Legends of Idleon Warrior Build Guide

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Legends of Idleon Warrior Build Guide

Learn the best Warrior build to progress in Idleon with this guide to the Warrior class that ensures you have the appropriate talents for your progression through W1 and beyond. Specialising in physical damage the Warrior is also one of the best starting characters you can create with their high health pool, mining abilities and area of effect attacks with their spear weapon type although will still need the support of the other classes. Whether it’s your first character or your eighth the talent point investment guide here will help you build a damage focused Warrior.

This guide is focused on creating a Warrior for your early game advance through W1 and W2 until your promotion to either a Barbarian or Squire. If you’re looking to turn your Warrior into a dedicated miner which is their speciality then refer to our mining build guide instead. If you need build help for your other characters refer to our Journeyman, Mage or Archer build guides. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Idleon Warrior Build

Building a Warrior like the other classes in Idleon relies heavily on meeting minimum accuracy requirements to fight your desired enemy and then following this up with damage. For the Warrior this means gaining wisdom (WIS) which boosts their accuracy stat and pairing it with as much strength (STR) and weapon power as possible. The Warrior can also gain damage by increasing their maximum HP depending on the talent skill build point allocation. In terms of talents though you’ll be investing predominately into weapon power or damage % talents to maximise your early game gains before increasing strength once you have sufficient talent points available.

Given all the mechanics of Idleon the most effective per point talent build may regularly change on your account as various game systems change the optimal path. Once you reach W2 in particular it can be difficult for a generalist Warrior build guide like this to give you the most efficient skill point option at every character level. It does however provide a set of simple to follow rules for your Warrior build that will give you the best result in most situations so that you can focus on playing the game. If you’re confident in diving deeper into Idleon mechanics then you should always test what is giving you the best damage regularly by spending single points and referring to the impact on your player stats window.


Tab 1 skills for your Warrior build should be considered as follows:

  • Book Of The Wise: Your key to gaining significant accuracy you’ll want as many points in here as necessary for your current goal. For new player accounts reaching the mid level 40s in this talent by the time you hit the first boss is a good initial goal which will be somewhere between character level 30 or 35 depending on the speed of your progression. Invest these point slowly overtime as you move through the W1 maps though to ensure you don’t overinvest in accuracy at the cost of damage and only do so when needed.
  • Sharpened Axe: A skill you’ll eventually want to max out at higher levels given its boost to weapon power that it provides that is a core source of damage. Given this is base damage though its effectiveness starts to drop off at higher levels in comparison to other sources of damage from talent points that are % based (such as Meat Shank and Gilded Sword). For this reason a good stopping point is between level 40 to 50 before maxing it later on when you have an abundance of talent points.
  • Meat Shank: Meat Shank provides a larger % damage boost than Gilded Sword during its early levels as players will have at least 10 health so should be prioritised. Up until level 10 you’ll gain more than 1% damage while Gilded Sword is always a fixed 1% that allows for some minor min-max gains. Even beyond level 10 this talent will often give you slightly more damage as its effectiveness is based on your health pool that constantly grows. As a simple rule though I’d recommended 10 points and then moving onto Gilded Sword given there are only minor differences between the two beyond that and you’ll eventually max them both regardless. Diligent players though can use the stat provided in the talent window for this skill to determine if its more effective on a per point basis for every skill point you spend if you want.
  • Gilded Sword: With Sharpened Axe and Meat Shank at an appropriate level as detailed above it’s time to start investing in the percentage based damage boost of Gilded Sword up to around level 50 (maxing later on). From this point you’ll want to experiment between Sharpened Axe, Gilded Sword and Meat Shank in this talent tab to see what is giving you the best gains. This may be impacted by your choice of subclass as well but ultimately you’ll be looking to max them all so placing points into them evenly can be an easy default path to follow.
  • Idle Brawling: While not an initial priority this boost to AFK gains has a dramatic impact on your eventual progress once you have a foundation of the talents above in place. While the point you’ll reach the important talent milestone levels noted above varies you’ll generally want to start investing into this skill when you enter the World 2 (Yum Yum Desert). Like other talents diminishing returns do kick in so you’ll want to aim for around 50 as your first checkpoint before considering your other options above and below.
  • Fist Of Rage: It may seem odd to have your strength based talent as a Warrior so low on the talent priority list but this is simply because it is not the best source of damage initially compared to the options above. Once you have lots of talent points though and percentage boosts to your strength number this is the next talent you’ll want to invest into and can start to contribute to your damage.
  • Health Booster: The lowest priority of your core damage talents this is generally one you’ll invest in only once everything else above is maxed as health does boost your damage but not as much as the other talents available.


Tab 2 skills for your Warrior build should be considered as follows:

  • Carry A Big Stick: The staple of the tab 2 skill tree you’ll want to invest all your points here for the large weapon power boost after achieving the 1 point spends noted below (Power Strike, Whirl, Firmly Grasp) which all should be placed on your attack bar.
  • Power Strike: 1 point as soon as you advance to a Warrior subclass and placed on your active bar as this will be a large boost in your damage when playing active for quests or AFK. You’ll eventually return to invest more points (50) but a single talent is sufficient to begin with to unlock the ability to use this.
  • Whirl: Similar to above a single point for now with further points (50) likely only required after your next character class advancement to Barbarian or Squire depending how fast you progress to this class advancement.
  • Firmly Grasp: Similar to the above skills with 1 point you’ll dramatically boost your damage given a single point is worth a total of 16 STR meaning it has high efficiency although levels after this only add a single STR to the buff. This is a great one point wonder in Idleon and you’ll place only a single point here for now and not return here until it is one of your last talents to max.
  • Double Strike: Similar to others listed above this is a good single talent point option when advancing to the Warrior bringing a damage boost in both active and AFK styles of play which you can build on as your talent point pool grows.
  • Absolute Unit: Once you’ve got all the above talents to around level 50 (excluding Carry A Big Stick which should be maxed) it’s time for players to grow their strength to push your damage further with this talent in conjunction with Firmly Grasp. At this stage of progression you’ll also start acquiring a few increases to all stat means these strength points are valuable additions alongside the talent choices below.
  • Health Overdrive: Offering players another source of health this one requires players to build up a decent foundation of various account wide bonuses to health given it’s a relatively small percentage per talent point spent but it does boost your damage through Meat Shank synergy.
  • Strength In Numbers: With a foundation of strength and health at this point on your Warrior you’ll move into multiplying that further with this talent.
  • ‘Str’ess Tested Garb: The lowest priority of your warrior talents for damage as it takes significant Idleon progress before your equipment has notable strength value on it. You will be well progressed in Idleon before this talent becomes a useful damage contributor and accordingly you will max this talent last.

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