Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team For Progression & Farming Guide

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Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team For Progression & Farming Guide

This Soda Dungeon 2 best team guide helps players set themselves up for progression, farming and end game content in the party based soda themed dungeon diving game. With recruitment of the right blend of soda addicted heroes an important element of how far you can push your Soda Dungeon adventure choosing the right options from the randomised characters in the tavern is critical with this guide providing several tips and templates for players to follow. Combining this Soda Dungeon 2 best team guide with the right selection of relics, pets and other important team boosting mechanics players will be equipped to go from their first Soda Junkie recruit in the tavern into the end game Warrior Dimension and beyond.

Table of Contents:
Soda Dungeon 2 Team Composition Tips
Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team Options


Soda Dungeon 2 Team Composition Tips

In order to build the best teams possible in Soda Dungeon 2 a general understanding of maximising your team composition can be critical as players won’t always have all of the available patrons in the tavern for recruitment. Either because you don’t currently have their soda unlocked, are starting fresh in a new dimension challenge or simply have been able to randomly generate the right mixture of recruitment opportunities and don’t want to pay the cost to activate their loadout slot. For whichever reason whenever you are unable to field one of the best team options in Soda Dungeon 2 these tips will ensure you can still make some progression:

  • The number one tip for building a Soda Dungeon 2 team is to understand your goal for the current dungeon run as while your ultimate goal is to push to new dungeon levels the individual dungeon attempts between this point may have different focuses. The majority of time you’ll simply want to push into your highest levels possible as this is where the rewards are at their greatest but from time to time you might want to use a resource or equipment efficient setup that might not push as far but costs players essentially zero time or resource investment.
  • While team composition is critical it will be extremely difficult to push the higher number dimensions and in time the Warrior Dimension (commonly referred to as WD) without recruiting both the right heroes from the tavern but also maximising the other Soda Dungeon 2 mechanics. This includes having the best equipment currently available and using the best team for farming essence and in turn acquire relic levels along with relic badge levels for your preferred team composition.
  • The order you recruit patrons for the tavern may not seem important at first but with a full team of 6 is actually critical as it impacts the positioning of your patrons that can influence the order of your team turns and damage output. For example having a Thief first when using the best team for farming is critical as it ensures they can use their associated skill with your hard hitting characters potentially better off behind enemies (generally the right hand side for a standard fight) for the back attack bonus.
  • While generally each increasing tier of character unlocked by a new soda offers more health and attack than the previous options there are a few exceptions to this rule along your dimensional progress. While it can be tempting to focus solely on health and attack values this would leave players ignoring critical utility benefits like healing, damage reduction, evade chance and area of effect attacks that may take you to deeper dungeon levels than just focusing on raw health and attack.
  • When in doubt of what to pick for your team of 6 while progressing through the Soda Dungeon 2 dimensions players can’t go past simply picking the highest tiers of heroes currently available based on your current sodas within the tavern and adding at least a single nurse into the team. More party members is always better than less party members as well which makes the early tavern upgrades of stools, tables and bed critical to pushing through the first dimension as you’ll simply be able to improve your consistency of recruiting full and decent teams.


Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team Options

The best team options for Soda Dungeon 2 will be heavily influenced by your current stage of progression and other account mechanic progress. As each account is at a different stage of this progression and upgrades the below recommendations provide a template guide as a starting point for players to utilise. Given this dramatic shift in challenge from pre Warrior Dimension (pre-WD) content (dimension 1 to 10) and the meta after you reach the Warrior Dimension (WD) they are discussed separately below.

Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team (Pre-WD)

Pre Warrior Dimension players will find they can make reasonably steady progression following the tips previously presented on this best team guide page with even blindly hiring in the tavern based on soda unlock order alone able to advance the player eventually with enough time. In order to optimise the time and resources spent to reach the higher dimensions players will want to focus their hires on the following stronger units which also makes them a good option for investing in the applicable relic class badge with many also critical to post WD parties which means you can start to level the applicable class mastery for end game.

A default foundation to use during Pre-WD with little thought is 1 nurse, 1 mystic and then as many darkmages as available with any unfilled slots going to the other character types noted below that are listed in approximate priority order:

