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This MapleStory Commerci guide details the best route to ensure players earn the most Denaro to purchase the Sweetwater equipment faster. Commerci offers solo trade voyages and a party quest (PQ) that are both useful for earning Denaro and is critical to your equipment progression although is complex and time consuming without direction.

In this guide I explain how to complete the prequest, details of the Commerci mechanics (locations and ships) and the best route for Denaros based on the community and my personal experience from hundreds of daily Commerci runs. For those already familiar with Commerci I recommend that players complete 5 Luna and 4 Dolce voyages per day which rewards 33 Denaros per day if players unlock up to Rosa and Level 3 Cargo Skiff ship.

Table of Contents:
Questline: Prequest Guide
Trade Voyage Guide (Solo)
Denaro Best Route Guide
Commerci Trade Guide (Party Quest/PQ)
Equips & Weapon (Sweetwater) Overview


Commerci Questline: Prequest Guide

While the full Commerci questline is a significant process players need to only complete the initial section in order to access everything that the Commerci Republic has to offer. Players can opt to complete the full quest line as alternative to traditional MapleStory levelling and given the other rewards it offers (medal and epic potential scroll). The completion stamp for this quest also provides an easy method for players looking for how to get to Commerci with the fastest option regularly.

In order to initiate the Commerci prequest (and how to get to Commerci initially) players can either:

  • Use the Maple Guide (Level 140 or Level 150) which is available until level 179.
  • Accept the Level 140 quest “[Commerci Republic] Neinheart’s Call” from your quest lightbulb.

maplestory-commerci-prequestPlayers will be teleported to the Ereve to talk to Neinheart and Cygnus before being transported to Lith Harbour to talk with Parbell before reaching the island of Commerci Republic and meeting with Mayor Berry.

From here you can follow this summary quest guide to finish the MapleStory Commerci prequests:

  • Berry Concerned 1 – Talk to Mayor Berry in Berry and defeat 100 Gray Tomcats
  • Berry Concerned 2 – Talk to Mayor Berry in Berry and defeat 100 Calico Timcats
  • The Problem with Presumptions – Talk to Mayor Berry in Berry
  • The Minister’s Son – Talk to Leon Daniella in Berry, defeat the 12 Calico Timcats ambush and talk to Leon Daniella again.
  • Ciao, Until Next Time – Talk to Leon Daniella in Berry and then visit San Commerci.
  • Get Rich Quick – Talk to Maestra Fiametta in the Trading Post (building right of your storage) within Commerci Republic and complete the lightbulb quest that appears above your head. This will unlock Commerci voyages and another chain of quests that introduce you to this MapleStory mechanic while giving your first Commerci Denaro currency.


Commerci Voyage Guide (Solo)

With the Commerci prequests completed players now have access to voyages which are the solo option available to earn the Commerci Denaro currency. The below trade voyage guide provides an overview of the mechanics and an efficient voyage setup for Denaro generation.

The basic mechanics of solo voyages are:

  • Players have an upgradeable vessel (ship) which impacts your cargo space, maximum energy (reset daily) and vessel attacks.
  • Talk to Maestra Fiametta and select “Enter Trade” to begin a solo voyage.
  • Players can visit one of six possible locations on the map which must be unlocked and each requires a certain amount of energy.
  • Each location takes a different amount of time to complete with different preset monster waves that include fixed numbers of enemies, time based waves and bosses.
  • Completing a voyage in half the expected time (by efficiently dispatching monsters) will reward bonus Denaro.
  • Each voyage players make a Denaro profit based on the items they transported in their cargo space (which cost an initial sum of Denaro). Commerci voyages also reward vessel experience, character experience, Mesos and treasures from bosses.
  • Treasures from bosses include Sealed Cubic Blades, Cube Fragments, Superior Item Crystals, Sweetwater Equipment and personal items (e.g. Treasure Map) which can be transported in a future voyage to gain bonus Denaros.


Commerci Voyages – Location Summary

If you’re wondering how to unlock Herb Town or other Commerci locations the below table provides a summary of the voyage locations. Note that players often miss that the locations are split across two maps with a small arrow in the top right of the Commerci commerce map to move between them (arrow bottom right to return to default map).

Region Time Energy Cost Boss Waves Max Bonus Denaros Unlock Requirements
Dolce 3 min 10 0 1 N/A
Luna 5 min 12 0 2 5 Dolce Voyages
Rosa 7 min 15 1 2 5 Luna Voyages & 10 Denaros
Herb Town 16 min 20 2 3 5 Rosa Voyages & 30 Denaros
Rien Harbour 21 min 25 3 3 5 Herb Town Voyages & 50 Denaros
Lith Harbour 31 min 30 4 3 5 Rien Harbour Voyages & 80 Denaros


Commerci Voyages – Vessel/Ship Summary

In general it is not worth pursuing a ship upgrade when doing Commerci voyages due to the Denaro cost unless you are a serious grinder and intend to perform solo voyages for over a year. At this point the effort and investment required to upgrade to Dreadnought for the improved maximum energy can eventually pay off for the investment. Accordingly, for the vast majority of the MapleStory player base you should ignore Commerci ship upgrades entirely after reaching level 3 Cargo Skiff.

