Idleon Wizard Build Guide (Damage & Worship)

Last Updated on July 19, 2022 by Samuel Franklin

Idleon Wizard Build Guide (Damage & Worship)

With our Idleon wizard build and worship guide you’ll be able to take this high DPS class all the way to end game as you blitz through every map location with your area of effect skills. The wizard is one of the available subclass options of the mage and turns your mage into a damage machine alongside giving you potent worship potential for when you unlock W3. While you’ll still use the familiar wand weapon type with the wizard it will be paired with fire, ice and air abilities.

The wizard is also known for his ability to gain damage from stamps collected (compared to the Shaman‘s alchemy focused damage bonuses) and the only Legends of Idleon character to gain bonuses from the beholder statue type. This wizard guide will direct Idleon players on how to invest in this new skill tree for maximum damage effect. Combining it with our mage talent build will ensure you can extract maximum DPS for those active or AFK hourly gains. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.


Idleon Wizard Build – Damage Build Guide

Like all Idleon builds the best wizard option for you at any time is going to depend on your progress with other game mechanics (most notably collected stamps, post office, statues and alchemy). All of these can dramatically impact on the best min-max option for your character although this general wizard build is a good default approach and going to be suitable for the bulk of accounts, particularly those that don’t have significant investment in these account wide bonuses yet. If you’re ever in doubt I recommend spending points slowly and seeing the impact on your character damage before overinvesting. Thankfully, talent resets are easy to obtain in Idleon so correcting any mistakes is only a few cheap shop purchases away.

With that general overview and disclaimer out of the way lets dive into the wizard build you’ll want to design your own wizard around.

idleon-wizard-buildThe skill talents for your Wizard build should be as follows:

  • Ice Shards, Floor Is Lava and Tornado: Considered together these are your three primary damaging spells as a wizard in Idleon and are some of the more visually appealing skills in the entire game in my opinion. Visuals aside putting talent points into each of these evenly is often the best path forward as these have no diminishing returns with levels, if you haven’t yet hit the damage cap for your intended map then focus heavily on these. To start I’d place around 20 points in both of these before moving along to other talents and then returning here as necessary.
  • Paperwork, Great…: The wizard is apparently a master of paperwork in Idleon with this skill meaning all your unique stamps acquired translate into a percentage damage boost. This skill does have some diminishing returns with level 50 giving you 23.33% while level 100 gives you 35% boost for every 10 unique stamps obtained. With many stamps coming from quest rewards players should ensure they aren’t missing any potentially obtainable stamps from their collection, the Idleon wiki has all of these sources as a reference.
  • Earlier Education: Once you reach level 50 in all of the above this may give you better results for your skill points as you can place additional points in the likes of Mana Overdrive, Power Overwhelming and Knowledge is Power. If you’ve already got a lot of skill points available for tab 2 due to high skilling levels though continue to level your attacking skills and Paperwork, Great… at the same level.

Idleon Wizard Build – Worship Build Guide

Having a good worship build for your wizard is also a key aspect of having a powerful wizard and ensuring you utilise both of your available skill presets. Worship is pivotal to W3 progression allowing players to acquire various soul resources and other benefits from the tower defence mini game. When playing this mini game actively players advance through various waves that unlock new prayers for reaching certain points and also allow you to worship at the mini game location without having to repeat the waves to claim resources and experience. If you are looking for Idleon worship strategy to help you reach higher waves I recommend this guide that details the requirements to reach certain waves.

While all your characters can participate in this mini game and it is worth them doing it a few times so they can equip a stronger worship skull item you’ll be mainly using your wizard for worship given their unique talents available. Given that your previous mage tabs have limited options to boost your worship potential its possible to run a hybrid chopping build and worship build which is what I recommend below.

This means in tab 1 you’ll max (in order): Smart Efficiency > Active AFK’er > Book of the Wise > Mana Booster > Lucky Clover

For tab 2 you’ll max (in order): Logs on Logs > Leaf Thief > Deforesting All Doubt > Individual Insight

The main skill talents for your Wizard worship build though are in tab 3 and should be as follows:


  • Charge Syphon: The best skill and the core of any worship build given that it allows you to take the charge from your other characters to use on your wizard. Simply cast this before worshipping to take charge from your other characters that can then be used for worship or summon.
  • Bless Up: When you start in W3 and worshipping I recommend investing some points in the Bless Up talent as it will significantly decrease the amount of time to reach better worship skulls that come with extra maximum charge. Once you reach the last worship shrine and/or worship skull you can remove this from your worship build.
  • Sooouls: Boosts your worship efficiency based on the amount of forest souls within your storage and accordingly is a skill that offers only a small benefit to begin with that quickly grows as you master the forest shrine and means more resources gained to create a fantastic feedback loop.
  • Nearby Outlet: More worship charge speed results in being able to worship regularly and keep the soul generation machine running. At max level you’ll get a 1.5 rate which is a nice quality of life for the regular player that can use it before reaching the worship max charge.
  • Wis Wumbo & Staring Statues: For any spare points these two talents are going to offer the best results although minimal compared to the above skills.

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Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. His favourite character is his deadly wizard who he actively plays for his favourite game mechanic, worship tower defence.

  1. for “Paperwork, great” I’m pretty sure it’s based off how many unique stamp you have and not the level of the stamps as it says “I have 18 stamps collected” which is way lower than the total level of all my stamps

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for the comment that is absolutely how it works, we’ve made a correction to make this clear in the guide.

      Games Finder Team


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