My Singing Monsters (MSM) Fire Oasis Breeding Chart Guide

Last Updated on January 30, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Our Fire Oasis breeding chart provides a guide to this second fire themed island in My Singing Monsters with a focus on the best breeding options and pictures to efficiently obtain every possible monster. Building further on the theme of fire elements the Fire Oasis once again features a Pyrozite Castle although a friendlier habitat compared to the volcanic Fire Haven which changes the available monster elements as well.

This Fire Oasis guide draws from my extensive MSM experience to make monster collection easy with a reference table that includes the level required to obtain the monster, the breeding combinations to use with pictures, breeding times required and elements. With this knowledge no common, rare, epic or seasonal monster the fiery island will be out of your reach as you claim this island for a new home.

Table of Contents:
Fire Oasis Overview
Fire Oasis Breeding Chart All

There are a range of spoilers for Fire Oasis below, for other general information on MSM breeding or other island monsters refer to our ultimate complete breeding guide. For island specific guides to MSM visit our Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, Earth Island, Fire Haven, Light Island, Psychic Island, Faerie Island or Bone Island pages.


My Singing Monsters Fire Oasis Overview

While Fire Oasis has the same fiery undertones of the past MSM island it is a significantly friendlier environment that is described as a special place with blown glass features that maintains a consistent temperature from the geysers beneath. In addition to sharing this fire theme Fire Oasis is an island that shares the event Feast-Ember with its fire counterpart where you can unlock the Gobbleygourd in the Thanksgiving themed game event.

The island is unlockable after players reach the Earth Island as players can unlock either of the two fire islands at this point and requires players have reached at least account level 9 while also investing 750k coins. Given this is slightly higher than the 500k required for Fire Haven most players will unlock this as their second fire island in My Singing Monsters. Fire Oasis has a smaller pool of monsters to unlock with a total of 52 split across commons (23), rares (15), epics (12) and seasonals (4) along with 90 different costume designs for monsters. Across these monsters you’ll find neither earth or plant elements though as the Fire Oasis is not suitable to their habitat tastes.


Fire Oasis Breeding Chart

Our Fire Oasis breeding chart featured below lists each of the available monsters and is listed in order from common to epic variants so you can progress efficiently through your monster collection book. It includes multiple breeding combinations with the top listed option the best chances available to unlock the target monster based on raw odds of success and minimising the breeding time you’ll have to wait for a failed breeding attempt. Remember My Singing Monsters restricts a number of monsters (rare, epics and seasonals) to specific game events and where this is the case that monster is indicated with an asterisk (*) in the breeding table.

This table also includes the respective breeding time for default and the enhanced breeding structure (diamond upgrade) shown which provides a useful reference to either identify what you have just bred or plan your breeding times around your specific play time commitments.

