Idleon Wizard Build Guide (Damage & Worship)

Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

This Idleon Wizard guide equips you with talent templates to optimize combat and worship, making the most of this high area-of-effect damage dealer’s fire, ice, and air abilities. As one of the Mage subclasses the Wizard is a high area of effect damage dealer that utilises elemental attacks while being a specialist in the World 3 town skill of worship.

In addition to a worship specialist the Wizard gains damage from the number of stamps collected and is the only Idleon character to benefit from the beholder (critical chance) statue. On this page I’ve provided summary and detailed talent builds for both damage and worship for players to maximise their gains and adjust as necessary for your specific account progress or goals. This guide should be combined with our mage talent build with other classes and skills available on our Idleon builds page.

Table of Contents:
Wizard Damage Build
Wizard Worship Build


Idleon Wizard Build – Damage

Like all Idleon builds the best Wizard damage option at any time will vary slightly based on your account progression with the below serving as a general template that players can follow. If you’re ever in doubt I recommend spending points slowly and seeing the impact on your character damage screen before overinvesting into a particular talent path. For damage players should prioritise the following Wizard talents in order:


Talent Effect Notes
Floor_Is_LavaFloor Is Lava Summons volcanos dealing damage One of our best attacking skills this offers long range for active fighting activities like bosses. Place at least 1 talent point here and assign to the attack bar before moving on to other talents. When first advancing to your Wizard up to 50 talents can be useful here and other attacking talents to improve AFK attack gains which players can test for themselves by using the AFK info window and placing one point here at a time.
TornadoTornado Summons a tornado which deals damage Our second best active attacking skill that deals damage for a period of time while the tornado whirls back and forth. Like our other attack talents 1 point is sufficient to start before moving on.
Ice_ShardsIce Shards Next basic attack deals damage 3 times and freezes all nearby mobs The weakest active attack talent of the Wizard in terms of area of effect. Players should place 1 talent point here for the attack gains and then focus on other talents below.
Paperwork,_Great...Paperwork, Great… +% damage for every 10 stamps in your collection The best damage boost the Wizard has available provided you diligently collect your stamps which is an important step to general account progression.
Mana_Is_LifeMana Is Life % damage taken is dealt to MP and +% multikill per damage tier With the passive multikill on this talent players can boost their AFK gains and start working on accumulating more monster kills for things like the World 3 deathnote mechanic.
Fuscia_FlasksFuscia Flasks Each level of Mage Is Best bubble raises max level of Overclocked Energy Overclocked energy is a large boost to Wizard damage although players need some levels in the Mage Is Best alchemy bubble before realising the full potential.

Players also need spare Mage talent points to benefit from this talent.

WIS_WumboWIS Wumbo + Max talent level for Book of the Wise Another damage source that requires spare Mage talent points to fully benefit from that grows increasingly powerful as players obtain % stat boosts.
Earlier_EducationEarly Education + Talent points for the Mage talent tab If you find yourself lacking in Mage talent tab points placing points here to maximise the benefits of Fuscia Flasks or WIS Wumbo is a viable option.
Speedy_BookSpeedy Book Getting 4 kills in 4 seconds boosts attack rate A talent that only becomes a consideration when you reach the next class advancement for the Wizard (Elemental Sorcerer) this provides some extra potency when playing active by boosting your attack speed after rapid monster kills. Prior to this point though it is a weak talent and can be ignored.
Occult_ObolsOccult Obols Obols give +% more WIS With major sources of available damage through talents acquired above one of the last places available is some extra wisdom from obols.
Staring_StatuesStaring Statues EXP, Lumberbob and Beholder statues give +% larger bonus Boosting the Beholder statue (critical chance) can have a small impact on damage and this talent also provides the benefit of boosting experience slightly although is a low priority.
Nearby_OutletNearby Outlet + Charge worship charge rate With worship charge rate being a timegate to optimising your worship soul gain any spare talent points can be invested here. Even on your combat preset the extra worship charge will be useful and can be generated on this preset before switching to a skilling preset to use the generated charge.


Idleon Wizard Build – Worship

An optimised worship build for the Wizard is important to overall account progression given its role in World 3 and beyond. By utilising the right talents and combining it with a worship guide players will have a steady income of souls to invest into equipment, alchemy, stamps and other Idleon mechanics. This Worship talent build should be combined with your Mage skilling build with Smart Efficiency being the most important to Worship gains. The priority order of Wizard talents is:

Talent Effect Notes
Charge_SyphonCharge Syphon Steal charge from all your players giving you % of it and increasing your max charge The core of your Wizard worship build that allows you to take worship charge generated from your other characters and use it on your Wizard who will have higher soul generation.

This talent needs to be used carefully though as you still want some worship levels on your other characters as higher worship levels unlocks faster generating worship skull equipment. Players should also only use this after consuming your Maestro’s worship charge as you want to keep your Maestro worship level above your Wizard.

SoooulsSooouls +% Worship efficiency per power of 10 Forest Souls in storage A worship efficiency talent that gets stronger as players store extra Forest Souls in storage and I recommend players aim for around 1 million stored initially as a balance of effort and benefit. Players can increase this to 10mil and beyond as they feel comfortable as worship efficiency gains become smaller.
Nearby_OutletNearby Outlet + Charge worship charge rate This talent indirectly boosts worship gains because it allows players to worship more often.
Bless_UpBless Up +% Worship EXP gain When you first start worship I recommend players invest some points here as it allows you to reach higher level worship skulls to boost charge rate and maximum charge.

Once you’ve unlocked the best worship skull equipment currently available to you players should remove talent points invested here to help keep your Maestro a higher worship level.

Staring_StatuesStaring Statues EXP, Lumberbob and Beholder statues give +% larger bonus While this doesn’t boost worship efficiency the boost to Lumberbob statues will help our chopping gains when skilling as the Wizard that makes this still an important priority.
WIS_WumboWIS Wumbo + Max talent level for Book of the Wise Wisdom provides a small boost to both worship and chopping although a smaller impact than the talent options above.
Occult_ObolsOccult Obols Obols give +% more WIS Similar to above a small boost to wisdom if you have spare talent points.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon has secured its place as one of Sam’s favourite games due to its nostalgic MapleStory vibes and the ability to play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the optimisation challenge of the various game mechanics introduced in each new world that provide new opportunities to maximise his damage and printer output. With thousands of hours played Sam is regularly pushing the highest levels of Idleon content as he looks to make small percentage account gains while sharing his experience with other players.


  1. for “Paperwork, great” I’m pretty sure it’s based off how many unique stamp you have and not the level of the stamps as it says “I have 18 stamps collected” which is way lower than the total level of all my stamps

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for the comment that is absolutely how it works, we’ve made a correction to make this clear in the guide.

      Games Finder Team

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