Space Food Truck Wiki – Cards, Events & Ingredients

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Space Food Truck Wiki – Cards, Events & Ingredients

This page covers Space Food Truck wiki content including a full list of available cards and planet events to help you deliver food across the galaxy in the digital board game adventure. I’m currently the Space Food Truck speedrun world record holder and have completed all of the Steam achievements and decided that because there is no current Space Food Truck wiki on the web that I would use this page to serve wiki content to the small dedicated community of players.

Any comments are welcome at the bottom of the page and I intend to continue to expand the content over time based on community feedback and input.

Table of Contents:
Planet Events


Space Food Truck Wiki – Difficulties

There are four difficulties in Space Food Truck that impact the strength of your starting ship, draw pod damage, the difficulty of your recipes, crisis damage and Scientist lab research.

For details of the Common, Exotic, Rare and Scientist Lab (artificial) ingredients refer to the ingredients section.


  • Mild (Easy):
    • Start with a perfect ship (9 HP, 4 shield and 4 FTL)
    • Recipes require 6 Common, 1 Exotic, 1 Rare and 1 Scientist lab ingredient
    • Crisis damage is half (1 for crisis and 2 for all hands)
    • Scientist lab starts with 1 random unlock per character and research costs 1
  • Medium (Normal):
    • Start with an average ship (7 HP, 3 shield and 3 FTL)
    • Recipes require 6 Common, 3 Exotic, 1 Rare and 1 Scientist lab ingredient
    • Crisis damage is normal (2 for crisis and 4 for all hands)
    • Scientist lab research costs 1
    • Start with 1 random broken draw pod
  • Thai Hot (Hard):
    • Start with a below average ship (5 HP, 2 shield and 2 FTL)
    • Recipes require 4 Common, 4 Exotic, 1 Rare and 3 Scientist lab ingredients
    • Crisis damage is normal (2 for crisis and 4 for all hands)
    • Scientist lab research costs 2
    • Start with 1 random broken draw pod, door and lab topic
  • Dragon Sweat (Expert);
    • Same parameters as Hard except for the following;
    • All draw pods are broken
    • You have 90 turns to finish the game

Space Food Truck Wiki – Cards

The following details all the available cards in Space Food Truck (excluding ingredients which are detailed at the end of this Space Food Truck wiki article).

Cards in Space Food Truck are split between common cards that all characters can use and role specific cards that only that specific character can use. Each character starts with 10 cards in their deck with further cards obtained through research in the Scientist lab, events or obtained through the Zapmart restock. The method of obtaining cards is contained in brackets; Start (S), Research (R), Event (E) or Zapmart (Z)

Common Space Food Truck Cards

  • Taste of the Future (S)
  • Hall Pass (S) (Z)
  • Leftovers (Z)
  • Vexyl (E)
  • Raw Sylk (Z)
  • Spunk Sylk (Z)
  • Refined Sylk (Z)
  • Diplomabot (Z)
  • Enriched Echonium (Z)
  • Exchangitron (Z)
  • Flux Inverter (Z)
  • Gamma Toaster (Z)
  • Power Glove (Z)
  • The Claw (Z)
  • The Claw of Duty (Z)
  • Unomas Remote (Z)
  • X-Ray Burnilizer (Z)

Captain Space Food Truck Cards

  • Ask Around (S)
  • Engage (S)
  • Backtrack (R)
  • Captain’s Orders (R)
  • Overdrive (R)

Scientist Space Food Truck Cards

  • Foresight (S)
  • Research (S)
  • A Breakthrough (R)
  • Fast Track (R)
  • Mimicube (R)

Chef Space Food Truck Cards

  • Cook (S)
  • Taste Test (S)
  • Discard Dive (R)
  • Flambe (R)
  • Free Sample (R)

Engineer Space Food Truck Cards

  • Trusty Wrench (S) (R)
  • Upgrade Ship (S)
  • Duct Tape (R)
  • Exterminator (R)
  • Quantum Nucleonic Core (R)


Space Food Truck Wiki – Planet Events

Every time players move to a different planet a random event happens which can positively or negatively impact the player. These locations can be scouted which will reveal a string of text that describes what is at that location. These are separate to random events that happen at the start of each character turn.

All bad events except for the wormhole and spacetime flies can be dodged by discarding cards with sufficient power value, this is represented in brackets below.

Bad Events:

  • Accident Prone: Breaks one random door, lab topic or draw pod (1 power).
  • Breaky Bounce: Destroys two items (random doors, lab topics or draw pods) (2 power)
  • It’s All Relative: All crisis events instantly resolve for damage (3 power)
  • It’s Baaack: Players cannot move for 4 turns (2 power)
  • Pirates: Destroys one card from all hands (4 power)
  • Skunked: Dumps all of your FTL drive (1 power)
  • Spacetime Flies: All crisis events are accelerated by 4 turns (unavoidable)
  • Wormhole: Teleports your ship to a random planet and ends your turn (unavoidable)

Good Events:

  • Eureka!: Unlocks a random research node in the Scientist lab
  • Fair Warning: Reveals a pirate location
  • French Fried Fuel: Gives 2 FTL drive fuel
  • Handy Man: Gives 3 repair points for players to spend
  • Mark One Off: Reveals details for one random planet
  • Pep Talk: Adds one random card to a random character’s hand
  • Rousing Speech: Adds one random card to all player hands
  • Serendipity: Reveals the location of the rare ingredient
  • Sure Thing: Reveals the location of an uncommon ingredient
  • Technically Stealing: Adds two shield points to the ship

Space Food Truck Wiki – Ingredients

Ingredients in Space Food Truck come in four varieties and each type has the same energy and value. The mix of ingredients to make the recipes is randomised at the start of each game with the difficultly selected altering the number across the categories below.

Common (Available during any resupply)

  • Antipepper
  • Astro Onion
  • Blue Meat
  • Dark Turnip
  • Postcheddar Cheese
  • Space Kale
  • Vega Mushroom

Exotic (Available on only certain planets)

  • Borgia Beetle
  • Mammon Eggs
  • Quantum Beans
  • Ralnuts
  • Solar Crab
  • Teya Leaf

Rare (Available on only one planet)

  • Chocolium Powder
  • Fibonacci Fruit
  • Great White Truffle
  • Xanthian Caviar

Scientist Lab or Artificial (Available only through research in the lab)

  • Fried Fructose
  • Golden Syrup
  • Moon Dust
  • Nitro Preservative
  • Nuri Pill
  • Petri Flakes
  • Secret Sauce
  • Soylent Pink
  • Yellow X

Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam is the current speedrun world record holder for Space Food Truck and has all completed all the Steam achievements. He has nearly 100 hours of experience with the game and seeks to share his experience with others in the small community through Space Food Truck Wiki style content.

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