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Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Progress through Idleon with this Warrior build of the best talents to maximise damage and utility from early to late game. Specialising in strength the Warrior is also the best starting character with their area of effect attacks and mining prowess to craft equipment for your account.

With this comprehensive Warrior guide to talents players will have the knowledge necessary to maximise their Warrior and confidently invest talent points based on my recommendations from thousands of hours of Idleon gameplay. Supported with game screenshots this guide provides both summary and detailed information to cater to all player styles. If players are specifically interested on optimising Warrior mining gains refer to our full mining build guide instead. Other character and skill builds are available on our Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Warrior Build Overview
Warrior Tab 1 Talents Build
Warrior Tab 2 Talents Build

Warrior Build Overview

Like other Idleon classes the foundation of your Warrior is ensuring you reach minimum accuracy requirements before investing into damage and utility talents. The Warrior gains accuracy through Wisdom (WIS) and damage through weapon power, strength and maximum health. Below I have provided a simple set of rules to follow that will generally provide an optimal outcome for your account and can be adjusted to your preferences as you progress in other Idleon mechanics or have different account goals.


Warrior Tab 1 Talents Build

Tab 1 skills for your Warrior build should be prioritised as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Book_Of_The_WiseBook Of The Wise + Base WIS (Wisdom) Your primary source of accuracy as the Warrior class players will want to invest into this as required for your current monster focus. For new players through World 1 a good initial target is one point per character level with further investment as needed to maintain 100% accuracy depending on your progression speed. This ensures you steadily gain accuracy as necessary to battle the World 1 boss at around level 30-35.
Sharpened_AxeSharpened Axe + Base weapon power An important talent given the damage boost that weapon power provides early in your Idleon adventure. Later on other sources of damage will overtake this (such as damage % and strength) although players will have an abundance of talent points at that stage to obtain all the damage focused talents.
Meat_ShankMeat Shank +% Damage based on power of 10 max HP The first 10 points of Meat Shank are highly effective as each provides more than 1% damage per level while Gilded Sword always provides 1% damage per talent point.

After this first 10 talent point investment I recommend maxing Gilded Sword below before coming back to also max this talent.

Gilded_SwordGilded Sword +% Damage dealt With the foundation of damage from Sharpened Axe the percentage damage boost from Gilded Sword becomes a powerful addition to your Warrior damage with a consistent 1% gain per level.
Idle_BrawlingIdle Brawling +% AFK Gains rate for fighting After the core damage talents players can start boosting their AFK gains further with the Idle Brawling talent for higher fighting gains.
Fist_of_RageFists of Rage + Base STR (Strength) Despite being a strength based class the value of this main stat only begins to be noticeable further in Idleon progression. After maxing everything above talent points here will offer you damage, skilling efficiency and other account benefits such as money gain through alchemy.
Health_BoosterHealth Booster + Max HP With Warrior damage scaling with your health this is the final source of damage that the Warrior class has available in the first tab of talents. This is a low priority in comparison to the talents above though as the damage boost is small.


Warrior Tab 2 Talents Build

Tab 2 skills for your Warrior build should be prioritised as follows:

Talent Effect Notes
Carry_A_Big_StickCarry A Big Stick +% Weapon power effect on damage The largest source of damage in tab 2 Warrior talents players will want to focus on maxing this talent.

Before maxing this it is important players also place a single point in Power Strike, Whirl, Double Strike and Firmly Grasp It as these are highly effective for single talent point investments.

Power_StrikePower Strike Slash monsters in front of you and deal damage Useful for active Idleon content this also boosts AFK gains when assigned to your attack bar that makes 1 point as soon as you become a Warrior critical.

I recommend players obtain 50 points in Power Strike, Whirl and Double Strike before moving onto other talents listed here as this is a good benchmark for when the AFK gains benefit diminishes.

WhirlWhirl Swing your weapon around you to damage monsters Another active talent that should be treated the same as Power Strike.
Double_StrikeDouble Strike +% chance for basic attacks to hit twice A talent that doesn’t need to be assigned to your attack bar but still boosts AFK gains and another important talent to place 50 talent points in like Power Strike and Double Strike.
Firmly_Grasp_ItFirmly Grasp It +STR Temporarily Another 1 point talent wonder initially that can be assigned to your attack bar and provides 16 strength for this first point while subsequent points only provide 1 strength that make it equivalent to Absolute Unit.
Absolute_UnitAbsolute Unit + Base STR (Strength) Provides strength similar to Firmly Grasp It to push your Warrior damage output.
Health_OverdriveHealth Overdrive +% Max HP A source of health that feeds into Warrior damage although is a smaller benefit than our strength based talents above that are maxed first.
Strength_In_NumbersStrength in Numbers +% STR effect on damage and HP With your growing strength pool this talent multiples those gains further and ideal as a later priority talent because of this.
'Str'Ess_Tested_Garb‘Str’ess Tested Garb +% STR from equipment The lowest priority talent as strength from equipment is quite low until the later stages of Idleon progression. After maxing this players can return to Power Strike, Whirl and Double Strike to max these talents that were originally left at 50 points.
Haungry_For_GoldHaungry For Gold Increases golden food bonuses With several golden foods available to boost damage or provide other utility this talent can be useful later game when players accumulate large amounts of them and have the spare food slot available.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.


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