MapleStory Class Tier List – Best Classes Ranking

Last Updated on July 9, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

MapleStory Class Tier List – Best Classes Ranking

This MapleStory class tier list will help you in selecting the best class for you and your specific MMO goals. Be it the strongest bossing character, an unfunded account, pure fun or a challenge by picking the worst from this class ranking list. When it comes to best there are many factors to consider and while there are some clear MapleStory top classes that are more powerful relative to their funding ultimately the best class will be one that fits your goals and playstyle preferences. This class guide will assist you to answer the what class should I play question post Destiny update changes.

Unlike other MMOs your choice of class in MapleStory is one that comes with less pressure given that any character you create contributes to your account wide bonuses (Legion and Link Skills) so even if you change your mind later they will still contribute to your eventual main character strength. Other mechanics of MapleStory like weekly boss resets also encourage players to have bossing mule side characters. This article is designed for both normal and Reboot servers given there are currently no server restricted classes (historically Zero was limited to non-Reboot). It has also been updated to reflect the 2022 Destiny update that changed a number of Explorer class designs resulting in many new and returning players wondering what the Maplestory best class after Destiny update is.

MapleStory Best Class Overview

All the MapleStory classes available have been ranked below on the following categories to help you determine the best class for you. Note that these have been rated based on their level 200 position as its from this point onwards you’ll have all your abilities and spend the most time training or bossing. These ratings can be used alongside a MapleStory class quiz that you can find online to help you decide what class to play or what class to main from this MapleStory job tier list.

    • Mobbing: Mobbing directly impacts your training speed and how easily you can full clear a particular training map. These days most classes have been designed with a reliable mob attack although some still lack height or reach on these attacks that make some of the best MapleStory training maps out of reach. It can also impact the likes of Meso rates that you can expect to obtain which is particularly important on the Reboot server. The best mobbing class in MapleStory often are likely to also have good mobility and DPS which have been rated separately below.
    • Bossing: The other core element of MapleStory gameplay is bossing which is primarily done solo until the late game bosses. The MapleStory best bossing class kit means they are capable of holding their own in these fights by having targeted powerful attacks, invincibility in their skills (i-frames) or even passive IED. Strong bossing classes in MapleStory are also likely to have high DPS and utility which are also rated separately.
    • Mobility: Mobility has always been the top of my list in importance and why I played an Assassin/Night Lord in the early days of MapleStory as they were one of the few character paths that offered speed boosts (Haste) and a double jump (Flash Jump) at the time. These days the MapleStory character meta has changed to where all classes have some form of mobility skill. That being said there is still a vast gap between the best mobility characters with multiple movement options vertically and horizontally while others might be limited to one.
    • DPS: Some players love to see big numbers on their MapleStory game screen as they output high damage. This is rated based on overall damage per second/minute of both burst and off burst (sustained). If damage is your primary interest in a class then this should be the driver of your own personal best MapleStory class decision. There are a number of DPS/DPM charts online that are regularly updated that you can refer to for further detail while also seeing the impact of different game patches on damage numbers. Given MapleStory is a damage focused MMO the S and A tier classes here are the strongest maplestory class options.
    • Utility: A factor towards the end of your MapleStory adventure where utility is key to late game bosses characters with utility can buff themselves and their allies. That being said there are plenty of utility skills that are useful outside of bossing with the likes of spawn enhancers, map wide attacks and summons to consider. If you like having access to abilities no other class does or being a key contributor to your team in bossing these classes might be the best option for you.
    • Funding: This is a rating of how easy a character is to fund in order to reach their full potential with a key element being the cost to get there. This is primarily driven by how much damage comes from their equipment versus their active and passive skills. Popular classes also often have higher funding costs as there is more demand for their weapons and other equipment on the Auction House (for normal servers). This may be an important rating if you are looking for the best unfunded class in MapleStory.
    • Pre-Level 200: This is a general rating of the characters ability to reach level 200 to help you determine the effort involved to reach the mid game or for the purposes of training Links and Legion characters. Higher rated characters here can seamlessly handle themselves along the way and don’t rely on picking up significant items or rely on assistance from account wide bonuses to reach level 200.
    • Complexity: The difference between the early MapleStory classes and current iterations are dramatic. On the simple end of the scale you’ll be using only a few attacking skills and not need any combos for maximum damage while at the complex end you’ll have different gauges to manage and have to use your skills in the correct order. Some players love a class with this complexity and skill ceiling while other MapleStory players might be seeking the easiest class for something straightforward and relaxing instead.

MapleStory Best Class Tier List

All classes below are rated on a S-D (S>A>B>C>D) tier rating based on the categories described above in comparison to each other in alphabetical order. S tier is considered best on offer, A is above average, B is average, C is below average and D is the worst of all classes. Complexity is rated on an alternative High (H), Medium (M), Low (L) scale.

Class Mobbing Bossing Mobility Utility Funding Pre-200 Complexity
Adele S S A B S S M
Angelic Buster A A S D A A M
Aran A B A C A A M
Ark A A S A B S M
Battle Mage B C A S C A H
Beast Tamer B C S A D S M
Bishop A B B S B A L
Blaster C A S D A A H
Blaze Wizard B A A C B A H
Bowmaster B B B C B B L
Buccaneer B A A B C B L
Cadena A A A B C A M
Cannoneer S A A C B B L
Corsair B B B D B A M
Dark Knight B A B C A C L
Dawn Warrior B A B B A A M
Demon Avenger C C A B A C L
Demon Slayer A A A B A A M
Dual Blade C S A C A B M
Evan B B C C C B H
Fire/Poison Arch Mage A B C D B B M
Hayato A A B C A B M
Hero B S B C A B L
Hoyoung A S A B A A H
Ice/Lightning Arch Mage S B C B S A L
Illium A B A C C A M
Jett (retired) B C S D C A L
Kain A B A C B A M
Kaiser C A B C B B L
Kanna A C B A A B M
Khali A A A C S B M
Kinesis A B B B C A M
Lara S B A A A A M
Luminous S A B C A A L
Marksman A A B C B D L
Mechanic B C A B C B M
Mercedes C B B B B D H
Mihile C B C B B B L
Night Lord A S A D B B M
Night Walker B A S B B C H
Paladin B S B S B B M
Pathfinder A B B B S A L
Phantom B B A B D B M
Shade B B A S A B L
Shadower A C B B B B M
Thunder Breaker A B A C S S H
Wild Hunter A B B B C A L
Wind Archer A A A B C A L
Xenon A C S B B A L
Zero A B S S B C M


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has played MapleStory since beta with thousands of Steam hours played and regularly returns to the game for the MMO progression curve, boss challenges and community it offers. His favourite class is his level 226 Night Lord for its fast ranged attacks and solo boss potential who is currently exploring the ends of the Arcane River while building up Legion characters on the Scania server.

  1. Do you mind specifying how exactly Angelic Buster is considered S tier for mobility?

    • Hi Tierman

      I’ve always found Angelic Buster to have some of the best mobility from the combination of Feather Hop, Grappling Heart and Affinity Heart. All of these feel great and combine with some of the smoothest attack moves I’ve found in MapleStory and I say that as a Night Lord main!

      Always appreciate other views if you have them though :)

      Games Finder Team


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