Legends of Idleon What To Spend Gems On – Gem Shop Guide

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Legends of Idleon What To Spend Gems On – Gem Shop Guide

In this Legends of Idleon gem shop guide we’ll discuss the best options when you are wondering what to spend gems on. There are many ways to spend gems in this popular idle MMO which players can acquire passively through gameplay, events or through direct real money purchases. Stepping into the Gem Shop for the first time can quickly become overwhelming especially to new players who likely haven’t even encountered all the games mechanics that the premium upgrades relate to.

Regardless of being a free to play or paying player careful use of any gems that you acquire is an important consideration to not only save you money but also assist your account progression in the most effective manner. In this gems guide for Idleon I’ll detail the ways available to earn gems for free and the best options to spend them in order to make your Idleon journey easier and optimise your account progress. Refer to our other Idleon guides for further tips to progress your game account.


Idleon How To Get Gems

Idleon is a fairly generous game when it comes to handing out the premium gem currency which allows even free to play gamers acquire a decent stockpile of the precious item. Something that the developer LavaFlame2 is clearly considering in his game design choices. The main ways to get gems in Idleon are:

  • Purchase – The most obvious methods to acquire the gem premium currency is to purchase them from the gem shop with various price points, gem amounts and even bundles available. This purchase can be done through Steam, browser and the Android version (purchasing in your browser ensures the bulk of your payment goes to the developer though!)
  • Events – Like other MMOs events are a common occurrence in Idleon and often come with ways to earn gems and other useful items to progress your account. Watching the update patch notes on the wiki, reddit community or the menu can give you information on the current event.
  • Monsters – Killing monsters (bosses and crystal carrots) have a chance to drop gems to boost players premium currency balances. For bosses to start dropping gems you’ll need to purchase a W2 merit shop upgrade while crystal carrots can spawn while playing although you can boost this chance by killing mobs faster or using the Journeyman talents.
  • Quests – A number of quests during your progression provide small amounts of gems, completing all available quests across all your character slots can quickly add up into 100s for spending. Pay close attention to the quest rewards in your codex or refer to the Idleon wiki to optimise this reward source.
  • Skills/Talents – There are some skills (it’s your birthday) and talents (alchemy level up gift) in the game that have a chance to drop gems.
  • Guild Giftbox – Joining a guild early on provides a large number of account benefits and buffs to make your progression easier. Of note is the guild giftbox that has a reasonable chance at rewarding a decent amount of gems and delivered weekly into your storage chest.
  • Secrets – Players can play the spike mini game on the appropriate map that lets you earn a small amount of gems each day and a major consistent source of free gems for free to play players.
  • Steam Achievements – Each Steam achievement has a small amount of gems attached to completion.
  • Other – There are various other small methods to acquiring gems that include alchemy purchases and recipe unlocks with trophies. These are generally not the main source of gems for your account but can be useful when you are only a few gems short for your next major premium purchase.

Idleon Best Use Of Gems (World 1 & 2)

Regardless of your monetary investment into Idleon spending of your gems in an efficient manner is key to your account progression through World 1 and beyond. The below list is in the recommended order of gem purchases with details of what each offers and why it is worth prioritising. The order for some of these options will come down to player preference as the ideal upgrades will differ based on your current account focus. Note that if you intend to play Idleon actively regularly you should strongly consider purchasing the auto-loot add on for $5, this must be purchased directly though and you cannot use your gem balance.

Note that many of these items discussed below have multiple tiers of purchases with increasing cost and are noted where relevant.


Infinity Hammer

One of the best use of gems in the early stages this item (also known as the golden hammer or golden anvil) lets your anvil do double the work by constructing two items at once in the smithing window. The need for these anvil materials can slow down your early to mid game crafting of items and the ability to generate two at once also means double the smithing experience earned for all your characters.

