MapleStory Pocket Slot Quest – How To Unlock Pocket Slot & Best Items

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The MapleStory pocket slot quest unlocks an extra equipment slot to boost your class main stat and increase damage output. In this guide I detail how to unlock the pocket slot by reaching level 30 charm and offer recommendations for the best pocket items that I have used on dozens of MapleStory characters. While there are only a few pocket items in MapleStory selecting the best option for flames and set bonuses can add significant damage output that makes unlocking it critical on both your main character and boss mules.

Table of Contents:
How To Unlock Pocket Slot (Charm Requirement)
Best Pocket Slot Items
Pocket Slot Quest Screenshot Guide (Retired Quest Line)



How To Unlock Pocket Slot (Charm Requirement)

The first step to unlocking the pocket slot quest is reaching a charm level of 30 after which the quest “Excessively Charming” will automatically complete and give players access to the equipment slot. These tips below will teach players how to raise charm in Maplestory and while the speed you can reach this milestone varies based on your overall MapleStory account progression you can expect this process to take about a month.

Players can increase charm in Maplestory by (in order of importance):

  • Trait Use Items: Most charm experience comes from charm items like cologne, premium cologne, trait increase and trait boost potions. The best methods of obtaining these items are Monster Park (Wednesday), Monster Collection explorations and Day 20 of the daily reward each month. The day 20 reward is particularly notable and without this players can expect a significant increase in overall time to reach level 30.
  • maplestory-expedition-charm-reward

  • Events: Events often give players trait boosting items either directly or as part of the common event stores. I recommend players do not purchase these items from the event stores as there are always other powerful rewards available during events that should be priority for your account progression instead. If a trait boost item is available during an event and doesn’t impact your ability to gain other useful items though then it is worth obtaining and using to increase charm level.
  • maplestory-daily-gift-trait-potion

  • Equipment: Some items when first equipped give a small amount of charm experience although this often locks the item to your character due to the untradeable after equip mechanics that these items have. Despite this it is still a viable way to generate charm from common items that you will sell to NPC merchants anyway such as Zakum, Von Leon, Chaos Root Abyss and Horntail equipment pieces. Given all of these are MapleStory bosses you will fight regularly anyway this is a simple method to boost charm without a change to your regular gameplay.
  • maplestory-charm-exp-equipment

  • Quests: There are a small number of MapleStory quests that reward minor amounts of charm but are not a significant source of charm experience and not a method I recommend players focus on due to the time required to complete the quests and limited number available.

Players can continue to use these how to increase charm methods beyond level 30 if they wish although additional levels only unlocks cosmetic facial expressions.

Best Pocket Item (Reboot and Non-Reboot)

With the low number of items that can go in the pocket slot in MapleStory it’s an easy equipment decision with the vast majority of the community using the same item during their character progression. Note that the below options exclude currently unobtainable items as there have been many event only items over the years of MapleStory that are not expected to return given the time that has passed since they were last available. This includes the Rifle Bullet that offered a massive 28 to all stats and 14 weapon/magic attack which if players have available to them will need to be compared to the other options using your stat window and factoring in any lost set bonus as a result.

Cursed Spellbook (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

  • +20 to a single stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +10 to remaining stats (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +10 Weapon Attack
  • +10 Magic Attack
  • +100 Max HP
  • +100 Max MP

While these spellbooks offer the highest base stats of any pocket item this is only available to the top players in the MapleStory population although one that is slowly becoming in reach as the community progresses.. Dropped only from Hard Will these four colours each have a stat speciality with red for STR, blue for INT, green for DEX and yellow for LUK which belong to the Pitched Boss set. In addition the length of time it will take to roll good stats via flaming a spellbook that rivals that of the second best pocket item (Pink Holy Cup) means it will also take time to be your best equipment option.


