Portal Knights Warrior Build – Talents, Skills & Equipment

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Portal Knights Warrior Build – Talents, Skills & Equipment

This Portal Knights warrior build will give you the attributes, talents, skills and equipment you need to maximise your durability and damage as this popular melee class. Whether you’re a solo player looking to conquer the game for yourself or plan to be joined by allies that want to take out the end game content of hard mode bosses this warrior guide will provide you with the knowledge for success and explain each of your available options.

Capable of putting out high levels of damage and equally able to survive large damage values the warrior is a beginner friendly class and often considered the best class in Portal Knights due to these strengths and limited weaknesses. As a master of being in close range with enemies you’ll swing your selected warrior weapons rapidly in the face of enemies while absorbing or regenerating any damage that is returned. Accordingly your warrior build will need reliable sources of damage along with a strong health pool and regeneration ability while utilising the best warrior weapon available at any point in time.

Table of Contents:

Portal Knights Warrior Build Attributes

The warriors primary attributes in Portal Knights are constitution and strength that play perfectly into your playstyle. Strength should always be your focus for your attribute points given it has a direct impact on your melee damage. Not only does melee damage allow you to defeat enemies faster it also allows you to take less overall damage either through having life leech equipped or simply reducing the window that a monster is alive to attack you.

Points in constitution are generally not recommended as you’ll acquire some naturally as you progress in levels that is sufficient enough to survive even the hard mode bosses of the game. If you find yourself struggling to survive generally upgrading your equipment or healing items is going to be a better option first.


Portal Knights Warrior Build Talents

The warrior class has a pretty clear pathway for talent build with only a small amount of variety based on if you’re playing alone, hunting bosses and the equipment you currently have available. These circumstances are discussed in detail below, if you want an option as a default allocation then use the following:

Commander > Last Stand > Aggression > Chain Attacks > Empowered Lung > Combo Swing

Like other Portal Knights classes the warrior can tweak the above to suit their playstyle and build choice and these options are discussed below:

Level 2 Talents

Level 2 talents are always based on your choice of weapon which may change during a playthrough. Players should be selecting the talent that aligns with your weapon of choice currently which is usually going to be axes or swords. End game warrior builds also can use the fast attacking fist weapon class that does not benefit from any of the expert weapon specialisations in which case the choice is irrelevant unless you are using a backup weapon that has an associated talent. Despite this the Portal Knights best warrior weapon can sometimes be the fist weapon due to its massive attack speed.

Level 5 Talents

  • Eye For An Eye: While not recommended in the above default build this is a highly effective solo talent depending on your current activity. If you’re being hit regularly by a boss or monster type then the free 30% damage boost is useful.
  • Fortification: Not used as a talent given you’ll rarely want to stand still to regenerate health. Food and potions are both readily available during your journey and should be used instead in most situations.
  • Commander: A good default option in this tier of talents given it provides a consistent 15% buff to you and everyone that stays close to you.


Level 10 Talents

  • Adrenaline Rush: When progressing through the core game of Portal Knights this is likely to be your preferred talent as it provides an effective method to regain health throughout your adventure.
  • Last Stand: Perfect for fighting bosses as it gives you a safety net if you die and also provides a massive armour buff for 10 seconds which allows you to reposition or use health recovery items.


Level 15 Talents

  • Aggression: With your primary warrior shouts having a cooldown equivalent to the duration this talent offers great convenience as it makes it easier to maintain shout uptime. With these shouts being a great contributor to your damage and that of your party it’s a good option and players are only giving up a small boost to armour from other talents in this tier that will rarely matter.
  • Determination: While a 5% boost to defence sounds nice on paper it won’t significantly change the needle in terms of damage taken and players have ample methods to quickly regenerate any lost health that are usually sufficient to prevent death.


Level 20 Talents

  • Chain Attacks: A huge boost to damage that makes this the best option in this tier of talents. When this pairs with the multi strike on the equipment you’ll be using nearly every attack will benefit from the 50% increase in damage.
  • Echo: Mana is rarely an issue when casting your shouts and if it is players have other viable options to prevent running out of mana through potions and equipment.