With smithing vital to your early progression and beyond acquiring this first means more smithing experience and greater material production. Even on your archer class that specialises in smithing the additional item crafting and in turn experience is invaluable. Smithing experience and levels are important as they provide additional talent points to your characters and unlocks higher tier materials that are key for crafting items as you progress. Meanwhile having more materials ensures you can equip all your characters with the appropriate item tier and can even be sold in a pinch to fund other upgrades.

Note that there are other in game upgrades that boost the number of anvil items you can produce at a time available later (like through alchemy) but this purchase stays relevant as it stacks with them.


Bleach Liquid Cauldrons

The most important of the cauldron upgrades the liquid required for mid game progression can be significant and put the brakes on your progression otherwise. With this gem upgrade though you’ll get the ability to assign more players, boost your maximum liquid cap and generate it faster that all translate into faster progression. You should wait until you unlock alchemy to purchase this upgrade but be sure to save some gems for when that time comes (when you reach World 2). Alchemy and the liquid that fuels it is key to your push into World 2 and beyond providing a wealth of passive benefits for your account that slowly add up. Even after you advance your Idleon mage class to a Shaman that specialises in alchemy this remains vital.

While this is a multi level purchase option generally a single point is sufficient until you’ve acquired some of the World 3 necessary upgrades (noted below).

Extra Card Slot

Giving you an extra card slot with each purchase (up to 4 for a total of 8) this one can seem like a nice little boost early on but it is really only useful during mid game when you have some decent cards and want to min-max some stats further. While not a first gem buy you’ll want to keep this in the back of your mind as a low cost option that you want to slowly take to the maximum of 8 slots as needed.


Storage Chest Space

Storage is a significant quality of life upgrade in Idleon and most players will likely find themselves struggling to keep up with the storage demands as nearly all items have a use. Keep in mind that there are many chest upgrades available for coins at the various game stores that should be prioritised first but if you are still coming up short on space or simply can’t afford them then some investment here can significantly reduce any inventory headaches.

This is a constant struggle in Idleon as you make further progress in your Idleon account there will be a growing number of unique items that you need to store for later. This is a multiple purchase option so occasionally making gem purchases here to keep up with that expanding list of items is important once you’ve extinguished the non gem storage options.


Daily Teleports

With a single purchase you can gain 7 daily teleports that can make your life significantly easier as you move back and forth between quests, town and idling locations and remain useful throughout your entire game progression. While this is a multi purchase option generally one is plenty to get you started and you can scale up as necessary as you add more characters and complexity to your daily movements which can mean anywhere from 1 to 3 points for most players.

It’s affordable in terms of gem cost and also a massive quality of life boost that makes it possible to move all your characters from their farming location to town and back again in the early to mid game of 4 or 5 characters.


Brimstone Forge Slot

The need to smelt bars is a long road in Idleon and a path that can be made significantly quicker with even just one upgrade here, it is also on the cheaper side on a per purchase basis compared to other tiered gem purchases. While faster smelting is nice the majority of smelting will happen overnight anyway so it’s the extra bar chance that really speeds up progression here and why you’ll want access to the Brimstone Forge to convert all the ore gained from your dedicated mining character.


Carry Capacity

Of the three potential upgrades to managing your inventory carry capacity can be a good second priority from the bunch as it will help your ability to accumulate resources while AFK and hold more per item slot for smithing or quest hand in. It can also keep you alive longer with more ability to hold larger amounts of food in your food slots. Note that there is also a gem shop purchase for a food slot upgrade which actually increases the number of slots if that’s a major consideration for you but you can obtain this from the W3 task shop as well so I don’t consider food slots as worth your gems.

Given the number of free ways to grow carry capacity though it isn’t top of the priority list and players should look to use the free methods first (shops, crafting and quests). If you are still having carry capacity issues then you can look to invest a point or two here until you aren’t losing resources during your sessions. Keep in mind that you’ll unlock regularly increasing capacity bags as you progress through the game worlds.