  • Nurse: Central to any team in Pre-WD is at least one nurse given the role they play in keeping the team health pool high as often your damage and speed simply will not be high enough to avoid all damage. As a result a nurse should always be the first recruit from the tavern that players hire and can even recruit more than one given they are quite a durable hero in their own regard although their damage output is minimal. Given they are unlocked for a relatively small amount of 400g by purchasing the RN Cola and are only 40g each to hire you’ll rarely have to leave for the dungeon without at least one.
  • Mystic: The Mystic performs a similar role to the Darkmage although trades some of their damage for additional team utility in the form of MP regeneration that makes them the perfect partner for the Darkmage. Given this MP regeneration buff (known as recharge) cannot stack there is little reason to add more than one to your team composition in pre-WD content.
  • Darkmage: The best damage dealer option when progressing through Pre-WD given they have fantastic area of effect potential while also having a reasonable unlock cost (25k for Corrupted Cola) that is reachable relatively quickly after reaching a new dimension. Using their Noxin skill they will quickly damage and poison an entire floor of enemies while also having 2 accessory slots available for strong item combinations to really push higher dungeon levels. As your main damage dealer players will generally find a staple group to include a nurse, want as many darkmages as they can recruit
  • Carpenter: One of the early classes that players unlock this is not a staple in your team composition but is highly useful when it comes to providing single target damage against dimensional bosses in particular. When using the carpenter players will generally want to be focused specifically on boss fighting and use the associated warp mechanic to get as close to the boss as possible as they are weaker against dungeon floors with groups of enemies.
  • Huntress: The huntress provides a good damage focused recruit when we are unable to acquire the necessary darkmages we need given that they have some reasonable damage output, healing and cooldown reduction utility that gives them an attractive combination of abilities. This class also has an extra accessory slot that allows them to make use of some of the stronger accessory items in the game.
  • Thief: Another one of the slot filling heroes alongside the huntress option above the thief can be useful when players are simply grinding levels with resource gathering in mind as they provide additional loot, gold and crafting materials while dealing respectable damage. An entire team of unequipped thieves (or heavy thief team in general) entering the dungeon will also pay for themselves in resources if you can’t create another viable team from your tavern options.


Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team (WD)

Like many games in the genre many players don’t consider the real Soda Dungeon 2 experience starts until you reach the final dimension known as the Warrior Dimension. With this dimension serving as your final challenge for endless pushing players will have the available tools available to them to maximise their parties ability to push into hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dungeon levels. Ultimately the best team options for WD will vary slightly between early/mid WD for when players are new to the difficult dimension and then physical or magical which are the late game choices for late WD progression.

Early WD

Early WD means players will generally lack the significant account or patron specific boosts that allow them to effectively use the late WD physical or magical teams. For this reason much of your intention at this stage is to farm dungeon levels to help level your Soda Dungeon 2 core relics to at least level 100. This includes the core defence and attack ones that you’ve focused on so far but the value of essence, health regeneration and key find start to also become core as they allow your team to survive longer for deeper dives and bring back maximum essence.

The core of the Early WD team is similar to the pre WD progression recommendations above with the Thief and Mystic combination forming the basis of your team composition as the Thief can use Ransack to damage all enemies while stealing gold, essence and items while the Mystic provides MP recovery to repeat as many times as possible. The remaining slots should be filled with either the X secret character given their role in late game team compositions, a nurse if you need additional survivability due to low level relics and then units based on whether you plan to go for the physical or magical late game builds below as this will help you focus your relic, class relic and class mastery XP for that transition. Two possible examples of this are as follows:

  • Physical: Thief, Mystic, X (Secret Character), Nurse, 2x Carpenter
  • Magical: Thief, Mystic, X (Secret Character), Nurse, 2x Darkmage

Late WD (Physical)

The physical pathway is often seen as the easier path to pushing late game in Soda Dungeon 2 as not only does it require less investment of resources to reach its potential in terms of damage output it is also just as effective idle as it is active given it is not reliant on timing of skills. While the build will shift the weight of classes somewhat based on your current relic and class relics a rough progression pathway for the physical build will look like this:

  • Thief, Mystic, X (Secret Character), Nurse, 2x Carpenter (same build as early WD above)
  • Trade Nurse for another Carpenter when players have enough health regeneration relic to sustain themselves.
  • Trade Mystic for another Carpenter (or add Nurse back in) when you are not using Thief Ransack skill for resource farming focus.

Late WD (Magical)

The magical build has a number of differences to the physical build which makes for a strong alternative option although it takes much longer to reach its peak as you build up the required relic levels and store of items. Focusing on the high magical damage skills with area of effect components players will also see more success by carefully activating these skills actively although it can still be left idle if preferred. Just like the physical build your starting point is the early WD build with some adjustments from there as you start to level up your relic bonuses:

  • Thief, Mystic, X (Secret Character), Nurse, 2x Darkmage (same build as early WD above)
  • Replace Mystic with Wizard when mana is sufficient through relics/class relics/class mastery
  • Replace one Darkmage with Huntress for support

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has enjoyed playing the Soda Dungeon across mobile and PC given it’s idle like mechanics and optimisations reminds him of some of his favourite idle games from the past. He has completed all of the available content across Soda Dungeon 1 and Soda Dungeon 2 pushing his party of soda driven adventurers into the highest dimensions.

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