Soda Dungeon 1 & Soda Dungeon 2 Best Relic Guide

Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Samuel Franklin

Soda Dungeon 1 & Soda Dungeon 2 Best Relic Guide

In this guide to the best relic options I’ll explore the Soda Dungeon 1 and Soda Dungeon 2 best options to help your account along to the end game dimensions of the respective soda challenges. Like the other game mechanics (like Soda Dungeon pets) of these idle role playing strategy titles the relic mechanic provides the opportunity for players to gain additional stats for their dungeon recruits that ultimately help players to push into the highest dimension challenges on offer. With the large number of relics levels that are achievable by spending both essence or caps they are a staple of game progression that remains critical during early, mid and late game stages of Soda Dungeon content. Relics are also the primary reward for players resetting their game progression and moving onto the next game dimension challenge.

With each Soda Dungeon game offering a multitude of relic options and increasing costs of relic levels both the new and intermediate player can find themselves paralysed with choice on where to spend their precious resources next. With this guide I’ll share my recommendations of how to balance your relic investments across your options to ultimately help you decide what is the best relic for your current stage of Soda Dungeon progression. This guide includes Soda Dungeon 1 and Soda Dungeon 2 content and as a result spoilers for the respective relic mechanisms of each game.

Table of Contents:
Soda Dungeon 1 Relic Overview
Soda Dungeon 1 Best Relic
Soda Dungeon 2 Relic Overview
Soda Dungeon 2 Best Relic


Soda Dungeon 1 Relic Overview

In the original Soda Dungeon the relic mechanic is as follows:

  • Players choose one of three relics when they advance to a new dimension.
  • There are 10 new dimension relics which are available in two separate groups split between the first and last five dimensions with the order they are offered to players also fixed. This means all players will be at the some relic progression after the first five dimensions although players may unlock them in slightly different orders.
  • There is one mystic cap relic available that is unlocked when players earn their first 50 mystic caps which takes the total relics in Soda Dungeon to 11.
  • In addition to relics players can earn relic badges when advancing dimensions that empower a specific soda patron and are levelled up separately to relics. These are unlocked in the same order as players unlock patrons in the tavern if buying new soda types in order.
  • Relic badges provide either passive or new active focused skills and a +2 per level boost to HP, MP and Attack for the specific patron type that is named in the badge.
  • Relics and relic badges can be upgraded using essence or relic tokens that are a paid in game purchase with relic essence costs increasing with each level that encourages players to level each relic somewhat while giving greater focus to the best relic options.

The relics in Soda Dungeon 1 (in unlock order) are as follows:

Relic Relic Stat Per Level Source Recommended Unlock Order Upgrade Priority
soda-dungeon-1-relic-constitution-colaConstitution Cola +5 HP New dimension (first 5) 3 High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-vigor-swigVigor Swig + 2 Attack New dimension (first 5) 1 High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-cauldron-bubbleCauldron Bubble +3 MP New dimension (first 5) 5 Low
soda-dungeon-1-relic-two-strike-sodaTrue-Strike Soda +1% Critical Chance New dimension (first 5) 2 Medium
soda-dungeon-1-relic-liquid-goldLiquid Gold +1% Gold Earned New dimension (first 5) 4 High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-potable-potionPotable Potion +3% Magic Attack New dimension (second 5) 8 Medium
soda-dungeon-1-relic-damage-quenchDamage Quench +2% Critical Damage New dimension (second 5) 7 Medium
soda-dungeon-1-relic-evaderaidEvader-Aid +1% Evade Chance New dimension (second 5) 9 Low
soda-dungeon-1-relic-effervessenceEffervessence +1% Essence Chance New dimension (second 5) 6 High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-sip-of-vitalitySip of Vitality +1HP Regen Per Turn New dimension (second 5) 10 Low
soda-dungeon-1-relic-combat-crushCombat Crush +1% Physical Attack Collect 50 Mystic Caps N/A Medium

The relic badges in Soda Dungeon 1 (in unlock order) are as follows:

