How To Equip Multiple Pets In MapleStory

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How To Equip Multiple Pets In MapleStory

Learn how to equip multiple pets in MapleStory with this mini guide to the pet system and associated mechanics. While a pet is an almost mandatory addition to your MapleStory account on both Reboot and regular servers for the automated looting they offer some players opt to take that a step further by utilising the maximum number of 3 pets. MapleStory multiple pets do offer a number of quality of life improvements provided you can unlock the ability to have multiple pets in the first place and afford to keep them.

Whether you’re on the fence about the investment to unlock this option or have already made up your mind this MapleStory multiple pets guide is written for you and will show you how to have multiple pets in MapleStory with screenshots.


The Benefits Of MapleStory Multiple Pets

Given there is an initial and ongoing investment in multiple pets its not a decision that you should make lightly for your MapleStory account. Requiring players to purchase a cash shop item to unlock the ability to equip 3 pets, purchase the 3 pets themselves and then the ongoing cost of Water of Life revival it can quickly drain your available Reward Points or NX Cash. Note that completing the quest must be done on individual characters so is generally only worth doing on your main character or a Meso farming character.

The benefits may be worth it though for a daily player with the benefits of having multiple pets in MapleStory primarily a multiplier of the benefits that a single pet provides, this includes:

  • Loot: Multiple pets can result in increased efficiency of looting monster drops when training and improve your overall Meso rates per hour rate depending on your training map. While one pet is fairly effective the addition of extra pets ensures that all areas around your character are being looted at all times and results in less missed drops overall, particularly near corners of maps.
  • Auto-Buff: Some MapleStory classes have a significant number of buff skills that require regular casting to ensure your maximum damage or utility. With multiple you’ll have extra auto-buff pet skills available that lets your pets automatically cast these skills for you which allows you to remove that skill completely from your key binds. This frees up keyboard space but also means you won’t forget to have a vital skill activate for your character.
  • maplestory-pet-set-effectStat Gain: While pets are intended as utility tools to players the small boosts in damage they can provide do add up when you have 3 of them and gives you additional damage over someone without multiple pet friends. There are a number of pets that have set effects (similar to equipment) which when you equip pets of the same set provide an extra boost on top of the ability to equip additional pet equipment that can also offer attack benefits and scrolled for even further boosts.
  • Fashion: The true end game of MapleStory is often referred to as FashionStory, having 3 pets of the same theme is an impressive part of your character visuals that some in the community aim for.

How To Equip Multiple Pets

The process to allow multi-pet in MapleStory is fairly straight forward although there is limited in game guidance on how to complete the necessary quest and obtain the necessary Pet Snack item. In order to equip multiple pets you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Accept the “Trainer’s Command” quest from the lightbulb on the left of the MapleStory UI. Note this is a level 33 quest.
  • Trainer Bartos will request that you obtain some Pet Snacks that aren’t available at any regular store.
  • Open the Cash Shop and navigate to either the Pet Skills section (2.5k NX) or the Maple Rewards Shop (2.5k Reward Points) depending on what currency you wish to spend and purchase the Pet Snack item.
  • Visit Trainer Bartos in the Pet Park of Henesys and handover the Pet Snack.
  • You’ll be granted the Follow the Lead skill in your Beginner’s Basics skill tab and now be able to equip more than one pet on that specific character.
  • You can now acquire other MapleStory pets and activate them.

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