Portal Knights Attributes and Talents Guide

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Portal Knights Attributes and Talents Guide

Learn more about the Portal Knights attributes and skills with this guide that breaks down the basic mechanics and gives you some guidance on where to invest your limited attribute and skill points. With 6 distinct attributes available with 2 aligned to each of the Portal Knights classes it can be confusing for new players where to invest their points gained through levels and understand the underlying mechanics.

Whether you’re playing through Portal Knights for the first time alone, with friends or looking to tackle the end game boss challenges that Portal Knights offers this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need for success. Attributes and talents are important in Portal Knights to allow for players to customise their class and give you an element of personalisation to your portal knight.


Portal Knights Attributes Guide

Portal Knights attributes are the foundation of your character and impact a number of statistics for your selected class, the following are the basic mechanics of the system:

  • The six available attributes are constitution, strength, agility, dexterity, wisdom and intelligence. Each of these attributes are described in detail below.
  • Players gain 3 attribute points per character level that can be spent on any of the attributes.
  • Each class is aligned with two attributes which are displayed on character creation and in your attribute window. This is designed to be a recommendation for players to follow and is not a limitation on where you can spend attribute points.
  • Players can reset their attribute points using an alchemy table recipe called the Potion of the Void. The recipe is available reasonably early although requires a rare energy crystal resource obtained from bosses, events and chests along with some late game items.


Attribute Details Primary For Class
Constitution Affects hardiness. Each point in Constitution increases your pool of Health Points. Warrior
Strength Affects your striking power. Each point in Strength increases damage caused by melee attacks and all Shapeshift attacks. Warrior and Druid
Agility Affects how fast you run. Each point in Agility increases your Movement Speed. Ranger
Dexterity Each point of Dexterity increases damage caused by ranged attacks and all Rogue attacks. Ranger and Rogue
Wisdom Affects your ability to cast spells. Each point in Wisdom increases your pool of Mana Points. Mage, Druid and Rogue
Intelligence Affects your magic power. Each point in Intelligence increases the damage of your magical attacks. Mage

Beginner Attribute Point Allocation: For beginners wondering how to assign their attributes the best point assignment is to always prioritise damage, then place points in your other class primary attribute that doesn’t increase damage but provides utility (if needed) and lastly place points into constitution to boost health (if needed).

For example in a Portal Knights Druid build you would want to focus on their damage attribute (strength), consider if they want to make a small investment in their other primary attribute for utility (wisdom) and then consider if you are struggling to survive and want some more health (constitution). Similarly a Portal Knights Rogue build would invest heavily in damage (dexterity), consider if extra mana is needed (wisdom) and then invest into constitution for extra health if necessary. These decisions for the base Portal Knight classes are explored in greater detail in our respective warrior, mage and ranger guides.

Advanced Attribute Point Allocation: For advanced players doing hard bosses you can generally place points only in your damage increasing attribute and constitution to have enough health that you feel comfortable without issue. Note there are some niche alternative builds for advanced players that may not utilise the above logic.


Portal Knights Talents Guide

Talents in portal knights are separate to attributes and allow players to customise their class specific strengths, the following are the basic mechanics of the system:

  • Players unlock a new talent tier at level 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30.
  • Players can select only one talent within each tier with each offering between 1 and 3 options to choose from.
  • The talents available are defined by your choice of Portal Knights class.
  • Talents can be changed at anytime without restrictions.

The talents you select will depend on the class build you are attempting to create and can dramatically impact your playstyle and the weapon choice you make from your equipment. Given there is no penalty for changing players are encourage to experiment with their own builds or Portal Knights builds they find online.

Note that talents are passive Portal Knight abilities and are distinct from skills/spells which are inventory items that you can equip on your hotbar and actively casted.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has invested hundreds of hours into Portal Knights in solo and multiplayer enjoying the familiar sandbox, crafting and exploration mix that the game offers. Preferring to play as a mage he has beaten all the hard bosses by casting a range of powerful elemental spells.

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