Relic Badge Effect Type Upgrade Priority
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-soda-junkieRelic of Soda Junkie 20% chance to evade Passive Low
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-ruffianRelic of Ruffian Hits 3 random targets Active Low
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-conscriptRelic of Conscript 50% bonus critical damage Passive Low
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-fighterRelic of Fighter Damaging attack causing 3x attack power Active Medium
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-conjurerRelic of Conjurer 10% additional essence find chance Passive Medium
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-healerRelic of Healer Group heals HP, status effects Active High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-thiefRelic of Thief 15% critical chance, 15% critical damage Passive High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-knightRelic of Knight Damage and burn group Active High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-merchantRelic of Merchant 1000G, damages entire group Active High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-darkmageRelic of Darkmage High magic damage to single target Active High
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-ragezerkerRelic of Ragezerker N/A N/A N/A – depends on if you have the associated special patron unlocked.
Relic of Gladiator N/A N/A As above
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-shopkeeperRelic of Shopkeeper N/A N/A As above
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-wizardRelic of Wizard N/A N/A As above
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-ownerRelic of Owner N/A N/A As above
soda-dungeon-1-relic-badges-shifterRelic of Shifter N/A N/A As above

Soda Dungeon 1 Best Relic

In the tables above I have noted my recommended upgrade priority and unlock order across relics and relic badges in the original Soda Dungeon. Given the scaling costs of relic upgrade there are some points where it simply makes sense to acquire a few levels in a cheap low priority relic instead of saving up a significant amount of essence for a level in a medium or high option.

In terms of the best relic unlock order I would suggest players unlock them in the order presented in the table, this optimises for early damage through attack and critical chance that are key requirements to pushing quickly, grabbing HP which is important to our team survivability and then increased gold gain to help with gold costs. Once past the first 5 dimensions our focus becomes boosting essence gains to feed our relics more essence and boosting our damage through critical damage and magic attack.

Similarly with relic badges you’ll find a few points in all of the relics badges is a cheap way to improve each patrons effectiveness as you’ll have to use all of them at some point while progressing through a new dimension. For relic badges the higher priority upgrades though are the staple mid and late game dimension patrons that you’ll use which is linked closely to the best team design. Given the core relics provide their benefits to all of your patrons there is also a balance here where the essence costs of relic badges is cheap enough to justify the cost in these patron specific boosts.


Soda Dungeon 2 Relic Overview

In Soda Dungeon 2 the relic mechanic is as follows:

  • Players have access to a total of 25 relics in Soda Dungeon 2 which are split across main relics, secondary relics and class relics.
  • All of these relic types can be upgraded for essence or caps game currency.
  • Players choose one of three main relics when they advance to a new dimension which are presented by the Interdimensional Being. Main relics are unlocked at fixed dimension progression although players may progress a different pathway than other players by the choices players make in each dimension. Interestingly as relics appear based on your unlock order it is possible for two players to have a different UI screen for relics.
  • Secondary relics are unlocked at specific dimension points and provided directly to the player at that dimension so there is no competition with main relics in terms of choice.
  • Unlike Soda Dungeon 1 some of the main or secondary relics have maximum levels. While relics without a maximum level do have a cap (level 2.14 billion) most players will not reach this point in progression.
  • Players unlock the associated class relic once a specific character reaches level 50 through the mastery XP system introduced in Soda Dungeon 2. These no longer provide passive or active buffs and instead only increase attack, HP and MP by 2 per level noting that Blademasters and Chefs do not receive the 2 MP buff given they do not have MP.