  • Titan Slayer: Rarely triggers in practice as often a low health enemy will already be a single hit or two from death anyway making this a terrible talent option.
  • Tank Mode: Healing sources are already sufficient to maintain your health pool in the vast majority of cases which means the extra 30% is overkill and unnecessary.
  • Empowered Lung: Further boosting your shouts that are already a central component of your damage makes this talent an easy decision and by far the best option for solo and coop gameplay regardless if you are farming resources or battling bosses.


Level 30 Talents

  • Combo Swing: The best damage boost of the level 30 talents by giving you a good foundation of multi strike chance and is the same as the ranger talent of the same name.
  • Hardened Armour: With a 25% boost this does have a noticeable impact on the damage that monsters deal. However, the combat mechanics of Portal Knights simply don’t emphasise the need for defence and you’ll have better results through increasing your damage and life leech instead for your survival.
  • Eternal Rage: An okay option if you are killing lots of monsters in quick succession and don’t have significant multi strike equipment available yet although is eventually beaten out in terms of damage output by combo swing.

Portal Knights Warrior Build Skills

The warrior is primarily known for this shout abilities but can also use some other Portal Knights skills that pair nicely with their melee combat focus. With a low mana pool though you’ll need to carefully manage usage of all your skills.

  • Enrage: The first shout that players will likely encounter due to its early availability. With a boost to melee damage which is further improved based on your strength stat this is a must equip for the warrior progressing through the game.
  • War Cry: Used alongside your enrage skill noted above once unlocked given it also applies to your party. This should always be active when fighting enemies and a large source of the overall power of your warrior and also your party members. If you only want to run one shout in your build this one provides a larger boost than enrage.
  • Recklessness: Has a dramatic impact on damage taken by the warrior that makes it consistently useful as a hotbar skill although not something you cast all the time like war cry or enrage above. Note that this can be combined with or replaced by Deafening Shout as it impacts other party members as well although that skill has a limited range and thus requires additional micro management to use effectively.
  • Poison Rain: While you might think of the mage instead of the warrior it can be worth building to obtain this spell due to its fantastic power and ease of use. Adding an additional source of damage as you swing your weapon this skill has a similar cooldown to your war cry shout so you can often cast them together once you can maintain the mana cost to boost your damage.
  • Strength Flask: While not a skill this consumable item is an easy boost to your melee damage which along with shouts makes the warrior a deadly damage class.

Portal Knights Warrior Build Equipment

Selecting the right equipment for your warrior will always come down to what you have available and while end game gear is important so is the journey to get there. With a large list of items being directly craftable these should always be your first priority before chasing chest or boss drops which are harder to acquire but generally more powerful as a result.

As a warrior your equipment should focus on the following statistics:

  • Multi Strike Chance & Additional Strikes: Multi strike turns all of your attacks into a chance of hitting multiple times and ties in nicely with the warrior talent of chain attacks perfectly. When combined with additional strikes which is often on the same equipment pieces every swing of your selected weapon will quickly multiply.
  • Melee Damage: The warrior is unique in that they have a direct source of damage through equipment with the melee damage stat that spawns on multiple pairs of arms that makes it an easy priority for your equipment choices.
  • Critical Strike Chance & Damage: A secondary damage stat for slots that you can’t fill with the above stats will let you maximise your overall damage output and is better than defensive options in an equipment slot in most situations.


Some potential items in each equipment slot for your warrior build are as follows:


  • Titanium Masterwork Cleaver: A late game craftable item that offers both critical strike chance, damage and a small health boost that makes it a great option from the Portal Knights warrior weapons. Apply the Axe specialisation expert talent when using this weapon.
  • Gold Masterwork Fists of War: A fist weapon with significant attack speed and a solid amount of multi strike that despite not benefiting from any of your level 2 talents is a very effective weapon and often the best warrior weapon once available when you factor in the element of this weapon and late game battles.


  • Outlaw Hood


  • Elite Eliminator Jerkin
  • Primal Unleased Chest Piece
  • High Reaper Robes
  • Avenger Breastplate


  • Outlaw Gloves
  • High Reaper Gloves


  • Gladiator Champion Legbraces
  • Avenger Legbraces


  • Cloak of the Eternal Watcher


  • Ring of Divine Protection
  • Ring of Fire

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has invested hundreds of hours into Portal Knights in solo and multiplayer enjoying the familiar sandbox, crafting and exploration mix that the game offers. Preferring to play as a mage he has beaten all the hard bosses by casting a range of powerful elemental spells.


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