My Singing Monsters (MSM) Psychic Island Breeding Chart Guide

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This Psychic Island breeding chart guide to My Singing Monsters (MSM) helps players to conquer the second magical themed island that introduces a new element. With a fresh magical challenge by combining the natural and fire elements with the power of psychic this serves as a challenging intermediate island compared to the starting MSM islands. The pinnacle monster of Psychic Island is the seasonal exclusive through the Mindboggle season event which is linked to the return to school as students get their books ready.

Serving as a breeding guide and picture reference chart to the Psychic island the information below will help players to complete the monster book collection with optimised breeding combinations. This guide also includes multiple parent combination recommendations (where available) and the respective breeding time that players can expect to help identify the monster in their eggs.

Table of Contents:
Psychic Island Overview
Psychic Island Breeding Chart All

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My Singing Monsters Psychic Island Overview

Intended to be your second magical island the Psychic Island is home to a number of intelligent themed monsters that gives them unique abilities. Described as an island that is actually a strange entity known as Cruv’laapht who attracted a group of unknown psychic beings to its surface. One such large brain special monster known as Boo’qwurm is available solely during the themed seasonal event of Mindboggle that captures the sense of gathering books for the return to school while the entire island is centred around Nebulox Castle.

To unlock this island players must spend 1,250,000 gold, be account level 9 and also have unlocked the Fire Haven. Psychic Island features a small pool of elements players have encountered so far with only fire, plant and water able to survive on the brain focused island which is then paired with the new psychic element. The result is an island of 22 common, 9 rare, 5 epic and 1 seasonal monster and for the truly committed MSM breeder players can also obtain 59 costumes to alter the appearance of their new MSM collection.


Psychic Island Breeding Chart

This Psychic Island breeding chart includes every available to complete the associated monster book collection with these optimised breeding combinations that offer the best odds and minimise the time spent on failures.

While the common options are readily available just like past islands of My Singing Monsters players will only be able to access rare, epic and the seasonal monster during special events. Where applicable these are displayed with an asterisk (*) below so that players only attempt these during those respective events. Note that the breed time shown below are base values for the structure with the enhanced showing the 25% reduction value from the diamond upgrade.

