Legends of Idleon Mining Build Guide

Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Legends of Idleon Mining Build Guide

Maximise your ore gains with our Idleon mining build guide designed for your Warrior class characters. Regardless of your current progress in Idleon MMO ensuring a steady stream of copper, iron, gold and beyond to fuel your various account upgrades and equipment crafting is a key pillar of your Idleon account. For many the search for a mining guide begins when they question how to mine gold in Idleon as this is the first large increase in mining efficiency requirements with the cycle repeating for each ore from this point onwards.

With skill presents added to Idleon in version 1.23 (released August 2021) it’s now even easier to have both a deadly Warrior and miner build in the one character and swap between the two preset builds in town as necessary. The bulk of this guide is intended for those pre level 70 and W3 wanting to maximise their ore gains with a dedicated mining build for your Warrior but does also include all late game options for those in W3 to optimise every last percentage of mining efficiency. Guides for all other classes and skills are available on our Idleon builds page.

Core Idleon Mining Build

This core section covers the heart of every mining build in Idleon and includes the mechanics that players in W1 or early W2 are going to have access to. If you are already established in W2 or have reached the elusive W3 then be sure to read both this core mining build section and the extra section at the back of this guide.

Like any idle skill in Idleon your objective with mining is to increase the following elements to improve your gains:

  • Mining Efficiency: Above all else mining efficiency determines your effectiveness at mining and what ores you can physically mine. Higher efficiency translates into more ores per hour from your success chance and can be improved directly through various means such as equipping better pickaxes and talents but also boosted by things like your overall STR stat.
  • AFK Gains Rate: Maximising your AFK gains rate stat means you’ll get more of your gains while AFK which for mining is the way you’ll likely generate the large bulk of your resources.
  • Mining XP: Second to efficiency there are some skills and other methods that allow you to increase the amount of experience gained while using the mining skill. While not directly improving your immediate mining gains this can be helpful in reaching higher overall mining levels to equip new pickaxes or unlock new mining maps as required. The Legends of Idleon mining minigame can also be a great source of experience (and ores) if played daily. This guide will assume you are looking to maximise mining experience as a secondary objective to ore gains but note that there are some late game situations where you might not want to gain experience to capitalise on the unique Maestro skills.
  • Other: Other utility of the mining skill such as multi-ore drop chance or skill speed can also be boosted specifically through various upgrade mechanics. This is useful when you AFK or mine actively in short bursts or are looking to boost your overall sample size gains in the W3 printer.


Mining Build Talents (Warrior, Barbarian and Squire)

Skills are the first step in creating a successful mining build for Idleon and have the biggest early game impact to your Idleon mining efficiency. When mining is your main objective as a Warrior class you’ll want to have a fighting preset to gain levels and then a mining preset.

Given Idleon is a diverse game with various mechanics, progression pathways and goals you should always spend skill points slowly and see how each choice impacts on your current objective if you want to truly min-max your results. The below is a guide intended for the majority of situations and details the reasons why skills are maxed in this order to give you the necessary knowledge to deviate as appropriate for your situation.

While talents below are presented in approximate order of skill levelling you should read all the information below for each tier before using talent points. Note that the max level of these can be increased with the W3 Talent Book Library and will be key to mining the highest ore types.

Tab 1 skills should be considered as follows:

  • Brute Efficiency: This is the main skill to increase your Idleon mining efficiency and should be maxed first to keep you moving into higher tier ores rapidly. If you have the necessary efficiency to mine the current ore you are focused on and you expect to mine the same ore for the near future you can start balancing points with Idle Skilling and then return to max this skill (check your player stats to see what is giving you better gains).
  • Idle Skilling: Maxed second as it will boost the gains of ore and experience you obtain from mining while AFK. Can be levelled alongside Brute Efficiency above as appropriate.
  • Fist of Rage: Only once the above two are maxed, this provides a boost to strength which has a small effect on mining gains.
  • Health Booster: Any remaining points can be placed here as there is an alchemy upgrade that turns max HP into mining efficiency. Depending on your specific account setup this might beat out Fists of Rage for raw efficiency gain so consider comparing the two talents for your situation.

idleon-mining-build-warrior-tab-1Tab 2 skills should be considered as follows:

