MapleStory – How To Unlock Pocket Slot & Best Pocket Item

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MapleStory – How To Unlock Pocket Slot & Best Pocket Item

Learn how to unlock the pocket slot in MapleStory and what the best pocket item for this equipment space is to maximise your damage output. This guide covers everything you need to know about this unique equipment slot for both Reboot and Non-Reboot players.

While simple in terms of the pool of available items that can be equipped the pocket slot itself is more complex as it requires a series of tasks to be completed along with a minimum trait (Charm) requirement. The pocket slot does not influence your attack range as much as other items but is still worth unlocking and an important piece to your account progression particularly for mid to end game bossing and any bossing alternative characters that you are attempting to gear up. If you want other ways to gear up your character you can also refer to our medals, titles, totems, inner ability, link skills and legion guides.

How To Unlock Pocket Slot

Players should always prioritise their main character when unlocking this pocket slot and I would only unlock the pocket slot on other MapleStory classes you intend to kill bosses with given its primarily a damage slot but is not needed to train legion or link skill mules. The two requirements to unlock the pocket slot in MapleStory are:

  • Have the Charm trait at level 30
  • Complete the ‘Excessively Charming’ quest line

Once these are met players will have the equipment slot to be able to place a pocket item. Tips and steps to achieve both of these requirements are included below.


How To Get Charm Level 30

It may seem difficult at first how to reach this charm level but it’s actually quite easy once you understand the available charm levelling methods that MapleStory offers, these include:

  • Quests: There are a small handful of MapleStory quests that reward minor amounts of charm but are not worth investing time into.
  • Equipment: When you first equip some items players will gain a minor to moderate amount of charm experience although this often locks the item to your character due to the untradeable after equip mechanics. Despite that it is still a viable way to generate charm from items such as Zakum’s Helmet, Von Leon, Chaos Root Abyss and Horntail items that generally have little value on the auction house. Reboot players can still use this method for items they acquire themselves as trading is completely locked.
  • Trait Use Items: This is where the bulk of your charm experience will come from on the way to level 30 with cologne, premium cologne, trait increase and trait boost potions the items to look out for. The best methods of obtaining these items are Monster Park (Wednesday), Monster Collection explorations and Day 20 of the daily reward each month.


maplestory-daily-gift-trait-potionWhile the charm guide above remains useful after level 30 going beyond this point only rewards cosmetic facial expressions and is rarely done by the MapleStory player base.

How To Complete Excessively Charming Quest

Only after you have reached the 30 charm requirement above is this quest made available and is completed with the following steps:

  • Accept the Excessively Charming quest from the light bulb tab where you can accept a range of quests.
  • maplestory-henesys-hair-salon

  • Visit the Hair Salon in Henesys (portal left of Lana pictured) and talk to Big Headward.
  • maplestory-rose-clippingObtain a Rose Clipping via the auction house or harvesting herbs with the Herbalism skill in Ardentmill.
  • Return to Big Headward and your pocket slot will be unlocked, he also gives you the rose pocket item in return.

Best Pocket Item (Reboot and Non-Reboot)

With the low number potential items that can go in the pocket slot it’s an easy equipment decision for the most part with the vast majority of the community using the same item. Even though this is the case there are still some important optimisations to be made because of the flame potential this slot offers.

Note that the below excludes currently unobtainable pocket slot items as there have been many event only items over the years that are not expected to return. This includes the Rifle Bullet that offered a massive 28 to all stats and 14 weapon/magic attack and is not expected to return to MapleStory.

Cursed Spellbook (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

  • +20 to a single stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +10 to remaining stats (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +10 Weapon Attack
  • +10 Magic Attack
  • +100 Max HP
  • +100 Max MP

While these spellbooks offer the highest base stats of any pocket item this is truly a top 1% of the MapleStory population item and outside the reach of even dedicated players. Dropped only from Hard Will these four colours each have a stat speciality with red for STR, blue for INT, green for DEX and yellow for LUK and belong to the Pitched Boss set.

With Hard Will being one of the most difficult bosses currently in MapleStory acquiring this item is exceedingly difficult. In addition the length of time it will take to roll good stats via flaming a spellbook that rivals that of the second best pocket item featured below means its simply not viable despite having the best base statistics.


Pink Holy Cup

  • +5 All Stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +5 Weapon Attack
  • +5 Magic Attack
  • +50 Max HP
  • +50 Max MP

The best pocket item for most players the Pink Holy Cup serves as the best in slot option in the majority of circumstances and one you should become familiar with in your equipment screen. In order to obtain this item you’ll want to fight Pink Bean (Normal or Chaos) which can both drop this item for Reboot and Non-Reboot players with Chaos Pink Bean having significantly better odds.

Non-Reboot players have a distinct advantage here as the auction house has a wealth of affordable Pink Holy Cups to choose from. When shopping you want to focus on high main stat and all stat % which an auction house filter can help you track down and worth doing even if you can defeat Pink Bean to save you time and investment in getting strong flames yourself. Note that the item is untradeable after being equipped so you cannot recoup any investment so aim for one decent cup straight away rather than making small multiple upgrades here.

For Reboot players making these bosses part of your daily and weekly MapleStory tasks is an absolute must and any duplicates can be fused together to reroll the flames based on the flame guidance for Non-Reboot players above but you can expect a weaker pocket slot given you rely solely on your own drops.

Stone of Eternal Life

  • +3 All Stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +3 Weapon Attack
  • +3 Magic Attack

A viable best pocket item in MapleStory until you can acquire a Pink Holy Cup for both Reboot and Non-Reboot players but not one to overly invest time or Mesos flaming. In my experience I’ve found this item easier to acquire given you can kill Normal Hilla well before Pink Bean as she has about 25% of the health pool. For this reason there is likely going to be a period of time where you have the pocket slot available without a better option so there is no harm in equipping one of these that you find before settling into a Pink Holy Cup.

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