Rogue Company Tier List – Best Rogue Company Characters

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Rogue Company Tier List – Best Rogue Company Characters

Our Rogue Company tier list will help players select the best rogue for their playstyle and preferences from the vast roster of characters in the team based shooter experience. First released in late 2020 Rogue Company joins the large number of other hero based shooters with its free to play third person perspective formula focused on fast but strategic PvP gameplay. Like any video game with PvP engagements choosing meta and strong characters can go a long way to help you having a fun experience as you stay competitive with the community amongst the ongoing balance tweaks and changes of the developer.

With over two dozens rogues and many costing game currency to unlock having a tier list can also help players use their limited resources efficiently by choosing rogues that might be easier to use at maximum efficiency. As each rogue has their own unique roles, abilities, equipment, arsenal and thus strategies it can also be hard for the new or intermediate player to understand their potential power at first glance.

Rogue Company Tier List – Ranking Factors

The following are the key considerations that have been applied in order to reach the tier rating for each Rogue in Rogue Company:

  • Flexibility and Consistency: While most Rogues are perfectly viable in the right hands with hundreds or thousands of hours in game time practice most players will benefit from a character that has great flexibility to adjust to the match conditions by being able to consistently call upon their particular Rogue kit. There are several Rogues that if the stars align are truly powerful combatants but if that situation only arises every 100 games or requires years of practice to achieve then it’s not going to be ranked highly on this Rogue Company tier list given it’s intended for the majority of the player base.
  • Ease of Use: Similar to the above the rankings for the best Rogue Company characters below are scaled based on the new to intermediate player skill level and how easy the Rogue is able to reach their potential. This rating factor ensures you’ll be able to dive into the unranked or competitively ranked PvP content of Rogue Company confident that you’ll have a simple but effective Rogue kit for your game mode of choice. As players progress to veteran level players you can start to look beyond these Rogues into the ones that reward high levels of mastery and skill with high levels of power.
  • Role: Given there are five core roles of Rogue in Rogue Company (breachers, defenders, duelists, intels and supports) it’s only fair to compare Rogues to others in their same role. This ensures a fair comparison between their available arsenal for the role they were intended to perform on the battlefield and prevents the top tiers being dominated by the duelists who are always expended to win in most 1v1 situations against other role types.


Rogue Company Tier List – Rankings

Based on the above factors each Rogue Company Rogue has been assigned a S to B tier rating based on their effectiveness. Like any video game tier list this doesn’t mean that the lowest rank Rogues aren’t necessarily powerful in the right hands or specific situations but on average they simply won’t perform as well as a higher rated Rogue.

  • S Tier: The best Rogue Company characters in their respective class these Rogues are simple to use effectively and can be effective in the vast majority of match situations that arise. They can either hold their own in combat or provide great utility to their team through their defensive, support, intel or breach based role in each map. Playing as these Rogues ensures players are in the best position to have the best chance at success.
  • A Tier: Rogues in this category are still powerful opponents and perfectly viable when you either don’t enjoy the playstyle of a particular S tier Rogue in that role or simply don’t have them unlocked for play. These characters require a little more game knowledge and skill to utilise effectively compared to S tier options in the same role class but are rarely going to let you or the team down.
  • B Tier: In the B tier of Rogues you’ll start to see some glaring weaknesses that are either easily exploitable by your opponent or simply make you work harder for a victory. These Rogues are still specialists at specific situations or enemy team compositions though so can occasionally be used with great success and with dedication can be improved to a higher tier rating for you personally as you master their strengths and weaknesses.


Rogue Company Tier List – Best Rogues

The below tier list table includes all of the Rogue Company characters (Rogues) with a respective tier rating and are ordered by tier rating and role (breachers, defenders, duelists, intels and supports)

Rogue Role Tier Rating Notes
rogue-company-sigridSigrid Breacher S Sigrid has a simple kit that allows her to be useful in a number of situations with only a few situations in Rogue Company shutting down this flexibility. Like other breachers she is a roaming tank for herself and teammates which primarily comes from her shield that is effective in a number of situations.
rogue-company-anvilAnvil Defender S Anvil is a favourite of many when it comes to the defender archetype as they bring great survivability across their kit that allows them to absorb far more damage than most other Rogues. Immunity to the likes of disorients/blinds gives them good counter to a number of duelists with a similar ability to Sigrid for a portable barricade that has defensive and even offensive uses when necessary. As a free starting Rogue as well Anvil is a great foundation for many new players.
rogue-company-lancerLancer Duelist S As a duelist you’ll find plenty of raw power in Lancer with her Quick and Quiet ability being a fantastic aggressive play making ability as you can improve your speed while turning your movement silent and removing temporary revealing effects. With the ability to also ignore reloading with your elusive passive Lancer is capable of staying in a fight longer than many other Rogues.
rogue-company-glimpseGlimpse Intel S While Glimpse has had an up and down experience she still is the best of the intel subclass Rogues that are available. She can’t necessarily hold her own against other S tier Rogues but her ability to be versatile through cloaking is near unmatched in the right lobby.
rogue-company-runwayRunway Support S Runway is your number one sniper option both in terms of the LR15 being a great sniper but the fact that players can still carry an assault rifle given your passive of Fully Loaded to bring two primary weapons. The amount of flexibility this provides allows for consistently strong team offering with players also able to refill ammunition and gadgets that doubles down further on flexibility.
rogue-company-viviVivi Support S Vivi is intended to play a fast moving support role with a rockstar aesthetic. She comes with reliable weapon options but also a wide range of support options for healing and EMP that are critical to countering many opponents.
rogue-company-gl1tchGl1tch Breacher A  

