My Singing Monsters (MSM) Fire Haven Breeding Chart Guide

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

With this Fire Haven breeding chart guide players will be able to tame the fiery furnace of this My Singing Monsters island that serves as your first fire themed location. With an abundance of new and challenging lava themed monsters this is a true test for even a seasoned master of monsters that will demand all of your breeding experience acquired so far.

The Fire Haven breeding guide is based on my personal experiences with recommendations to help you ignite your own breeding journey with the best breeding combinations available for each monster. It also includes useful alternative breeding options and the respective breeding times for every common, rare, epic and seasonal monster that lives on Fire Haven. While you’ve familiarised yourself with the hundreds of different monsters to date I’ve included both text and images for the breeding table given the number of new fire element monsters of this island to help your path towards full monster collection completion.

Table of Contents:
Fire Haven Overview
Fire Haven Breeding Chart All

If you want to refresh yourself on breeding mechanics or find the monsters for other game islands in MSM refer to our My Singing Monsters breeding guide chart. For island specific guides to MSM visit our Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island, Fire Oasis, Light Island, Psychic Island, Faerie Island or Bone Island pages.


My Singing Monsters Fire Haven Overview

Fire Haven is a continent that broke apart decades ago from the natural islands after a great cataclysm event that has created a fiery island of lava which also references the Dawn of Fire (a MSM spin-off title). With a harsher environment than players have encountered so far this is the birth place of fire monsters where no water or cold element can survive. These new monsters are also difficult given the increased breeding times across the unique fire monsters of this zone. These monsters include the usual spread of common, rare and epic monsters alongside Feast-Ember season that represents the real world Thanksgiving and occurs around November for players to obtain the turkey looking Gobbleygourd monster.

Unlocking the Fire Haven and the Pyrozite Castle is a significant MSM achievement given it is the first island to require account level 9 while also costing 500,000 gold coins for the island purchase. Once unlocked you’ll start the journey towards 52 total monsters that includes 23 commons, 15 rares, 11 epics, 3 seasonal and 82 monster costumes.


Fire Haven Breeding Chart

The Fire Haven breeding chart for MSM below summarises all of the indigenous monsters from this volcanic island to help players effectively complete their monster collection book. From the common single element monsters to the quad variants each is captured below with monster icons for both breeding parents and target monster. Note that many of these are only available to breed or purchase during predetermined in game events and are marked with an asterisk (*) for identification and players should always check official game notifications before attempting to breed them.

To further optimise your path through the challenging Fire Haven we’ve gathered all the potential breeding combinations available for each monster and listed them from best to worst options. These best breeding choices offer increased odds due to the pool of available results but also minimise the waiting time for the breeding structure if you do fail. Breeding times for each respective monster is also included below as this time can be useful to both determine what your breeding outcome will be and manage your real world schedule outside of My Singing Monsters. For example if you are unable to play MSM for a day or two players can breed a longer breed time Monster rather than one that is finished in several hours. These times are presented as both the default breeding structure time and the enhanced time which applies for players who have spent diamonds to upgrade the structure for a 25% time reduction.