  • Big Pick: The best mining efficiency skill on this tab and thus maxed first, make sure you assign this attack to your toolbar to get the benefit!
  • Tool Proficiency: Maxing this next is a further boost to efficiency that means you can progress to higher ores that will be needed for general account progress. Depending on how much copper ore you’ve accumulated so far you may get more benefit from copper collector first so check your gains between the two.
  • Copper Collector: Max this next and use the tooltip on the skill as a reference for your current benefit gained here. Usually building up 10k copper ore can be done with little effort and is a good starting point for a decent boost. As you establish yourself in W2 I would look to push for at least 100k or preferably 1 million and maintain that amount.
  • Motherlode Miner: I suggest players invest in this skill after the others above as your limited inventory space is likely to limit the effectiveness of this skill. This skill should be balanced against your inventory space, if you are regularly filling your inventory space during your usual AFK period (such as overnight) then stop levelling this for a little and move onto the skills below as you’ll likely have to leave ore behind.
  • Absolute Unit: More strength means more mining gains but not as powerful as the mining focused skills above so is a lower priority.
  • Firmly Grasp It: One point as soon as you unlock the Warrior class is worthwhile even as a miner as it actually gives you a permanent 16 strength boost while AFK. Do not invest more points until after maxing the skills listed above though.
  • Tempestuous Emotions: If you want to maximise your mining experience gained you can invest your points into here instead of Absolute Unit and Firmly Grasp It. In practice I haven’t found this necessary as you’ll generate sufficient experience to equip new pickaxes and unlock new mining maps at a sufficient enough pace. If you want to speed level up a second miner though this can be a good temporary investment before resetting your talents away from this.

idleon-mining-build-warrior-tab-2Tab 3 skills for either Barbarian or Squire should be considered as follows:

  • Strongest/Shieldiest Statues: Depending on your current statue situation this is most likely to give you the best mining benefit. Given this is account specific though I recommend doing some tests for which skill between this and STR Summore boosts your mining gains more by placing 1 point at a time.
  • STR Summore: Max this second (or first) to further boost your STR stat that translates straight into mining efficiency.
  • Back to Basics: Can be used to improve any of the warrior talent tab skills you haven’t maxed that are detailed above.

idleon-mining-build-barbarian-tabSpecial Talents should be considered as follows:

  • Tick Tock: The best special talent for away gains and should be maxed first as it can be difficult to obtain this statistic elsewhere.
  • Supersource: Available through the Party Dungeon mechanic of Idleon this flat boost to your efficiency can be used to help you push early into Iron or Gold ore. Beyond this point it can still help when boosted by % mining efficiency gear.
  • Action Frenzy: Also from Party Dungeons this skill increases your skilling speed for mining which is great for resources and also earning some of the important cards to boost your mining even further.
  • Attacks On Simmer: As Big Pick is considered an active skill you can get the benefit of gains by maxing out this special talent.
  • Frothy Malk: While not effective early game to boost mining gains as you progress into W2 and W3 you’ll likely be focused on boost foods and potions to push mining gains further which this skill improves.
  • Will Of The Eldest: Place enough points in this skill to match your highest level character divided by 10. For example if you have a level 73 character you want to place 7 points for a small STR boost.
  • Toiler Paper Postage: An appropriately named talent for how bad it is as it only impacts on your stamp bonuses so in practice does not have a large impact on efficiency. Any spare points can go here though for a dedicated miner setup.

Mining Build Equipment

Equipment provide some of the largest boosts to mining alongside your talent selection and you should always strive to have the best gear currently available to you. Don’t forget to use upgrade stones as appropriate to boost your equipment item stats even further although this is only a minor boost compared to the base stats.

