • Master of the System: For pushing maps or improving your Deathnote scores the powerful multikill per tier offered here across your account is one of the best talents available as these are common account activities.
  • Eternal STR/AGI/WIS/LUK: With a boost to base stat and unlocking higher max level for the respective tab 1 talent book on all your characters the stat boost from here is actually extremely powerful across fighting and skilling. When early on in your void talent point accumulation players will want to invest into these talents, visit each of their characters to max the respective talent for that class (such as Book of the Wise on mages) and then reset their Voidman points to other priorities as you’ll keep the new max level talents on other characters. Eventually when you have an abundance of void talent points you can also maintain the point investment for the base stats this provides although that is a lower priority compared to the other high priority talents here and thus is in the low priority bucket for most players.

The secondary priority Voidwalker talents include:

  • Quad Jab: More damage for the Voidwalker when playing active can be useful as it may be the difference between one attack or multiple to kill an enemy which can result in a great increase to overall kills. If this talent doesn’t improve your attacks to kill though the investment won’t be necessary so it can be a lower priority overall beyond a point.
  • Void Radius: Another active focused talent for your Voidwalker this gives you a medium cooldown attack to clear the map you are farming when not speedrunning. Given without this your Voidwalker is limited to single target attacks this can be a useful addition to quickly clear a map when active and investment can be tailored here to a point where the pixel range is large enough for the map you active on this class.
  • Enhancement Eclipse: With each 25 point investment unlocking a special addition to certain talents for the Voidwalker or other classes (as listed on the wiki) this talent can be a great addition depending on your account objectives currently. Notable highlights from this include a Left Hand of Learning buff at 25 points which is perfect for levelling your own personal skills and an Apocalypse Chow at 125 points that unlocks a 100M tier for your Blood Berserker to boost cooking speed to new heights.

The remaining low priority Voidwalker talents include:

  • Power Orb: Offering simple and effective damage boost to all your characters based on their levels over 200 in 50 level increments this is a good all around option once you have exhausted other options above that you need. In particular this only begins to offer value once you are pushing all of your fighting characters beyond 250 and ideally into the 400+ level range.
  • EXP Cultivation: If you are currently focused on account levels this class EXP boost provides an okay contribution for leftover void talent points although other sources of EXP gain (such as the Grind Time bubble in alchemy) will deliver most of your class EXP sources.

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