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Last Updated on December 27, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Optimising your MapleStory hyper stats is an important step to maximising your damage output but it can be difficult to find the perfect setup. In this hyper stats guide I provide powerful cost-effective allocation principles that players can apply to have an effective setup which will limit the number of hyper stat resets and save you Mesos.

This guide also includes an overview of the system mechanics, the best hyper stats to invest in for training and bossing, a general approach to hyper stats allocation and how to use community hyper stat calculators for players that want to min-max their character power. This information is based on my thousands of MapleStory gameplay hours and levelling over 40 different characters with their own hyper stat allocations.

Table of Contents:
Hyper Stats Overview
Best Hyper Stats Tier List
Hyper Stats Allocation Guide
Hyper Stats Calculator


MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview

This section provides a summary of the hyper stat system and should be read in conjunction with the hyper stats wiki page.:

  • Players will earn hyper stat points from level 140 onwards with all characters having the same hyper stat options.
  • Hyper stat points are separate to your other attribute points (AP) and spent in the hyper stat window on unique hyper stats.
  • Initially for each character level gained players will gain 3 hyper stat points with this amount increasing by 1 every 10 levels.
  • The number of hyper stat points required to boost a hyper stat increases as the hyper stat value increases.
  • The majority of hyper stats can be increased to a max level of 15 although a small number have a max level of 10.
  • Players can have hyper stat presets (up to 3) which cost 2 million Mesos to switch between. As a result it is common for players to have both a training and bossing preset.
  • A hyper stat preset can be reset for 10 million Mesos.


MapleStory Best Hyper Stats Tier List

The best hyper stats are noted below in a hyper stat tier list structure with ratings from S to A, B, C and D with a separate rating for training and bossing as these have different stat priorities. This is a general guide only of how powerful each stat is and will vary slightly depending on your class and progression in other MapleStory game elements. It is applicable for both Reboot and normal servers as the differences between these servers are not material enough to impact hyper stat point allocation. For guidance on how to allocate hyper stats and the critical decision points involved refer the hyper stats allocation guide after this tier list table.

  • S Tier – Useful in almost all situations and classes as it will provide the best damage or utility increase to your intended purpose (training or bossing).
  • A Tier – Provide a solid boost your MapleStory character although can’t quite compete with the power of S tier options.
  • B Tier – Useful in specific circumstances and will need to carefully be considered before investing hyper stat points here as they may not always be applicable to you.
  • C Tier – Niche options and hyper stats that simply don’t offer a significant gain for points invested that are only viable when other tiers become too expensive.
  • D Tier – Not used as they offer little to no benefit.


Hyper Stat (Max Level) Bonus Effect Per Level Max Bonus Effect Hyper Stat Tier List (Training) Hyper Stat Tier List (Bossing) Notes
STR (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
DEX (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
INT (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
LUK (15) +30 +450 C C C only for your primary stat(s)
HP % (15) 2% 30% D D B for Demon Avenger
MP % (15) 2% 30% D D
DF/TF/PP/Mana (10) +10 +100 D D Kanna and Demon Slayer (A tier). Zero and Kinesis (B tier)
Critical Rate (15) 1-2% 25% A A Strong up to 100% critical
Critical Damage (15) 1% 15% S S
Ignore Defence (IED) (15) 3% 45% D S
Damage (15) 3% 45% A A
Boss Damage (15) 3-4% 55% D S
Status Resistance (15) +1-2 +25 D D
Knockback Resistance (15) 2% 20% D C Consider if you need a small investment to reach max stance (100%) for bossing
Attack / Magic Attack (15) +3 +45 C C
Bonus Experience (15) 0.5-1% 10% B D
Arcane Force (15) +5-10 +100 B D Useful for reaching cut off points for bonus damage on current training maps
Normal Monster Damage (15) 3-4% 55% B D Useful if it is the difference between 1 hits or 2 hits on your current training map monster

The detailed reasons behind these hyper stat ratings is as follows:

