PokeTwo Commands List Guide – All Bot Commands & Beginner Guide

Last Updated on December 3, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

PokeTwo Commands List Guide – All Bot Commands & Beginner Guide

This PokeTwo commands list provides a reference for players new or familiar with the Discord game to all of the potential commands that are available on your journey to become the ultimate Discord Pokémon Master. With a large list it can be a daunting task for new players to learn the basics and advanced options available and for even the veteran to remember everything. This is further complicated by PokeTwo changing a number of times during the bot development that has seen it shift from the original p! commands which are still referenced by many other online guides to the current @PokeTwo commands featured here.

It’s through these @PokeTwo commands that players can capture their favourite creatures in a similar method to the likes of Pokecord (since shut down). These commands also include the ability to complete your Pokédex with over 1,000 Pokémon available, the ability to trade and sell Pokémon and even battle them against each other with a 3v3 duel format.

While I haven’t completed my personal Discord Pokédex just yet I’ve been playing this Discord bot for most of its development and have captured several hundred Pokémon during that time which means I’ve personally used nearly all of the PokeTwo commands available. To help new players I have included some basic guide content to get players started with joining the server, claiming your starter and catching your first Pokémon. I have also listed the game commands in the approximate order I recommend players use them based on my own experience while also splitting the commands into core game activity categories.

Table of Contents:
How To Join The PokeTwo Server
How To Use PokeTwo Bot Commands
How To Claim Your Starter
How To Catch A Pokémon
PokeTwo Pokémon Commands
PokeTwo Battle Commands
PokeTwo Trading Commands
PokeTwo Other Commands

PokeTwo Introduction Guide (Basic Overview)

How To Join the PokeTwo Server

Starting in PokeTwo is as simple as joining a Discord server with the bot installed and I recommend that all players start with the official PokeTwo Discord as while the bot was designed to be installed on any Discord server to reward people for their discussions the official server is setup specifically to support the game and also the place where you’ll find the best support. Even players with only a small amount of experience with Discord should have no trouble joining the server, selecting appropriate roles and navigating to specific chat channels to get started as it is fairly structured in the official game Discord. As always when joining a new Discord server players should pay attention to the welcome information and rules list to maintain access.


How To Use PokeTwo Bot Commands

After joining the server all commands are used by tagging the @Poketwo bot then entering the applicable command in the chat and gamers should make sure they are in the appropriate channel for an activity before doing so.

Tagging the bot is performed in the same way as tagging any other Discord bot or person by typing @ and selecting PokeTwo (currently userid Pokétwo#8236). Typing this can be made faster by copying and pasting the completed @ mention (“@poketwo”) and important to note that the bot supports both the US and UK spelling of words (e.g. favorite versus favourite) for commands.


PokeTwo – How To Claim Your Starter

The first steps for players when joining the Discord server should be to claim a starting Pokémon which can be completed with the steps shown below:

  • Enter the catching-bot-commands channel in the catching subcategory of channels and type: “@Pokétwo start”
  • In the same channel type “@Pokétwo pick” and then the name of the starter Pokémon you want, for example “@Pokétwo pick squirtle”
  • Players can then view their starter Pokemon stats by inspecting their new Pokemon with the command “@Pokétwo info” or the shorter “@Pokétwo i” and rename it if they want using the nickname command function.


PokeTwo – How To Catch A Pokémon

With many players focused on completing their collection of over one thousand Pokémon knowing how to catch Pokémon is critical as like the franchise it is the primary source of obtaining them. As players progress though you’ll likely need to trade and engage in the evolution mechanics of if your goal is to complete that Pokédex. In order to catch a Pokémon:

  • Visit one of the applicable Pokémon spawn or incense channels under the catching subcategory of channels. Each of these channels will occasionally spawn a wild Pokemon with a picture appearing on screen.
  • In order to capture a Pokemon you must be the first user to type “@Pokétwo catch” and the Pokémon name.
  • For example catching a Marowak that has appeared would be “@Pokétwo catch Marowak”. Catch can also be replaced with the letter “c”.


PokeTwo Pokémon Commands

This section covers the basic Pokémon related commands and how to use them:

Command Command Action Notes
start Shows the available starter Pokémon options
pick Pick your starter Pokémon Use the “start” command to see a list of the possible Pokémon first which are across the current video game generations.
info View information on your Pokémon Alternatively type “i” instead of “info”
pokedex View Pokédex information of Pokémon you have captured Alternatively type “d” instead of “pokedex”
catch Catches a wild Pokémon Alternatively type “c” instead of “catch”
nickname Changes the name of your Pokémon Alternatively you can use the “nickall” command to change names of Pokémon in your collection at mass.
pokemon Lists all Pokémon in your current collection This command is useful to determine the ID number, level and current experience % of your Pokémon as each will have a number next to the left of their image that you can reference.