  • idleon-golden-pickaxePickaxe: An obvious tool for your mining arsenal, always make sure you have the best pickaxe possible for your character crafted from the anvil. This is an important equipment piece for tool upgrade stones as well given they provide additional skill power.
  • Other Tools: Equipping other tools such as catching nets, fishing rods and a limited number of hatchets give STR that can provide minor mining boosts.
  • Weapon: Similar to pickaxe the best weapon you can equip will give a small STR boost to your Warrior.
  • Helmet: The best mining helmet is the Viking Cap as it gives mining efficiency, it is available at level 40 from recipe task unlocks in the second tab. Prior to this pick the helm with the highest STR stat that you can.
  • idleon-viking-capShirt: Nothing special in this slot, highest STR stat shirt possible.
  • Pants: Use Dirty Coal Miner Baggy Soot Pants for a mining efficiency boost which can be bought from task recipe unlocks in the first tab. Alternatively your highest STR boosting option.
  • Shoes: With a massive 20% mining efficiency you’ll want to wear the Cavern Trekkers unlocked on the second tab of task unlocks. Otherwise the highest STR shoes you can craft or find.
  • Pendants: Highest STR stat which is going to be the Tarantulight from the store in front of Amarok. Prior to this it will be the Little Wooden Katana obtained from one of your first quests from the Picnic Stowaway.
  • Rings: Rex Rings are your best option for all skill needs which are obtained from the Flurbo Shop (Party Dungeons). The Frisbee ring from the Sprout questline (The Base Of The Bark) map can be an alternative giving a large STR gain. Alternatively you can purchase the Puglist Demise from the W1 shop that provides a small STR amount.
  • Trophy: Any trophy that you have access to that boosts STR. Some good options include Blunder Hero for the Skill AFK Gain, King of Food for bonus food effect (if using a mining boost food) or the Megalodon from the fishing mini game for a large STR boost.
  • Keychain: Any keychain you have available that will impact on your mining abilities such as STR or mining experience gained.


Mining Build Cards

Cards should not be overlooked in creating a strong mining focused character to carry your Idleon account. If you are able to defeat any of the monsters or perform activities necessary to acquire the cards below then it can be a worthwhile investment into your account to build these up. Cards in order of priority for a mining build are listed below although the exact order will depend on your account upgrades, players should equip as many as their card slots allow and that they have access to:

  • Iron Ore/Void Ore (mining efficiency)
  • Platinum Ore/Amarok/Bunny (mining away gains)
  • Dementia Ore/Lustre Ore (mining speed)
  • Gold Ore/Starfire Ore/Chaotic Efuant (mining EXP if you want to focus on experience gain)
  • Green Mushroom/Glublin/Mamooth/Loveulyte (HP boosts)
  • Frost Flake/Tyson/Wode Board (STR boosts)
  • Other (Anything that gives drop rate boosts or card drop chance if you can’t fill all your card slots with the above)

If you have any set effects available you should equip Easy Resources & Hard Resources & Medium Resources depending on your objective with Easy Resources generally being your default option.


Mining Build Star Sign

Star signs for your Idleon mining build are very straight forward and should be prioritised as follows noting that players should equip two if they have the necessary unlock to do so.

  • Dwarfo Beadus
  • Muscle Man
  • The Big Comatose
  • All Rounder
  • The Buff Guy


Mining Build Alchemy

The orange Power Cauldron in Idleon offers a wealth of bubbles to boost your mining potency in a mining build. There are also some minor boosts available in the High-IQ Cauldron (All For Kill effects Big Pick) and Kazam Cauldron (Prowesessary) for the ultimate min-max approach. Players should primarily work up the orange cauldron for mining gains though and upgrade the bubbles as they have the necessary resources. The bubbles listed in order of unlocking is:

  • Roid Raging: A base boost to your total STR that can give you a slight boost to mining.
  • Warrior Rules: Improves all orange bonuses to your Warrior classes which is a big bubble to focus on once you have some levels in the other bubbles.
  • Hearty Diggy: One of the best for mining power later in your Warrior’s development when you start acquiring max health talents and other means of boosting your health.
  • Wyoming Blood: The best active alchemy bubble for your Warrior although your character inventory bag space will need to be able to keep up before this is worth heavy investment.
  • Reely Smart: Great for gaining levels in mining but not worth an intensive investment over other options. If you are desperate for mining experience use talents instead temporarily.
  • Stronk Tools: The strongest orange bubble for your miner although you’ll need a steady flow of platinum ore for upgrades. This is your key to mining Dementia, Void and beyond and should be a focus point once available.
  • Buff Boi Talent: More talent points never hurts to have as these can be invested in mining oriented talents.

For alchemy vials there are not many effective options until you approach the later stages of your mining journey and unlock Void Ore and its corresponding Void Vial. Prior to this I wouldn’t focus on vials as a method of gaining improved mining output as it is limited to extra talents and other indirect boosts that you are likely to obtain anyway for other reasons.

Extra Idleon Mining Build Optimisation

For the true min-maxer these are other useful sources to boost your mining output. I consider these to be extra optimisations as they often require significant investment (time or resource), far overall game progress or in the scheme of things just aren’t where the bulk of your mining ability will come from. That isn’t to say they should be completely ignored to maximise your ore gained but you’ll often see better overall account progress by focusing your investments elsewhere first.