Item Backpack Space

Another inventory related upgrade that means better AFK resource results from your overnight or longer activities that can mean more monster drops for sale or crafting and common needs like wood and ore are sped up nicely. I’d consider this the lowest of priority when it comes to inventory upgrades though and if you aren’t encountering this as an issue due to the way you play Idleon then by all means skip this until it is an issue.


Daily Minigame Plays

One for the more active player as boosting your daily minigame players can significantly increase your skills experience and materials gained each day. Be it the mining or fishing mini game on your Idleon Warrior or one of the various other side challenges this gives you more chances at all of these games via a higher shared pool of attempts.

In order to get the full benefit though you’ll need to use these daily as they do not accumulate that means if you prefer an afk approach (or aren’t good at the mini games) you should spend your gems elsewhere. For the minigame expert though that doesn’t mind investing the active time required to use these this can be worth considering.

Idleon Best Use Of Gems (World 3)

Given the amount of time it takes players to reach World 3 the upgrades specific to this world have been split out from the list above which was intended for new to intermediate players on their pathway to World 3. Players who are close to unlocking World 3 should be aware of the following key upgrades and start saving gems as necessary (particularly if you are a free to play player). Similar to above these are listed in order of priority and are right up there with Infinity Hammer and Bleach Liquid Cauldrons in terms of priority on an overall account basis.


Crystal 3D Printer

The biggest boost your World 3 progression is unlocking a second printer that applies to all characters and essentially doubles your potential growth. While the gem cost on this one is significant it is worth saving up gems as you approach the end of your World 2 progression given how powerful this is.


Burning Bad Books

Giving you greater access to high level books through a boost to the minimum Talent Book Library level can be a nice final pick from the World 3 options for upgrades although not quite as vital overall. The effectiveness of this purchase only begins to matter once you improve your maximum library book value through stamp bribe, W3 merit and salt lick. Note that you will also have the ability to acquire maximum level library books by spending 20 library checkouts later in your progress that eventually makes this less relevant.

Idleon Best Use Of Gems (World 4)

W4 like the past worlds offers some highly important utility gem shop purchases that can boost your progression significantly and worth saving up for. Similar to past worlds these focus on boosting the W4 specific skills and providing quality of life enhancements. These are listed in order of priority again although are much closer in overall benefit compared to past worlds.


Richelin Kitchen

Providing dramatic increases to your cooking gains players will want to quickly purchase a single kitchen from the gem shop to help you unlock your initial recipes and keep progressing this skill forward. Given your ability to upgrade kitchens through spices gets increasingly difficulty over time you’ll eventually want to get a second kitchen upgrade but rarely go beyond that.


Souped Up Tube

With a large boost to lab experience gain and line width this makes it significantly easier to activate those first few lab nodes. While you could technically still gain the necessary lab levels and line width you need to use the lab effectively to boost your account without this gem purchase it will be a significantly harder path. Somewhere between 1 and 3 upgrades here is ideal depending on how quickly you want to progress and how many characters you want to place in lab noting that 6 characters is the current meta end game.


Royal Egg Cap

More eggs results in more hatching to acquire experience and new pets to speed up your progression in W4. It has greater value for those that check Idleon less often as you won’t be wasting your potential egg generation when you reach the maximum egg cap (although a breeding unlock upgrade allows your eggs to level up when at egg cap). The extra pet chance doesn’t hurt either as this is central to progressing breeding for pet battles. Upgrade this to a point that you feel comfortable with the balance between your egg generation and egg claiming given this fluctuates over time through the likes of alchemy bubble upgrades and stamps.


Mainframe Jewel

A powerful upgrade that allows you to unlock some of the stronger jewels for your lab mainframe that might be out of reach otherwise. Given this upgrade selects from the jewels you haven’t unlocked it’s best used after you have acquired the easy jewels already through the weekly in game shop for resources. This makes it a perfect last option from W4 for your leftover gems to help you push your account to another level by acquiring the 2 gem shop ones per week until you have them all.

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