Pink Holy Cup

  • +5 All Stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +5 Weapon Attack
  • +5 Magic Attack
  • +50 Max HP
  • +50 Max MP

The best pocket item for the vast majority of players is the Pink Holy Cup and is generally considered the best in slot option due to its availability which means high potential for great flames. In order to obtain this item you’ll want to fight Pink Bean (Normal or Chaos) with Chaos Pink Bean having significantly better drop chance odds.

Non-Reboot players have a distinct advantage here as the auction house has a wealth of affordable Pink Holy Cups to choose from that make it relatively easy to find decent flames when you first unlock the ability to equip a pocket item. When shopping you want to focus on high main stat and all stat % with an auction house filter and is worth doing even if you can defeat Pink Bean to save you time and investment in getting strong flames yourself. Note that the item is untradeable after being equipped so you cannot recoup any investment so players should purchase a reasonable strong cup straight away rather than making small multiple upgrades to optimise your Mesos spent.

For Reboot players making these bosses part of your daily and weekly MapleStory tasks and any duplicates can be fused together to reroll the flames.

Stone of Eternal Life

  • +3 All Stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK)
  • +3 Weapon Attack
  • +3 Magic Attack

A viable pocket item in MapleStory until the Pink Holy Cup for both Reboot and Non-Reboot players, but not worth heavily investing time or Mesos in flaming. In my experience I’ve found this item easier to acquire given you can kill Normal Hilla well before Pink Bean as she has about 25% of the health pool.

Pocket Slot Quest Screenshot Guide (Retired Quest Line)

The “Excessively Charming” quest line has automatically completed once players reach level 30 charm since November 2022 (Ignition v.237 patch). Prior to this players had to complete the pocket slot quest by obtaining a Rose Clipping which is detailed below for archive purposes and those interested to learn what the steps to unlock the pocket slot were previously:

  • Accept the “Excessively Charming” quest from Big Headward in the star tab on the left of your screen where you accept MapleStory event content .maplestory-star-tab-pocket-slot-quest
  • Obtain a Rose Clipping via the auction house (cheap on normal servers) or harvesting herbs with the herbalism skill in Ardentmill. In order to get a Reboot Rose Clipping you must harvest it yourself which generally takes around 5-10 minutes depending on your luck.maplestory-rose-clipping
  • To harvest your own Rose Clipping you’ll need the herbalism skill by talking to Grant the Elder in Ardentmill and completing The Professional quest.maplestory-grant-elder
  • After completing The Professional quest talk to Saffron to learn herbalism as your desired profession skill.maplestory-saffron-herbalism
  • Enter the portal at the bottom right of the Ardentmill map and visit the Novice Secret Herb Patch. While other herb patches can drop Rose Clippings they only drop on a successful harvest so choosing easy to harvest herbs is the most efficient use of your time.maplestory-novice-secret-herb-patch
  • Begin harvesting herbs from the map, the Rose Clipping item is a random drop using the harvest key in your key settings (default spacebar) when harvesting is successful.maplestory-rose-clipping-harvest
  • Visit the Hair Salon in Henesys (portal left of Lana pictured)
  • maplestory-henesys-hair-salon

  • Talk to Big Headward and you will have finished the quest, you can now equip an item. Note on completion you’ll also obtain a pocket item (Rose).maplestory-pocket-slot-quest-rose-reward

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

With over 2,000 hours of MapleStory played since beta Sam has experienced the evolution of MapleStory firsthand and continues to return for the satisfying progression, the thrill of overcoming challenging bosses and the enduring joy of the community interactions. Playing primarily solo as his level 226 Night Lord for the swift ranged attacks and dominating solo boss power Sam is currently exploring the depths of the Arcane River and the expanding Maple World on the Scania server while developing a legion of powerful characters to support his account.

This extensive experience with MapleStory has given him a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics, hidden secrets and ever-evolving game landscape. He is excited to share his knowledge and insights with fellow Maplers, helping them navigate their own unique stories through the world of MapleStory.

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