Mining Build Food

Food can often be an overlooked way to get another core chunk of efficiency to your mining character. Players should equip the following foods where possible:

  • Life Potions: Combined with the Hearty Diggy alchemy upgrade the life potions can provide an effective and simple boost to your efficiency. With enough food slots you can equip the small, average and decent life potion variants at the same time.
  • Golden Peanut: The best golden food for your miner build as it increases mining efficiency and as a gold food will never be consumed.
  • Golden Jam: If you have your miner setup where health benefits your mining through alchemy this can be an alternative golden food although not as effective as the other golden options.
  • Golden Ham: Can be used to increase skill experience earned and help your miner progression as a result but not necessarily required for mining success.
  • Stained Pearl/Giftybread Man/Icing Ironbite: All of these boost mining speed and have a chance to be consumed on pickaxe swing to boost your gains. They can also be used when creating a printing sample.


Mining Build Statues

For statues you want to make sure that you are giving your miner as many of the following statues in the early game. This will be predominately mining and health statues due to the lack of the other statues during your W1 progress. Once you reach W2 these bonuses become account wide so using them on your mining build character is less important.

  • Mining Statue: Boosts your mining power and is primarily obtained from chopping trees that makes having a powerful chopping build character important.
  • EhExPee Statue: Boosts your gains to skill experience although only encountered in W3.
  • Feasty Statue: Can boost your food effect when using mining booster foods noted above.
  • Health Statue: Only useful once you have the alchemy bubble that transforms health into mining power but is a reasonably common drop.


Mining Build Stamps

There are a number of stamps that boost your mining prowess in Idleon. I would not prioritise these over more general stamps such as damage, accuracy, defence or health as these are likely to be vastly more useful for your overall account. However, if you have spare resources and your other stamps are getting expensive the following are an option:

  • Pickaxe Stamp
  • Lil’ Mining Baggy Stamp
  • Twin Ores Stamp
  • Smart Dirt Stamp
  • Stat Graph Stamp
  • Violence Stamp/Fist Stamp
  • Golden Apple Stamp
  • Talent II, III or S Stamp
  • Mason Jar Stamp


Mining Build Post Office

The post office can be a long journey to unlocking boxes for your character builds. However, for the diligent daily quester you’ll have a wealth of boxes to invest into the Dwarven Supplies box should you want the extra efficiency.

Keep in mind that for the Post Office you gain the vast amount of benefit (75%) at 200 boxes (out of 400 shipments) so anything over 200 in Dwarven Supplies is potentially more useful in Locally Sourced Organs to maximise your HP with the necessary alchemy talent (do the comparison on your own specific account though).

Mining Build Obols

Obols have a smaller impact than other mechanics on your mining potential and another mechanic that investing in strong family Obols is likely to be more useful at the start. If you are beyond that point though getting a set of nice Obols for your miner build can push your ore limits further. The following Obols can be obtained and used (Bronze, Silver, Golden, Platinum and Dementia) to boost mining in order of benefit:

  • Mining Obols
  • Strength Obols
  • Any Type of Drop Obol


Mining Build Shrines

Shrines are fairly basic when it comes to mining given there are no direct boosting shrines for your efficiency. That being said players still have two potential shrines that can provide some benefit while you swing your pickaxe at the ground.

  • Isaccian Shrine: Boosting your health this continues the theme of converting HP into mining efficiency through alchemy and the one you’ll use most of the time. It’s particularly useful for that initial push to a new ore tier or generating a 3D sample for W3.
  • Summereading Shrine: Can also be used if you want to focus on gaining mining experience.


Mining Build Prayers

There are multiple prayers available to players for mining builds but requires you to consider the debuff and your current goal before committing to using each one along with your current Wizard level for the number of prayers available.

  • Skilled Dimwit: Your primary mining prayer given the large boost to efficiency but at the cost of skill gain.
  • Zerg Rushogen: With a boost to AFK gain rate that curses your carry capacity this can be useful when attempting a high ore that you have low gains with.
  • Unending Energy: If you need skill gain levels still for your miner this is your next best mining build prayer and is ideal if you don’t usually go longer than 10 hours on checking your Idleon account.

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Idleon quickly became one of Sam’s favourite games for its MapleStory vibes and ability to idle play while working on Games Finder reviews, articles and guides. He also enjoys the balancing and optimising of the various game mechanics across the available game worlds as he continues to push his damage and printer output to new heights.

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