My Singing Monsters (MSM) Bone Island Breeding Chart Guide

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

In this breeding guide to Bone Island MSM players will find all the breeding information necessary to complete this challenging magical themed island. Serving as the fourth island of magic the Bone Island is the darkest themed location to date in the MSM franchise for a unique collection of monsters. This island is also home to the special Clavavera during the Beat Hereafter seasonal event that symbolises the passing into the afterlife.

Below MSM players will find a Bone Island breeding chart with pictures and breeding times to complete their book of monster collection for common, rare, epic and seasonal monsters. With this information players will be able to optimise their path through the challenging Bone Island that goes beyond the natural and fire elements that players have previously mastered.

Table of Contents:
Bone Island Overview
Bone Island Breeding Chart All

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My Singing Monsters Bone Island Overview

Offering players the last of the magical islands when unlocked in order the Bone Island is the most mysterious and dark with skeletons and fossils in the island design. Described as being placed deep under the other monster worlds this is a subterranean island covered in geodes, vegetation and fossils that hints to it being the source of ancient life that has since left the island. With the Quarritz Castle overseeing the island area this location is also the home to the Beat Hereafter event that draws inspiration from Day of the Dead in the real world and means it regularly runs in late October on the MSM event calendar.

While finishing this island is a challenge unlocking it is also an achievement with a total cost of 1,750,000 gold once players have unlocked Fire Haven and reached level 9 where it features the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Bone. Players will find the challenge of Bone Island on the smaller side of total monster pool in comparison to the natural islands they started their adventure on with a total of 22 commons, 10 rares, 5 epics and 2 seasonals that can be modified further with 59 costumes.


Bone Island Breeding Chart

The Bone Island breeding chart below lists all the possible monsters with the most efficient options available to players that optimise for breeding odds and lower overall time spent when dealing with failures so that you can quickly have another attempt at your target monster.

Like other My Singing Monsters islands only common monsters are readily available for breeding with other monster rarities and seasonal monsters serving as limited time options and indicated with an asterisk (*) below. The breeding times are the default values and the enhanced values shown are based on the 25% reduction from the diamond purchase.

Monster Required Level Elements Breed Time dd:hh:mm:ss (Default/Enhanced) Breeding Combinations
Noggin_iconNoggin 1 Earth 00:00:05 / 00:00:03 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Toe_Jammer_iconToe Jammer 4 Water 00:01:00 / 00:00:45 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
kayna-iconKayna 9 Fire 07:00:00 / 05:15:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Clackula_PortraitClackula 9 Bone 05:00:00 / 03:45:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Fwog_iconFwog 7 Earth Water 00:30:00 / 00:22:30 Noggin_iconToe_Jammer_iconNoggin & Toe Jammer
Stogg_PortraitStogg 9 Earth Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Noggin_iconkayna-iconNoggin & Kayna
Peckidna_PortraitPeckidna 9 Earth Bone 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 Noggin_iconClackula_PortraitNoggin & Clackula
Phangler_PortraitPhangler 9 Water Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Toe_Jammer_iconkayna-iconToe Jammer & Kayna
Denchuhs_PortraitDenchuhs 9 Water Bone 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 Toe_Jammer_iconClackula_PortraitToe Jammer & Clackula
Hawlo_PortraitHawlo 9 Fire Bone 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 kayna-iconClackula_PortraitKayna & Clackula
Thrumble_PortraitThrumble 9 Earth Water Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Phangler_PortraitNoggin_iconPhangler & Noggin
Withur_PortraitWithur 9 Earth Water Bone 16:00:00 / 12:00:00 Denchuhs_PortraitNoggin_iconDenchuhs & Noggin
Fwog & Clackula
Uuduk_PortraitUuduk 9 Earth Fire Bone 16:00:00 / 12:00:00 Hawlo_PortraitNoggin_iconHawlo & Noggin
Banjaw_PortraitBanjaw 9 Water Fire Bone 16:00:00 / 12:00:00 Hawlo_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconHawlo & Toe Jammer
Plinkajou_PortraitPlinkajou 9 Earth Water Fire Bone 01:08:00:00 / 01:00:00:00 Banjaw_PortraitNoggin_iconBanjaw & Noggin
Clavavera_PortraitClavavera 9 Beat Hereafter 22:11:00 / 16:38:15 Withur_PortraitClackula_PortraitWithur & Clackula
Rare_Noggin_PortraitRare Noggin* 4 Earth 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Withur_PortraitUuduk_PortraitWithur & Uuduk
Rare_Toe_Jammer_PortraitRare Toe Jammer* 4 Water 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Withur_PortraitBanjaw_PortraitWithur & Banjaw
Rare_Kayna_PortraitRare Kayna* 9 Fire 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Uuduk_PortraitBanjaw_PortraitUuduk & Banjaw
Rare_Fwog_PortraitRare Fwog* 7 Earth Water 01:15:00 / 00:56:15 Noggin_iconToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Stogg_PortraitRare Stogg* 9 Earth Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Noggin_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Phangler_PortraitRare Phangler* 9 Water Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Toe_Jammer_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare Hawlo* 9 Fire Bone 12:30:00 / 09:22:30 kayna-iconClackula_PortraitSame as common monster above
Rare_ThrumbleRare Thrumble* 9 Earth Water Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Phangler_PortraitNoggin_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_WithurRare Withur* 9 Earth Water Bone 01:01:30:00 / 19:07:30 Denchuhs_PortraitNoggin_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_BanjawRare Banjaw* 9 Water Fire Bone 01:01:30:00 / 19:07:30 Hawlo_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_ClavaveraRare Clavavera* 9 Beat Hereafter 01:07:45:00 / 23:48:45 Withur_PortraitClackula_PortraitSame as common monster above
Epic_Noggin_PortraitEpic Noggin* 4 Earth 01:00:00 / 00:45:00 Plinkajou_PortraitPhangler_PortraitPlinkajou & Phangler
Epic_Toe_Jammer_PortraitEpic Toe Jammer* 4 Water 03:00:00 / 02:15:00 Plinkajou_PortraitStogg_PortraitPlinkajou & Stogg
Epic_Kayna_Portrait.pngEpic Kayna* 9 Fire 15:00:00 / 11:15:00 Plinkajou_PortraitFwog_iconPlinkajou & Fwog
Epic_Fwog_PortraitEpic Fwog* 7 Earth Water 07:00:00 / 05:15:00 Thrumble_PortraitDenchuhs_PortraitThrumble & Denchuhs
Epic_Stogg_PortraitEpic Stogg* 9 Earth Fire 01:05:00:00 / 21:45:00 Withur_PortraitPhangler_PortraitWithur & Phangler
epic-thrumbleEpic Thrumble* 9 Earth Water Fire 01:00:07:00 / 23:15:00 Uuduk_PortraitDenchuhs_PortraitUuduk & Denchuhs
Do_PortraitDo 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Bone Island)
Re_PortraitRe 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Bone Island)
Mi_PortraitMi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Bone Island)
Fa_PortraitFa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Bone Island)
Sol_PortraitSol 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Bone Island)
La_PortraitLa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Bone Island)
Ti_PortraitTi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Bone Island)

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam is a seasoned My Signing Monster Maestro and has been a dedicated MSM player since its 2012 iOS debut. He’s embraced every note and beat of the franchise’s evolution and his heart has been forever captivated by the enchanting melody that mixes monster collection, island customisation, music creation and a large community chorus.

He particularly enjoys the unique music theme and composition mechanics that allow him to create tunes and beats despite his lack of musical ability. His favourite game is the original MSM which he is currently replaying on Steam as he attempts to complete every game island monster collection.

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