Monster Required Level Elements Breed Time dd:hh:mm:ss (Default/Enhanced) Breeding Combinations
Tweedle_iconTweedle 4 Air 04:00:00 / 03:00:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Potbelly_iconPotbelly 9 Plant 02:00:00 / 01:30:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Noggin_iconNoggin 1 Earth 00:00:05 / 00:00:03 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
kayna-iconKayna 9 Fire 07:00:00 / 05:15:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Dandidoo_iconDandidoo 9 Air Plant 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Tweedle_iconPotbelly_iconTweedle & Potbelly
Cybop_iconCybop 7 Air Earth 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Tweedle_iconNoggin_iconTweedle & Noggin
Glowl_PortraitGlowl 9 Air Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Tweedle_iconkayna-iconTweedle & Kayna
Shrubb_iconShrubb 9 Plant Rock 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Potbelly_iconNoggin_iconPotbelly & Noggin
Flowah_PortraitFlowah 9 Plant Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Potbelly_iconkayna-iconPotbelly & Kayna
Stogg_PortraitStogg 9 Earth Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Noggin_iconkayna-iconNoggin & Kayna
Reedling_iconReedling 9 Air Plant Earth 12:00:00 / 09:00:00 Noggin_iconDandidoo_iconNoggin & Dandidoo
Potbelly & Cybop
Tweedle & Shrubb
Barrb_PortraitBarrb 9 Air Plant Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Dandidoo_iconkayna-iconDandidoo & Kayna
Flowah & Tweedle
Glowl & Potbelly
Floogull_PortraitFloogull 9 Air Earth Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Glowl_PortraitNoggin_iconGlowl & Noggin
Cybop & Kayna
Stogg & Tweedle
Repatillo_PortraitRepatillo 9 Plant Earth Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Flowah_PortraitNoggin_iconFlowah & Noggin
Shrubb & Kayna
Stogg & Potbelly
Tring_PortraitTring 9 Air Plant Earth Fire 01:16:00:00 / 01:06:00:00 Reedling_iconkayna-iconReedling & Kayna
Barrb & Noggin
Floogull & Potbelly
Repatillo & Tweedle
Stogg & Dandidoo
Shrubb & Glowl
Flowah & Cybop
Wubbox_iconWubbox 20 Electricity N/A Purchase from Market (Coins). Note that activating this monster requires other common monsters.
Gobbleygourd_PortraitGobbleygourd* 9 Feast-Ember 21:00:00 / 15:45:00 kayna-iconGlowl_PortraitKayna & Glowl
Rare_Tweedle_PortraitRare Tweedle* 4 Air 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Reedling_iconFloogull_Portrait Any three element monster pairing where both parents have the Air element.
Rare_Potbelly_PortraitRare Potbelly* 9 Plant 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Reedling_iconRepatillo_PortraitAny three element monster pairing where both parents have the Plant element.
Rare_Noggin_PortraitRare Noggin* 4 Earth 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Reedling_iconRepatillo_PortraitAny three element monster pairing where both parents have the Earth element. (if you already have a Rare Potbelly but do not have a Rare Tweedle consider using Reedling and Floogull instead)
Rare_Kayna_PortraitRare Kayna* 9 Fire 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Barrb_PortraitRepatillo_Portrait Any three element monster pairing where both parents have the Fire element.
Rare_Dandidoo_PortraitRare Dandidoo* 9 Air Plant 10:30:00 / 07:52:30 Tweedle_iconPotbelly_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Cybop_PortraitRare Cybop* 7 Air Earth 10:30:00 / 07:52:30 Tweedle_iconNoggin_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Glowl_PortraitRare Glowl* 9 Air Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Tweedle_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Shrubb_PortraitRare Shrubb* 9 Plant Earth 10:30:00 / 07:52:30 Potbelly_iconNoggin_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Flowah_PortraitRare Flowah* 9 Plant Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Potbelly_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Stogg_PortraitRare Stogg* 9 Earth Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Noggin_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Reedling_PortraitRare Reedling* 9 Air Plant Earth 15:30:00 / 11:37:30 Noggin_iconDandidoo_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Barrb_PortraitRare Barrb* 9 Air Plant Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Dandidoo_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Floogull_PortraitRare Floogull* 9 Air Earth Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Glowl_PortraitNoggin_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Repatillo_PortraitRare Repatillo* 9 Plant Earth Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Flowah_PortraitNoggin_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Tring_PortraitRare Tring* 9 Air Plant Earth Fire 02:04:30:00 / 01:15:22:30 Reedling_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Gobbleygourd_PortraitRare Gobbleygourd* 9 Feast-Ember 01:07:45:00 / 23:48:45 kayna-iconGlowl_PortraitSame as common monster above
Epic_Tweedle_PortraitEpic Tweedle* 4 Air 11:00:00 / 08:15:00 Tring_PortraitShrubb_iconTring & Shrubb
Epic_Potbelly_PortraitEpic Potbelly* 9 Plant 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 Tring_PortraitCybop_iconTring & Cybop
Epic_Noggin_PortraitEpic Noggin* 4 Earth 01:00:00 / 00:45:00 Tring_PortraitDandidoo_iconTring & Dandidoo
Epic_Kayna_Portrait.pngEpic Kayna* 9 Fire 15:00:00 / 11:15:00 Tring_PortraitStogg_PortraitTring & Stogg
Epic_Dandidoo_PortraitEpic Dandidoo* 9 Air Plant 01:05:00:00 / 21:45:00 Reedling_iconFlowah_PortraitReedling & Flowah
Epic_Cybop_PortraitEpic Cybop* 7 Air Earth 23:00:00 / 17:15:00 Reedling_iconStogg_PortraitReedling & Stogg
Epic_Glowl_PortraitEpic Glowl* 9 Air Fire 01:01:00:00 / 18:45:00 Floogull_PortraitDandidoo_iconFloogull & Dandidoo
Epic_Shrubb_PortraitEpic Shrubb* 9 Plant Earth 19:00:00 / 14:15:00 Barrb_PortraitCybop_iconBarrb & Cybop
Epic_Stogg_PortraitEpic Stogg* 9 Earth Fire 01:05:00:00 / 21:45:00 Repatillo_PortraitGlowl_PortraitRepatillo & Glowl
Epic_Reedling_PortraitEpic Reedling* 9 Air Plant Earth 17:00:00 / 12:45:00 Repatillo_PortraitCybop_iconRepatillo & Cybop
Epic_Tring_PortraitEpic Tring* 9 Air Plant Earth Fire 01:21:00:00 / 01:09:45:00 Barrb_PortraitStogg_PortraitBarrb & Stogg
Epic_Gobbleygourd_PortraitEpic Gobbleygourd* 9 Feast-Ember 01:03:11:00 / 20:23:15 Tring_PortraitFlowah_PortraitTring & Flowah
Do_PortraitDo 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Haven)
Re_PortraitRe 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Haven)
Mi_PortraitMi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Haven)
Fa_PortraitFa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Haven)
Sol_PortraitSol 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Haven)
La_PortraitLa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Haven)
Ti_PortraitTi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Haven)

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam is a seasoned My Signing Monster Maestro and has been a dedicated MSM player since its 2012 iOS debut. He’s embraced every note and beat of the franchise’s evolution and his heart has been forever captivated by the enchanting melody that mixes monster collection, island customisation, music creation and a large community chorus.

He particularly enjoys the unique music theme and composition mechanics that allow him to create tunes and beats despite his lack of musical ability. His favourite game is the original MSM which he is currently replaying on Steam as he attempts to complete every game island monster collection.

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