The main relics in Soda Dungeon 2 are as follows:

Relic Relic Stat Per Level Max Level Dimension Available Recommended Unlock Order Upgrade Priority
soda-dungeon-2-relic-healthRelic of Health +5 HP 2 2 High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-attackRelic of Attack +2 Attack 2 1 High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-manaRelic of Mana +3 MP 2 4 Low
soda-dungeon-2-relic-gold-findRelic of Gold Find +1% Gold Find 3 3 High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-crit-chanceRelic of Crit Chance +0.1% Critical Chance 250 4 5 Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-crit-damageRelic of Crit Damage +0.5% Critical Damage 250 7 7 Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-essence-findRelic of Essence Find +0.2% Essence Find 7 6 High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-regenerationRelic of Regeneration +1 HP Regeneration 100 7 10 Low
soda-dungeon-2-relic-physical-boostRelic of Physical Boost +0.25% Physical Attacks 8 9 Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-magic-boostRelic of Magic Boost +0.2% Magic Attacks 9 8 Medium

The secondary relics in Soda Dungeon 2 are as follows:

Relic Relic Stat Per Level Max Level Dimension Unlocked Upgrade Priority
soda-dungeon-2-relic-dungeon-keysRelic of Dungeon Keys +0.2% Chance of finding dungeon keys 300 2 Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-masteryRelic of Mastery +0.1% Boost to character mastery XP 100 3 Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-oreRelic of Ore +0.1 Ore find 100 4 Low
soda-dungeon-2-relic-resistanceRelic of Resistance +0.25% Status resist 52 5 High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-reflectionRelic of Reflection +0.2% Damage reflection 100 6 Low

The relic badges in Soda Dungeon 2 are as follows:

Relic Badge Upgrade Priority
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-soda-junkieRelic of Soda Junkie Low
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-carpenterRelic of Carpenter High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-minerRelic of Miner Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-nurseRelic of Nurse High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-mysticRelic of Mystic Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-thiefRelic of Thief High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-huntressRelic of Huntress Medium
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-darkmageRelic of Darkmage High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-blade-masterRelic of Blade Master High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-dark-lordRelic of Dark Lord High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-chefRelic of Chef Low
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-wizardRelic of Wizard High
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-blacksmithRelic of Blacksmith Low
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-ownerRelic of Owner Low
soda-dungeon-2-relic-badges-hidden-characterRelic of Hidden Character Low

Soda Dungeon 2 Best Relic

In the above summary tables of main, secondary and relic badges includes my recommendations for the best Soda Dungeon 2 relics to level and unlock. Just like Soda Dungeon 1 highlighted above there is often a trade off that needs to be considered as you level up your relics where a few levels in cheap relics can be gained without putting a notable dent in your essence reserves. A good threshold for this is levelling up all relics to at the least the amount of essence you earn on average in one or two dungeon attempts when unlocked given the useful stats they provide are generally useful. Beyond this point though you’ll want to focus level those noted based on priority above and further detailed below.

For main relics the unlock order is relatively straight forward as most of the time there is something that benefits us the most and we have limited options and are also limited by the current dimension we are at. As a general rule damage, health and then resource generation is a good default rule for both unlocking and upgrading your main relics. This upgrade cycle is useful because generally players will need to reach a particular level of damage to reach the next stage of their Soda Dungeon 2 progression which also comes with the benefit of increasing the resources you acquire as you push higher dungeon levels and dimensions. Second to damage survivability does eventually start to become an issue in pushing further that makes it worth investing in before our last priority of boosting resource gains is worthwhile.

For secondary relics the only worthwhile one to prioritise is the status resistance one as it gives a reasonable amount of resistance against status effects that can either ruin a dungeon run entirely or slows down your ability to progress deep into dungeon levels. Beyond this relic keys and mastery XP have some level of utility that is nice but rarely going to compete with the benefits provided by the main relics while ore find and damage reflection don’t have significant value.

For relic badges players will want to somewhat spread upgrades around the options when these upgrades are cheap on essence as you’ll regularly use of the patron types on your way to the final dimension. Serious investment levels though are best focused to the high priority options in the table found above with the high rated options of hidden character, blade master, darkmage, thief and nurse due to their role in end game best team compositions while I rate the likes of miner, mystic and huntress medium as they are decent dimension progression patrons and where you spend lots of your time progressing so giving them a little extra power is convenient when it is cheap.

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has enjoyed playing the Soda Dungeon across mobile and PC given it’s idle like mechanics and optimisations reminds him of some of his favourite idle games from the past. He has completed all of the available content across Soda Dungeon 1 and Soda Dungeon 2 pushing his party of soda driven adventurers into the highest dimensions.

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