MapleStory Hyper Stats Guide

Last Updated on November 20, 2021 by Samuel Franklin

MapleStory Hyper Stats Guide

Optimising your MapleStory hyper stats can be an important step to maximising your potential damage for your MapleStory character. While the perfect setup can change constantly as you grow your legion, link skills and change your equipment slots there are some general principles you can apply to limit the hyper stat resets you’ll need to utilise.

In this MapleStory hyper stats guide we’ll cover an overview of the system mechanics, the best hyper stats to invest in, a general approach to hyper stats allocation and how to use hyper stat calculators the community has created for those want to absolutely min-max their power. I recommend pairing this hyper stats guide below with the applicable hyper stats wiki page.


MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview

The hyper stat system in MapleStory gives players another method to boost their character power and functions as follows:

  • Players will earn hyper stat points from level 140 onwards.
  • Hyper stat points are separate to your other attribute points (AP) and spent in the hyper stat window on special hyper stats.
  • Initially for each level gained players will gain 3 hyper stat points with this amount increasing by 1 every 10 levels.
  • The number of hyper stat points required to gain a hyper stat level increases as the hyper stat level increases.
  • Most hyper stats can be increased to a max level of 15. A small number have a max level of 10.
  • Hyper stats can be reset for 10 million Mesos.
  • Players can have hyper stat presets (up to 3) which cost 2 million Mesos to switch between.


MapleStory Best Hyper Stats

The following hyper stats are available to all players in the hyper stat window. The best hyper stats are noted below in the hyper stat tier list column and ranges from S to A, B, C and D with a separate rating for training and bossing. This is a general guide only of how powerful each stat is and will vary depending on your class and progression in other MapleStory game elements. It is applicable for both Reboot and normal servers as the differences between these servers are not material enough to impact hyper stat point allocation.

  • S Tier – Useful in almost situations and classes and will provide the best damage or utility increase to your intended purpose (training or bossing).
  • A Tier – Provide a solid boost your MapleStory character although can’t quite compete with the power of S tier options.
  • B Tier – Useful in specific circumstances and will need to carefully be considered before investing hyper stat points here as they may not always be applicable to you.
  • C Tier – Niche options and hyper stats that simply don’t offer a significant gain for points invested that are only viable when other tiers become too expensive to invest hyper stat points in.
  • D Tier – Not used as they offer no benefit.


Hyper Stat (Max Level) Bonus Effect Per Level Max Bonus Effect Hyper Stat Tier List (Training) Hyper Stat Tier List (Bossing) Notes
STR (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
DEX (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
INT (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
LUK (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
HP % (15) 2% 30% D D B for Demon Avenger
MP % (15) 2% 30% D D
DF/TF/PP/Mana (10) +10 +100 D D Very useful for Kanna (A tier) and Demon Slayer (B tier) and similar classes but useless otherwise
Critical Rate (15) 1-2% 25% A A Useful to reach 100% critical chance if necessary
Critical Damage (15) 1% 15% S S
Ignore Defence (IED) (15) 3% 45% D S
Damage (15) 3% 45% A A
Boss Damage (15) 3-4% 55% D S
Status Resistance (15) +1-2 +25 D D
Knockback Resistance (15) 2% 20% D C Useful for bossing if you need a small investment to reach max stance (100%) in conjunction with other skills
Attack / Magic Attack (15) +3 +45 C C
Bonus Experience (15) 0.5-1% 10% D D
Arcane Force (15) +5-10 +100 B D Useful where you can reach a new arcane force level that gives you bonus damage on your training map.
Normal Monster Damage (15) 3-4% 55% B D Can be fantastic if it boosts  your training speed by allowing you to one hit monsters you are training against.

MapleStory Hyper Stats Level Guide

With the above best hyper stats noted above you might be wondering how to invest your hyper stat points for maximum efficiency. Given every MapleStory account will be different given class, equipment, link skills and legion the only way to be certain in your hyper stat investment is to use one of the MapleStory hyper stat calculators (SuckHard or DelusionDash are my recommended options). These calculators do take some serious time investment to use though and only deliver an optimised hyper stat result at that point of time which will quickly require recalculation if you change anything related to your character.

For those that want a simpler approach to maximising hyper stat benefits you can apply the below steps based on the tier list ratings above (either training or bossing as appropriate). With this approach you’ll likely gain the majority of benefit from your hyper stat without having to constantly use a calculator. This order is based on the diminishing returns of hyper stat point spending that occurs at level 5 and 10.

  1. Level everything rated tier S or A at level 5
  2. Level everything rated tier S or A at level 10
  3. Level any B or C rated hyper stats to level 5 as required (e.g. don’t invest into critical rate if you don’t need it)
  4. Level all S tier hyper stats towards maximum level

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Sam has played MapleStory since beta with thousands of Steam hours played and regularly returns to the game for the MMO progression curve, boss challenges and community it offers. His favourite class is his level 226 Night Lord for its fast ranged attacks and solo boss potential who is currently exploring the ends of the Arcane River while building up Legion characters on the Scania server.


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