MapleStory Boss Ranges Guide (Reboot & Normal)

Last Updated on July 15, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

MapleStory Boss Ranges Guide (Reboot & Normal)

Our MapleStory boss ranges guide equips you with the necessary knowledge you need to defeat the ever increasing difficulty of boss challenges that MapleStory throws at you. Whether you’re on Reboot or the normal servers having a reference point for when you should be looking to challenge each boss can assist with your broader progression plans and prevent you wasting your time or boss reset attempts.

This is particularly important on the Reboot server where obtaining boss drops for yourself are vital to your character power and moving to the next boss stepping stone. The aim of this article is to provide a guide and reference point that you can regularly refer to in reaching your MapleStory boss and general progression goals.


MapleStory Boss Ranges Overview

While the concept of boss range charts in MapleStory is widely requested and discussed in the community they are inherently an imperfect tool given the vast game mechanics and classes available.

When reading the detailed table below you should keep in mind that it is a general representation of what is required and cannot take into account your specific MapleStory character class, your Legion setup, available Link Skills, hyper stat points and of course your own mechanical ability. Higher damage for boss fights is of course always useful as it lowers the effective time to kill the boss and means less opportunity to make mistakes that might lead to a failed attempt. Damage is not the only deciding factor though and thus the damage numbers here are designed only to be a guide for the minimum to comfortably defeat each boss.

With this in mind this boss range guide has been designed to offer players multiple reference points beyond solo range to give you a broader guide to your progression through the boss difficulty list. You don’t have to hit all of these for a chance at a successful boss kill though. The different metrics used in this guide below are:

  • Level: Level is an important consideration of whether or not you are ready to face the next boss. Not only does this drive your base main stat (STR, DEX, LUK or INT) obtained from ability points before bonuses it also impacts the skills you’ll have available. Most importantly though the closer you are to the actual boss level the less damage reduction you’ll receive, which is particularly potent on Reboot servers.
  • Damage Range: A good initial checkpoint to see if you are in the right league of the boss you intend to fight. What is range? This should be your fully buffed damage numbers shown on your character stat window. You could fight these bosses earlier in a party by combining your damage ranges together. All the damage ranges in this guide are based on Reboot requirements which are often inflated compared to normal MapleStory servers due to the damage buff Reboot characters get per level. If you are on a Normal MapleStory server you can cut this damage range figure in half. Improving your damage range is significantly driven by your weapon, secondary and emblem potential with minor boosts coming from things like Inner Ability and other best in slot items (totems, titles, medals, etc.)
  • Dojo Floor: The dojo floor that you can reach on your character. This is a useful alternative metric as it gives a consistent challenge for comparison and in my opinion is even more reliable than damage range.
  • Main Stat: Given the importance of main stat in character progression in the MapleStory universe this is another useful checkpoint to your boss readiness status and is another quick option for comparison. This can also help gauge how far along you are with potential and Star Force on your gear which are both key to bossing (and training) power.
  • Ignore Enemy Defence (IED) %: All your mid to late game bosses have a IED stat check almost built in and if you don’t hit a certain amount you’ll barely tickle them in terms of damage. Note that this should be your effective IED (also known as true IED) which is often higher than that shown in your stat window due to other sources of IED that aren’t included there. You can calculator your effective IED with this MapleStory utility calculator while the best ways to raise IED are Link Skills and Legion.
  • Legion: Often closely tied with IED as this is one of the key drivers of Legion power this is included as it gives insight into both the amount of passive power you have available through the likes of IED, Boss Damage, Critical Chance and Critical Damage. It’s also a useful reference point for the Link Skills you might have available given an account with 6k Legion likely has the core Link Skills available.
  • Skill Nodes/Boost Nodes: When you reach level 200 and take your fifth job advancement your damage can dramatically begin to climb as you start to use and unlock nodes. These come in the form of skill nodes which are new fifth job skills and boost nodes which boost your previous abilities power and adds additional utility like IED or targets hit. A number of 5/20 in the table below means you have all of your key fifth job skills at least level 5 and at least 20 boost levels to each of your key previous job abilities. Keep in mind that skill nodes cap at 25 and boost nodes cap at 50 before factoring in matrix points.


MapleStory Boss Range Chart/Table

This boss guide to required ranges and other metrics is presented based on the boss difficulty list order within MapleStory (bottom to top, left to right) and is for solo kills. To adjust for party split the required damage range across the number of party members (IED minimums though do not change based on your party numbers). It currently goes up to Easy Lucid as end game bosses from that point onwards have too many variables, party dynamics, mechanic skill levels and your own class considerations to even be remotely accurate.