  • STR/DEX/INT/LUK/HP%/MP%: These are a C tier option when it is your primary class stat as this has a small impact on overall damage. While you will invest some hyper stat points here eventually there are other priority hyper stat damage options that come first.
  • DF/TF/PP/Mana: A class dependent hyper stat that provides certain classes with unique resources for their skills higher maximum values. This boosts Demon Fury (Demon Slayer), Time Force (Zero), Psychic Points (Kinesis) or Mana (Kanna). Demon Slayer and Kanna particularly benefit from this boost to maximise their damage or utility while Zero and Kinesis are less reliant on this to perform their core combos.
  • Critical Rate: Critical rate from hyper stats should be used to help you reach that important 100% critical rate milestone alongside other critical rate sources that are available (such as Link Skills or Legion). A common mistake is players reaching 100% critical rate without any investment in hyper stats as this means you are likely relying too much on other mechanisms to provide critical rate at the cost of better options. A common example of this is players using the Phantom link skill for the 15% critical when this could be swapped out for a stronger link skill (if available) and a level 10 critical rate hyper stat providing the same 15% benefit. If you are a bowman in 5th job you can go beyond the 100% threshold to improve your burst potential with Vicious Shot for bossing if required.
  • Critical Damage: Critical Damage is a significant damage boosting stat with only a few sources and so it is a priority hyper stat to optimise damage output.
  • IED: Ignore Enemy Defence is vital for bossing as it allows for a higher portion of your damage to penetrate the boss defences although has no effect on training. While not as limited in terms of sources as critical damage the mid to end game bosses of MapleStory require you to utilise every IED source possible.
  • Damage: A straightforward damage boost that isn’t as strong as some other damage options but applies in both bossing and training scenarios.
  • Boss Damage: Similar to damage above but only applies to bosses.
  • Status Resistance: Historically (before the 2016 V MapleStory Patch) this provided a chance to dodge status resistance entirely and was thus a reasonably popular option. However, currently status resistance only reduces the time you are inflicted by a status effect which is not worth taking over other available damage focused options.
  • Knockback Resistance: If you are a class that already has high stance (80%+) this can be a good option to reach the 100% mark permanently for boss fights.
  • Attack / Magic Attack: Similar to obtaining your primary stat this source is useful to increasing damage but is simply outshined by obtaining other damage boosting options from hyper stats first.
  • Bonus Experience: When players comfortably have the damage required for their current training location you can consider investing points here to boost experience gains while training.
  • Arcane Force: Similar to bonus experience Arcane Force is one that will be based on your particular account progression. Investment here can be useful when it allows you to unlock bonus damage on your current training map or allows you to do daily activities that would be impossible otherwise.
  • Normal Monsters Damage: Another account dependent hyper stat for boosts to training if it allows you to regularly one hit monsters you are currently training at but is not necessary if you have already reached this point.

MapleStory Hyper Stats Allocation Guide

With the above best hyper stats you might be wondering how to invest your hyper stat points for maximum efficiency. Given every MapleStory account will be different given class, equipment, link skills and legion the only way to be certain in your hyper stat investment is to use a MapleStory hyper stat calculator although these take a significant amount of time to use.

For Maplers that want a simple approach to maximising hyper stat benefits you can apply the below steps based on the tier list ratings above (either training or bossing as appropriate). I recommended that players have a preset for both training and bossing to switch between as appropriate. With this approach below you’ll likely gain the majority of the benefits from your hyper stats without having to repeatedly use a calculator. This order is based on the significant diminishing returns of hyper stat point spending that occurs at level 5 and 10.

  1. Level everything rated tier S or A at level 5
  2. Level everything rated tier S or A at level 10
  3. Level any B or C rated hyper stats to level 5 that benefit you (e.g. don’t invest into critical rate if you don’t need it and don’t invest in a non primary stat)
  4. Level all S tier hyper stats towards maximum level


Hyper Stats Calculators

With the complexity of true optimisation of hyper stats many in the MapleStory community have created their own calculators which with significant input of your account information can recommend the mathematically perfect hyper stat point allocation. I personally recommend SuckHard or DelusionDash hyper stat calculations for those wishing to go down this calculation based path.

When using these calculators though it is important to be aware that they take serious time investment to use and only deliver an optimised hyper stat result at that point of time which will quickly require recalculation if you change anything related to your character. This makes MapleStory end game progression a good time to use these calculators as you are unlikely to make significant changes to your character and before this point you can use my simplified hyper stat point allocation process above.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

With over 2,000 hours of MapleStory played since beta Sam has experienced the evolution of MapleStory firsthand and continues to return for the satisfying progression, the thrill of overcoming challenging bosses and the enduring joy of the community interactions. Playing primarily solo as his level 226 Night Lord for the swift ranged attacks and dominating solo boss power Sam is currently exploring the depths of the Arcane River and the expanding Maple World on the Scania server while developing a legion of powerful characters to support his account.

This extensive experience with MapleStory has given him a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics, hidden secrets and ever-evolving game landscape. He is excited to share his knowledge and insights with fellow Maplers, helping them navigate their own unique stories through the world of MapleStory.


  1. Any chance you might be able to explain your rankings, please? I don’t understand why Experience is bottom tier for training – wouldn’t better experience rates be a good thing for that? I assume it has something to do with being able to kill mobs faster, but again, that’s only an assumption since no explanation is provided for why some stats have the grade they do besides a vague comment on diminishing returns (again, why is experience so inefficient compared to other stats?)

    • Thanks for the comment Yeti and your assumption is on the right track

      I’ve upgraded the experience hyper stat option tier for training as it is better to suited to “B Tier” given that is defined on this page as “useful in specific circumstances”. I’ve also added a detailed breakdown of the reasoning behind every single hyper stat point option underneath the table. Happy to answer any further questions you have

      Games Finder Admin

  2. Hey! I was googling for a picture and came across this article. There is my video! :D Amazing! I am making a new video right now and will be uploading it shortly, since the addition of presets and other changes have asked for an update since at least the Destiny update. Just wanted to give the heads up!

    • Hi Scardor

      Thanks for stopping by always loved your MapleStory content! Will definitely keep an eye on your YouTube channel for a new video and ensure it’s replaced accordingly :D

      Games Finder Team

  3. I think HP has some merit especially when you are new cause as a Lara player I’m dying way too much since I die in 2-3 hits F4 Bumping that to 3-5 hits makes mobbing way more bearable. Legit I’m suffering in reverse city right now cause I die before I can even accept quests in reverse city.

    • Hi LuluWonder

      Definitely a good example of a situation where HP can temporarily be a potential option for a lower HP character and a newer account

      Games Finder Team

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