Another Rogue with ups and downs in the meta who is adept at surviving explosive or other equipment with their hacker mindset. Be it detecting equipment for themselves or teammates the ability to counter equipment is often useful although means you are at your best when you have powerful allies with you as you can be vulnerable in fights.

rogue-company-the-fixerThe Fixer Defender A A defender that is equipped with Thermal Vision that literally allows for players to see enemy approaches while also activating damage bonuses. The Fixer also has an improved time to kill with the ability to ignore armour that makes them useful at holding down a specific location as intended although he prefers not to get to close to enemies.
rogue-company-vyVy Defender A A self healing defender that can cause all sorts of problems for an attacking group as your damage literally heals your health through Leeching Rounds. Your primary source of defence though is your zoning ability in Vile Poison that can restrict an area for a period of time.
rogue-company-jukeJuke Defender A Juke has great versatility and mobility that differentiates them from the positional focused defenders and gives them plenty of room for an experienced player to dominate an opponent.
rogue-company-roninRonin Duelist A  

Ronin is another great all rounder Rogue and with them being unlocked for free another staple Rogue players will use when learning Rogue Company. With the ability to ignore radar and flexible weapon choices with low reload time she can constantly push forward.

rogue-company-kestrelKestrel Duelist A Designed to overwhelm enemies by getting additional cash per down you’ll generally be better equipped than your opponents that allows for easy 1v1 battles and even success against multiple enemies.
rogue-company-chaacChaac Duelist A Chaac adds a little more durability to the Duelist archetype with an overheal or self revive ability that can help you have a temporary advantage or recover from a mistake.
rogue-company-dallasDallas Intel A Dallas is a straight forward to use Intel archetype with the ability to reveal the closest enemy at the push of a button for a short time. This straight forward Intel kit is perfectly suited to the newer player and Dallas is likely available for free for this reason.
rogue-company-seekerSeeker Intel A Like other Intel Rogues he Seeker is actually incredibly powerful in the right hands as they can unlock so much vision for their team when played at their peak that could make them easily an A or S tier option in the right hands. When players can’t reach this high level of gameplay though you’ll find yourself easily outgunned and so in general most players will find them mediocre as a result.
rogue-company-saintSaint Support A Taking a heavy revive focus Saint isn’t quite as strong as the S tier heroes as while revive is incredibly power it can often be more powerful to save a life through other support means first. With the right amount of skill, patience and capable teammates though you are a welcome support.
rogue-company-dahliaDahlia Support A A support hero with great flexibility but given your abilities are focused around linking with another ally will not always be as effective as other support options. When it works it feels fantastic but when it doesn’t work players may find themselves frustrated.
rogue-company-switchbladeSwitchblade Breacher B Switchblade is aggressive like other Breachers and has perks to keep her high on ammunition and health that makes her particularly adept at multiple enemies. Unfortunately she has a number of common counters from specific Rogues either through tenacity or other immunities that means most of the time you can’t reach your potential.
rogue-company-dimaDima Breacher B Focused on the durability and medium ranged attack side of the Breacher archetype Dima is reliable although doesn’t quite have enough to survive in the shorter ranged combat engagements that Breachers often find themselves in when pushed by a Duelist.
rogue-company-mackMack Defender B Mack can have deceptive damage and survivability with the ability to refresh armour on a take down and means this Defender can occasionally come out ahead against multiple enemies. Their core ability in Light Bomb though is difficult to use effectively even as a Defender that means you’re playing with a reduced kit.
rogue-company-trenchTrench Defender B A free Rogue that is actually a decent defender or playing a role in objective capture for some game modes. In order to be effective though you need to strategically position yourself and your defences with Trench unable to bring much offensively compared to other Defenders.
rogue-company-cannonCannon Defender B Cannon is actually one of the best tank themed Rogues in the game and is comfortable holding down a single point with their Gatling Gun. Unfortunately the Rogue Company meta is not particularly suited to this low mobility playstyle that makes him an easy target particularly if facing multiple opponents.
rogue-company-scorchScorch Duelist B Scorch is actually quite good in 1v1 engagements and comparable with some of the higher ranked Duelists Rogues and is simply let down by the very specific passive of Fireproof that grants fire immunity.
rogue-company-umbraUmbra Duelist B Umbra’s kit simply falls short of other Duelist archetypes and is heavily reliant on momentum through their passive that hurts their reliability for most players.
rogue-company-talonTalon Intel B When played to perfection Talon is definitely better than a B tier hero but reaching this point requires significant Talon, map and other mechanical knowledge to effectively use your Radar Dart. The lack of offensive abilities can also make for punishing failures that your average player is best avoiding.
rogue-company-phantomPhantom Intel B Like other sniper focused characters in video games you’ll find a high skill cap in Phantom that might not be worth your trouble given your other sniper options (like Runway) are generally going to be superior. As you’d expect players can quickly be downed if they let enemies get close to them.

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Sam enjoys a number of hero based shooters including Valorant, Overwatch and Apex Legends for the competitive elements and near endless replay value from the different types of hero combinations you can encounter. One of his favourites in this team focused genre is Rogue Company where he enjoys playing a supportive role with Runway and Saint.

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