Importantly the ID number is commonly used for many of the other commands and if players do not define an ID the command will attempt to perform the action on the currently selected Pokémon.

select Selects a specific Pokémon in your collection This is how you select a Pokémon in order to use a number of other commands that interact with them.

After select with either the ID number (from the pokemon command above) or use “latest” for the last Pokémon caught.

favorite Selects a Pokémon as your favourite
unfavorite Unselects a Pokémon as your favourite
favoriteall Selects all Pokémon as your favourite
unfavoriteall Unselects all Pokémon as your favourite
evolve Evolves a Pokémon This command only works if you have reached the target level or requirement for that evolution. This is the same level and method requirements as the Pokémon games.
shinyhunt Allows players to select a Pokémon for shiny hunting Alternatively type “sh” instead of “shiny hunt”
order Allows players to rearrange the order of their Pokémon The order can be changed based on iv, iv+, iv-, level, level+, level-, number, number+, number-, pokedex, pokedex+ or pokedex- that essentially orders your Pokémon in ascending or descending order based on these data points.
release Release a Pokémon
releaseall Releases all of your Pokémon


PokeTwo Battle Commands

This section covers the basic battle related commands and how to use them:

Command Command Action Notes
moveset View all moves and how to acquire them The move commands allow players to customise their Pokémon with movesets to create a battle ready Pokémon
moves View all the current and available moves on a Pokémon
moveinfo Shows information on a particular move
learn Learns a Pokémon move based on the Pokémon and available list
battle Allows players to initiate a Pokémon with another player Pokémon battles take place in the respective battling chat channels with players using direct messages to select their attacks. Only once both players have selected an attack will the battle round take place.
battle add Adds a Pokémon to a battle
battle move Move in a battle
battle cancel Cancels a battle
moveitem Move an item held by a Pokémon
dropitem Drop an item held by a Pokémon
unmega Turns a Pokémon into its non-mega form

PokeTwo Trading Commands

This section covers the basic trading related commands and how to use them, this includes trading with other characters and the NPC shop:

Command Command Action Notes
shop Opens the shop where players can spend their acquired Pokécoins There are 7 pages of the shop that sells different items. The shop command will tell players the number of coins they have and what each page of the store offers. Coins are earned from catching wild Pokémon and quests.
buy Purchases an item from the shop
market Buy or sell a Pokémon from the marketplace There are many market commands including search, info, add, remove and buy noted below that allow you to buy and sell Pokémon from a marketplace structure. Alternatively type “m” instead of “market”
market search Lists all the Pokémon currently listed on the marketplace Alternatively type “m s” instead of “market search”.
market info View information on a specific Pokémon on the marketplace
market buy Buy a Pokémon from the marketplace
market add List one of your Pokémon on the marketplace
market remove Remove one of your Pokémon from the marketplace
auction Allows players to auction one of their Pokémon Auctions allow players to list their Pokémon for sale with a starting bid and auction structure or alternatively buy Pokémon from other players in an auction format.
auction search Search for a specific Pokémon in an auction
auction info View Pokémon information from an auction
auction bid Bid on an auction Pokémon
auction start Start your own Pokémon auction
auction lowerstart Lower the starting bid for your Pokémon auction
trade Trades Pokémon directly with another user The trade mechanism allows for direct trade with another player by swapping Pokémon, Pokécoins and redeems that can be used to claim specific Pokémon.
trade info View Pokémon in a trade
trade add Add a Pokémon to a trade
trade addall Add multiple Pokémon to a trade
trade add pokecoins Add Pokécoins to a trade
trade add redeems Add redeems to a trade
trade confirm Confirm a trade with another user
trade cancel Cancel a trade
trade remove Remove a Pokémon to a trade
trade remove pokecoins Remove Pokécoins to a trade
trade remove redeems Remove redeems to a trade


PokeTwo Other Commands

This section covers the other commands and how to use them:

Command Command Action Notes
redeem Use a redeem for a Pokémon of your choice
redeemspawn Redeem for a Pokémon spawn of your choice
stats View information on the bot
open Open mystery boxes earned for voting dailies
time Current server time
ping Provides the current ping of the bot
profile Displays the player profile
reindex Reindexes all of your current Pokémon
donate Donate to the bot and receive shards currency

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam (Seelyon) has played the Pokémon franchise since childhood with Pokémon Blue his first ever game in the franchise where he picked Squirtle as his starting Pokémon. His favourite game to date though is Pokémon Crystal where he completed a full Pokédex for the first time. His nostalgia for the Pokémon franchise has driven him to seek out other Pokémon themed adventures such as PokéTwo.

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