Monster Required Level Elements Breed Time dd:hh:mm:ss (Default/Enhanced) Breeding Combinations
Toe_Jammer_iconToe Jammer 4 Water 00:01:00 / 00:00:45 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Potbelly_iconPotbelly 9 Plant 02:00:00 / 01:30:00  Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
kayna-iconKayna 9 Fire 07:00:00 / 05:15:00  Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Theremind_PortraitTheremind 9 Psychic 03:00:00 / 02:15:00 Purchase from Market or acquire from a breeding failure
Oaktopus_iconOaktopus 9 Plant Water 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Potbelly_iconToe_Jammer_iconPotbelly & Toe Jammer
Flowah_PortraitFlowah 9 Plant Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Potbelly_iconkayna-icon Potbelly & Kayna
Bonkers_PortraitBonkers 9 Plant Psychic 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 Potbelly_iconTheremind_PortraitPotbelly & Theremind
Phangler_PortraitPhangler 9 Water Fire 10:00:00 / 07:30:00 Toe_Jammer_iconkayna-iconToe Jammer & Kayna
Poppette_PortraitPoppette 9 Water Psychic 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 Toe_Jammer_iconTheremind_PortraitToe Jammer & Theremind
Yuggler_PortraitYuggler 9 Fire Psychic 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 kayna-iconTheremind_PortraitKayna & Theremind
Rootitoot_PortraitRootitoot 9 Plant Water Fire 20:00:00 / 15:00:00 Flowah_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconFlowah & Toe Jammer
Tapricorn_PortraitTapricorn 9 Plant Water Psychic 16:00:00 / 12:00:00 Bonkers_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconBonkers & Toe Jammer
Rooba_PortraitRooba 9 Plant Fire Psychic 16:00:00 / 12:00:00 Yuggler_PortraitPotbelly_iconYuggler & Potbelly
Periscorp_PortraitPeriscorp 9 Water Fire Psychic 16:00:00 / 12:00:00 Yuggler_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconYuggler & Toe Jammer
Gloptic_PortraitGloptic 9 Plant Water Fire Psychic 01:08:00:00 / 01:00:00:00 Rooba_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconRooba & Toe Jammer
Boo'qwurm_PortraitBoo’qwurm* 9 Mindboggle 01:00:06:24 / 00:18:05:00 Periscorp_PortraitBonkers_PortraitPeriscorp & Bonkers
Rare_Toe_Jammer_PortraitRare Toe Jammer* 4 Water 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Tapricorn_PortraitPeriscorp_PortraitTapricorn & Periscorp
Rare_Potbelly_PortraitRare Potbelly* 9 Plant 06:00:00 / 04:30:00 Tapricorn_PortraitRooba_PortraitTapricorn & Rooba
Rare_Kayna_PortraitRare Kayna* 9 Fire 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Rooba_PortraitPeriscorp_PortraitRooba & Periscorp
Rare_TheremindRare Theremind* 9 Psychic 08:00:00 / 06:00:00 Rooba_PortraitPeriscorp_PortraitAny three element monster pairing where both parents have the Psychic element (Tapricorn, Rooba and Periscorp).
Rare_Oaktopus_PortraitRare Oaktopus* 9 Plant Water 10:30:00 / 07:52:30 Potbelly_iconToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Flowah_PortraitRare Flowah* 9 Plant Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Potbelly_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_Phangler_PortraitRare Phangler* 9 Water Fire 13:30:00 / 10:07:30 Toe_Jammer_iconkayna-iconSame as common monster above
Rare_YugglerRare Yuggler* 9 Fire Psychic 12:30:00 / 09:22:30 kayna-iconTheremind_PortraitSame as common monster above
Rare_RootitootRare Rootitoot* 9 Plant Water Fire 01:02:30:00 / 19:52:30 Flowah_PortraitToe_Jammer_iconSame as common monster above
rare-roobaRare Rooba* 9 Plant Fire Psychic  01:01:30:00 / 19:07:30 Yuggler_PortraitPotbelly_iconSame as common monster above
Epic_Toe_Jammer_PortraitEpic Toe Jammer* 4 Water 03:00:00 / 02:15:00 Gloptic_PortraitFlowah_PortraitGloptic & Flowah
Epic_Potbelly_PortraitEpic Potbelly* 9 Plant 09:00:00 / 06:45:00 Gloptic_PortraitPhangler_PortraitGloptic & Phangler
Epic_Kayna_Portrait.pngEpic Kayna* 9 Fire 15:00:00 / 11:15:00 Gloptic_PortraitOaktopus_iconGloptic & Oaktopus
Epic_Oaktopus_PortraitEpic Oaktopus* 9 Plant Water 01:07:00:00 / 23:15:00 Rootitoot_PortraitBonkers_PortraitRootitoot & Bonkers
Epic_Rootitoot_PortraitEpic Rootitoot* 9 Plant Water Fire 01:01:00:00 / 18:45:00 Rooba_PortraitOaktopus_iconRooba & Oaktopus
Do_PortraitDo 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Psychic Island)
Re_PortraitRe 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Psychic Island)
Mi_PortraitMi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Psychic Island)
Fa_PortraitFa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Psychic Island)
Sol_PortraitSol 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Psychic Island)
La_PortraitLa 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Psychic Island)
Ti_PortraitTi 10 Dipsters N/A Purchase from Market (Keys). Note this cost varies based on island (6 Keys for Psychic Island)

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam is a seasoned My Signing Monster Maestro and has been a dedicated MSM player since its 2012 iOS debut. He’s embraced every note and beat of the franchise’s evolution and his heart has been forever captivated by the enchanting melody that mixes monster collection, island customisation, music creation and a large community chorus.

He particularly enjoys the unique music theme and composition mechanics that allow him to create tunes and beats despite his lack of musical ability. His favourite game is the original MSM which he is currently replaying on Steam as he attempts to complete every game island monster collection.

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