Monster Required Level Elements Breed Time dd:hh:mm:ss (Default/Enhanced) Breeding Combinations
Tweedle_iconTweedle 4 Air 04:00:00 / 03:00:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Toe_Jammer_iconToe Jammer 4 Water 00:01:00 / 00:00:45 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Mammott_iconMammott 2 Cold 00:02:00 / 00:01:30 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
kayna-iconKayna 9 Fire 07:00:00 / 05:15:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Quibble_iconQuibble 7 Air Water 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Tweedle_iconToe_Jammer_iconTweedle & Toe Jammer
Pango_iconPango 7 Air Cold 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Tweedle_iconMammott_iconTweedle & Mammott
Glowl_PortraitGlowl 9 Air Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Tweedle_iconkayna-iconTweedle & Kayna
Maw_iconMaw 4 Water Cold 00:30:00 / 00:22:30 Toe_Jammer_iconMammott_iconToe Jammer & Mammott
Phangler_PortraitPhangler 9 Water Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Toe_Jammer_iconkayna-iconToe Jammer & Kayna
Boskus_PortraitBoskus 9 Cold Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Mammott_iconkayna-iconMammott & Kayna
Congle_iconCongle 7 Air Water Cold 12:00:00 / 09:00:00 Tweedle_iconMaw_iconTweedle & Maw
Toe Jammer & Pango
Mammott & Quibble
Whaddle_PortraitWhaddle 9 Air Water Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Glowl_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconGlowl & Toe Jammer
Quibble & Kayna
Phangler & Tweedle
Woolabee_PortraitWoolabee 9 Air Cold Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Glowl_PortraitMammott_iconGlowl & Mammott
Pango & Kayna
Boskus & Tweedle
Wynq_PortraitWynq 9 Water Cold Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Boskus_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconBoskus & Toe Jammer
Maw & Kayna
Phangler & Mammott
Sneyser_PortraitSneyser 9 Air Water Cold Fire 01:16:00:00 / 01:06:00:00 Woolabee_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconWoolabee & Toe Jammer
Congle & Kayna
Whaddle & Mammott
Wynq & Tweedle
Quibble & Boskus
Pango & Phangler
Glowl & Maw
Gobbleygourd_PortraitGobbleygourd* 9 Feast-Ember 21:00:00 / 15:45:00 kayna-iconGlowl_PortraitKayna & Glowl
Cherubble_PortraitCherubble 9 Mythical 18:00:00 / 13:30:00 Congle_iconWoolabee_PortraitCongle & Woolabee
Rare_Tweedle_PortraitRare Tweedle* 4 Air 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Congle_iconWhaddle_Portrait Any three element monster pairing where both parents have the Air element.
Rare_Toe_Jammer_PortraitRare Toe Jammer* 4 Water 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Congle_iconWhaddle_PortraitAny three element monster pairing where both parents have the Water element. Alternatively Congle & Wynq if you still need a Rare Mammott.
Rare_Mammott_PortraitRare Mammott* 4 Cold 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Congle_iconWynq_PortraitAny three element monster pairing where both parents have the Cold element.
Rare_Kayna_PortraitRare Kayna* 9 Fire 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Woolabee_PortraitWynq_PortraitAny three element monster pairing where both parents have the Fire element.
Rare_Quibble_PortraitRare Quibble* 7 Air Water 10:30:00 / 07:52:30 Tweedle_iconToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Pango_PortraitRare Pango* 7 Air Cold 10:30:00 / 07:52:30 Tweedle_iconMammott_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Glowl_PortraitRare Glowl* 9 Air Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Tweedle_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Maw_PortraitRare Maw* 7 Water Cold 01:07:30 / 00:50:37 Toe_Jammer_iconMammott_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Phangler_PortraitRare Phangler* 9 Water Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Toe_Jammer_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Boskus_PortraitRare Boskus* 9 Cold Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Mammott_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Congle_PortraitRare Congle* 7 Air Water Cold 15:30:00 / 11:37:30 Tweedle_iconMaw_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Whaddle_PortraitRare Whaddle* 9 Air Water Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Glowl_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Woolabee_PortraitRare Woolabee* 9 Air Cold Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Glowl_PortraitMammott_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Wynq_PortraitRare Wynq* 9 Water Cold Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Boskus_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Sneyser_PortraitRare Sneyser* 9 Air Water Cold Fire 02:04:30:00 / 01:15:22:30 Woolabee_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Gobbleygourd_PortraitRare Gobbleygourd* 9 Feast-Ember 01:07:45:00 / 23:48:45 kayna-iconGlowl_PortraitSame as common monster above
Epic_Tweedle_PortraitEpic Tweedle* 4 Air 11:00:00 / 08:15:00 Sneyser_PortraitMaw_iconSneyser & Maw
Epic_Toe_Jammer_PortraitEpic Toe Jammer* 4 Water 03:00:00 / 02:15:00 Sneyser_PortraitPango_iconSneyser & Pango
Epic_Mammott_PortraitEpic Mammott* 4 Cold 05:00:00 / 03:45:00 Sneyser_PortraitQuibble_iconSneyser & Quibble
Epic_Kayna_Portrait.pngEpic Kayna* 9 Fire 15:00:00 / 11:15:00 Sneyser_PortraitPhangler_PortraitSneyser & Phangler
Epic_Quibble_PortraitEpic Quibble* 7 Air Water 21:00:00 / 15:45:00 Wynq_PortraitPango_iconWynq & Pango
Epic_Pango_PortraitEpic Pango* 7 Air Cold 01:03:00:00 / 20:15:00 Whaddle_PortraitMaw_iconWhaddle & Maw
Epic_Glowl_PortraitEpic Glowl* 9 Air Fire 01:01:00:00 / 18:45:00 Wynq_PortraitQuibble_iconWynq & Quibble
Epic_Maw_PortraitEpic Maw* 7 Water Cold 13:00:00 / 09:45:00 Whaddle_PortraitPango_iconWhaddle & Pango
Epic_Boskus_PortraitEpic Boskus* 9 Cold Fire 19:00:00 / 14:15:00 Woolabee_PortraitMaw_iconWoolabee & Maw
Epic_Congle_PortraitEpic Congle* 7 Air Water Cold 23:00:00 / 17:15:00 Woolabee_PortraitQuibble_iconWoolabee & Quibble
Epic_Whaddle_PortraitEpic Whaddle* 9 Air Water Fire 01:01:00:00 / 18:45:00 Congle_iconPhangler_PortraitCongle & Phangler
Epic_SneyserEpic Sneyser* 9 Air Water Cold Fire 01:17:00:00 / 01:6:45:00 Woolabee_PortraitPhangler_PortraitWoolabee & Phangler
Epic_Gobbleygourd_PortraitEpic Gobbleygourd* 9 Feast-Ember 01:03:11:00 / 20:23:15 Sneyser_PortraitBoskus_PortraitSneyser & Boskus
Do_PortraitDo 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Oasis)
Re_PortraitRe 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Oasis)
Mi_PortraitMi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Oasis)
Fa_PortraitFa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (2 Keys for Cold Island)
Sol_PortraitSol 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Oasis)
La_PortraitLa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Oasis)
Ti_PortraitTi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (3 Keys for Fire Oasis)

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam is a seasoned My Signing Monster Maestro and has been a dedicated MSM player since its 2012 iOS debut. He’s embraced every note and beat of the franchise’s evolution and his heart has been forever captivated by the enchanting melody that mixes monster collection, island customisation, music creation and a large community chorus.

He particularly enjoys the unique music theme and composition mechanics that allow him to create tunes and beats despite his lack of musical ability. His favourite game is the original MSM which he is currently replaying on Steam as he attempts to complete every game island monster collection.

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