The MapleStory Commerci upgrade ship option is accessed from your character equipment screen and the “vessel” button at the bottom right of that screen.

Vessel Max Cargo Space Max Energy Unlock Requirements
Cargo Skiff 2 (4 at level 3) 100 N/A
Sailboat 4 100 Reach level 10 Cargo Skiff & 200 Denaros
Dreadnought 6 120 Reach level 10 Sailboat & 500 Denaros


Denaro Best Route Guide

Finding the best route for the most Denaros is critical to minimising time spent in obtaining the Commerci equipment pieces. While you can optimise your solo Commerci voyages for vessel experience (to upgrade your ship) and bosses (chance of drops) I recommend players directly optimise for Denaros when doing solo voyages as obtaining the Sweetwater Monocle and Sweetwater Tattoo is generally your primary goal. After you have met these equipment needs or don’t plan to sell extra for profit if on a Normal MapleStory server you can shift your focus to bosses for other Sweetwater equipment and the treasures if you want to continue running Commerci voyages.

The MapleStory Commerci best route to obtain the most Denaros each day is:

  • 5 Luna Voyages (60 Energy required) – 4x Commerci Soap = 4 Denaro per trip (with bonus)
  • 4 Dolce Voyages (40 Energy required) – 4x Commerci Soap = 3 Denaro per trip (with bonus)

This results in 32 Denaros earned per day and includes the Denaro bonus for quick completion which is basically guaranteed given the low difficulty. This setup also assumes you have unlocked 4 ship cargo capacity which is available at Cargo Skiff level 3 which only requires the tutorial and a few voyages.

This reward can be increased to 33 Denaros per day if you unlock Rosa (10 Denaro cost) which unlocks the Stlylish Glasses as a cargo option for profit. With this unlocked for one of your Luna voyages you trade 1x Stylish Glasses, 1x Organic Leather and 2x Commerci Soap and is recommended if you plan to do more than 10 days of Commerci voyages as you’ll go beyond the breakeven point on the Rosa unlock cost.

While there are some higher Denaro options available for serious grinders of Commerci voyages these only come out ahead after around a year of consistent daily Commerci voyages as they rely on ship upgrades and unlocking new locations and thus I do not recommend them.


Commerci Trade Guide (Party Quest/PQ)

An alternative to solo voyages is the Commerci party quest (PQ) which gives players additional opportunity to earn Denaros and treasures. Often referred to as CPQ in the MapleStory community this requires 3 players in total with the easiest method to acquire a party using your guild or alliance chat.

The PQ guide below details the basic mechanics of the Commerci party quest:

  • Talk to Maestra Fiametta and select “Merchant Union Trade Location” to move to the party area.
  • Each party quest will take players to one of 3 voyages randomly (known as Goldway, Huntersway and Silkway) which have a different mixture of monster waves which impact the bosses you fight and Denaros you earn (also impacted by your contribution).
  • You can complete 3 party quest voyages per day.
  • Party quests do not use your vessel energy so can be used to earn extra Denaro above your solo voyages.

MapleStory etiquette for the Commerci party quest involves a group of 3 players completing 3 party quest runs in a single sitting with each player picking which run of the 3 they want before starting. The player that calls the run will generally do all the killing and get all the loot drops while other characters stay at the top on the ship sails to prevent pet loot and interference. If you are unable to defeat the monsters that spawn then ask for help in clearing your waves.


Equips & Weapon (Sweetwater) Overview

The Commerci equipment and Commerci weapon are dropped from boss monsters that you encounter during solo voyages and party quest completions. Due to their extreme rarity the full Sweetwater set is not used as there are easier to acquire alternatives. The weapons themselves are slightly less rare and they can be an okay stepping stone for some characters if you are able to obtain one on the MapleStory Reboot server. For a small number of MapleStory classes the Sweetwater weapon for their class can even compete with best in slot weapons due to the inherent boss damage and IED on these items.

For the majority of the playerbase the only Sweetwater (SW) items you’ll use which do not contribute to the Sweetwater set are the Sweetwater Monocle and Sweetwater Tattoo. These will be best in slot as they are only beaten by extremely late game face and eye equipment and are bought from Javert in the Trading Post for 250 Denaro each. That isn’t to say the Sweetwater Earrings and Sweetwater Pendant aren’t used and both have been best in slot at various stages of the MapleStory meta but the high cost and transposing requirements to make them powerful means they are generally not worth the effort.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

With over 2,000 hours of MapleStory played since beta Sam has experienced the evolution of MapleStory firsthand and continues to return for the satisfying progression, the thrill of overcoming challenging bosses and the enduring joy of the community interactions. Playing primarily solo as his level 226 Night Lord for the swift ranged attacks and dominating solo boss power Sam is currently exploring the depths of the Arcane River and the expanding Maple World on the Scania server while developing a legion of powerful characters to support his account.

This extensive experience with MapleStory has given him a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics, hidden secrets and ever-evolving game landscape. He is excited to share his knowledge and insights with fellow Maplers, helping them navigate their own unique stories through the world of MapleStory.

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  1. Try 6 Luna 1 leather, 1 glasses and 2 soaps… And 1 Rosa, 2 perfumes 2 soaps…. You can get 34 denaros. Even with 1 lost energy point…

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