Boss Level Damage Range Dojo Floor Main Stat Effective IED Legion Skill/Boost Nodes
maplestory-boss-zakum-easyZakum (Easy) 55 Any Any Any Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-zakum-normalZakum (Normal) 100 25k 10F Any Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-papulatus-easyPapulatus (Easy) 130 250k 21F 4k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-magnus-easyMagnus (Easy) 140 75k 15F 3k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-hilla-normalHilla (Normal)
maplestory-boss-von-leon-easyVon Leon (Easy)
120 100k 18F 3k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-horntail-easyHorntail (Easy) 130 50k 15F Any Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-ranmaru-normalRanmaru (Normal)
maplestory-boss-horntail-normalHorntail (Normal)
maplestory-boss-von-bon-normalVon Bon (Normal)
maplestory-boss-crimson-queen-normalCrimson Queen (Normal)
maplestory-boss-pierre-normalPierre (Normal)
160 100k 15F 2k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-vellum-normalVellum (Normal) 160 150k 20F 3k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-arkarium-easyArkarium (Easy)
maplestory-boss-horntail-chaosHorntail (Chaos)
160 300k 24F 4k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-gollux-normalGollux* (Normal)
maplestory-boss-von-leon-normalVon Leon (Normal)
150 800k 28F 6k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-pink-bean-normalPink Bean (Normal)
180 250k 21F 4k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-magnus-normalMagnus (Normal)
maplestory-boss-cygnus-easyCygnus (Easy)
maplestory-boss-von-leon-hardVon Leon (Hard)
160 900k 29F 7k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-arkarium-normalAkarium (Normal)
maplestory-boss-papulatus-normalPapulatus (Normal)
170 2mil 34F 9k 85 4k 1/10
maplestory-boss-ranmaru-hardRanmaru (Hard) 195 500k 26F 6k Any Any N/A
maplestory-boss-hilla-hardHilla (Hard) 200 1mil 30F 8k 85 4k 1/10
maplestory-boss-pink-bean-chaosPink Bean (Chaos)
maplestory-boss-cygnus-normalCygnus (Normal)
maplestory-boss-von-bon-chaosVon Bon (Chaos)
maplestory-boss-crimson-queen-chaosCrimson Queen (Chaos)
maplestory-boss-pierre-chaosPierre (Chaos)
maplestory-boss-zakum-chaosZakum (Chaos)
maplestory-boss-princess-no-normalPrincess No
210 1.5mil 31F 10k 85 4k 1/10
maplestory-boss-vellum-chaosVellum (Chaos) 210 2.5mil 34F 11k 90 4k 5/15
maplestory-boss-magnus-hardMagnus (Hard) 210 2mil 33F 11k 85 4k 5/15
maplestory-boss-papulatus-chaosPapulatus (Chaos) 210 3mil 40F 15k 90 6k 5/20
maplestory-boss-lotus-normalLotus (Normal) 210 5mil 42F 17k 93 8k 20/40
maplestory-boss-damien-normalDamien (Normal) 220 7mil 43F 20k 93 8k 20/40
maplestory-boss-lucid-easyLucid (Easy) 230 8.5mil 50F 22k 93 8k 20/40

*Hard Gollux (Hardlux) is approximately equivalent to Vellum (Chaos) while Hell Gollux (Hellux) is approximately equivalent to Lotus (Normal).

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has played MapleStory since beta with thousands of Steam hours played and regularly returns to the game for the MMO progression curve, boss challenges and community it offers. His favourite class is his level 226 Night Lord for its fast ranged attacks and solo boss potential who is currently exploring the ends of the Arcane River while building up Legion characters on the Scania server.

  1. How are Chaos papulatus and Hard Hilla on the same damage range needed when Hilla has 16b hp and papulatus 378b ? Hard Hilla is very easy, doesn’t require anywhere near 3m range

    • Thanks for the comment, I spent the afternoon on some bossing mules and I agree that somewhere around 1 to 1.5mil feels comfortable and I’ve lowered the Hard Hilla requirements accordingly. These numbers were inflated as they were in reference to the old Hard Hilla where she required a significant damage hurdle in order to solo clear.

      Games Finder Admin

  2. what about bosses after ez lucid?

    • Hi a,

      I have a note above the table of boss ranges that I made the decision to stop at Easy Lucid given from this point on there are simply too many variables for a range guide to be useful particularly as parties start to become a factor.

      Games Finder Admin

  3. I’m not sure if I just suck at CRA but I can comfortably clear czak everytime at 2mil range and 75ish (forgot the actual figure) IED% but cannot clear any of the CRA doors; particularly pierre whos last 20-30% hp hurdle needs to be bursted before he splits in 10s (erda nova bind)

    • I’d first recommend getting some more IED, either through your potential, Luminous’s link skill, or the legion system. After you do that, I’d focus primarily on Chaos Von Bon and Chaos Queen as they’re by far the easier of the four CRA bosses. Chaos Vellum requires significantly more stats to clear reliably and Chaos Pierre is a pain in the ass, so I wouldn’t worry about either of them until you’re confidant with the previous two bosses.

  4. Hey, the IED stats in the chart refer to the “true” IED or shown IED?

    • Hi Fovago

      These IED numbers are based on true (or effective IED) we’ve updated the table to be clear

      Games Finder Team

  5. Von Leon (Normal) is super easy for me, I just started the game so using this guide as a way to see which bosses I can do without having to just try them.

    I got 660k max damage permanently atm but Von Leon (Normal) I was doing even when I was a lot weaker. Gollux (Normal) barely takes damage and sadly if you try to enter it and fight him and fail you can’t enter again that day.

    Ranmaru (Hard) I also haven’t been able to do yet.

    So this list is decent if you want some sort of idea but they aren’t really correct as of now.

    • Thanks for the comment Malphas

      It’s always difficult to find the right balance as everyone has different account progression in MapleStory so at best any guide like this will just be a reference point to give you an idea. In general Gollux is expected to be a much longer fight than Von Leon so while you aren’t doing much damage you are probably not far away from doing it within the time limit provided you can learn the mechanics.

      Games Finder Team


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