Tarkov Chemical Part 4 Who To Give / Choose 2022

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Tarkov Chemical Part 4 Who To Give / Choose 2022

Wondering who to give Chemical Part 4 (or Out of Curiosity and Big Customer) in Escape From Tarkov? This multi choice quest leaves many players wondering who to turn into the quest which is a question answered on this page along with the supporting reasons why. For those seeking a quick answer to continue on with your Tarkov raids I recommend you complete the quest with Skier.

After completing Chemical Part 3 players will unlock three quests that each require the same objective to be completed. These are Chemical Part 4 (Skier), Out of Curiosity (Therapist) and Big Customer (Prapor) that each have their own quest rewards and penalties for choosing a different option (Loyalty Buyout, Trust Regain or No Offence). It will also unlock varying secondary quests that can be used to regain trader reputation with the vendors you failed. Choosing who to turn in the quest to is a permeant choice and is only reset with a Escape From Tarkov wipe or a player initiated account reset.

Below we will break down each of your available options and then summarise why Skier is the recommended choice for all players.

Chemical Part 4 (Skier) Option

By handing the Chemical Part 4 quest into Skier players earn themselves the following rewards:

  • 6,500 Experience
  • Skier Rep +0.04
  • Jaeger Rep -0.01
  • 35,000 Roubles (changes based on Intelligence Centre level)
  • 1 Grenade Case
  • Unlocks Zsh-1-2M helmet (black) from Ragman Level 3

For failure players will lose 0.25 Skier reputation and unlock Loyalty Buyout where players can spend 1 million Roubles to obtain the reputation back.

Out of Curiosity (Therapist) Option

By handing the Out of Curiosity quest into Therapist players earn themselves the following rewards:

  • 7,700 Experience
  • Therapist Rep +0.04
  • 170,000 Roubles (changes based on Intelligence Centre level)
  • 1 Meds case

For failure players will lose 0.25 Therapist reputation and unlock Trust Regain which requires you handover a bunch of common keys to obtain the reputation back.

Big Customer (Prapor) Option

By handing the Big Customer quest into Prapor players earn themselves the following rewards:

  • 8,100 Experience
  • Prapor Rep +0.03
  • Jaeger Rep -0.01
  • 200,000 Roubles (changes based on Intelligence Centre level)
  • 6B2 Flora Armour
  • 2 Ammo case

For failure players will lose 0.25 Prapor reputation and unlock No Offence which requires you to give Prapor 10 M67 grenades keys to obtain the reputation back.

Why Choose Skier?

From the above you might be thinking that the Chemical Part 4 vs Out of Curiosity vs Big Customer debate doesn’t go in Skiers favour but there are several factors that make him the ideal candidate for the task hand in:

  • Despite offering the lowest amount of experience this does not represent a significant impact on player progression with a single raid easily making up the difference.
  • While offering limited reputational gains Skier is one of the hardest traders to acquire reputation on in the early game while Therapist and Prapor have an abundance of quests to acquire reputation. This is the most significant and often underrated benefit of selecting Skier in the Chemical Part 4 who to choose debate (particularly for new players). While there has been a number of new quests introduced to the game it’s the timing of them that still make the Skier reputation valuable to your progression as it means you can delay completing more difficult Skier quests.
  • The quests to regain reputation from Prapor and Therapist are significantly easier to complete and will cost you dramatically less than the 1 million Roubles for Skier’s reputation regain quest (loyalty buyout).
  • Skier offers a medium amount of Roubles when factoring in the grenade case that can be sold. While this isn’t as high as the Therapist option Roubles can easily be earned through other means such as PMC loot runs or Scav runs and shouldn’t be a priority from questing.
  • The quest is the only way to unlock the Zsh-1-2M helmet (black) which is sold for a cheaper price than the tan variant and provides a reasonable helmet and face shield combination. By not completing the quest with Skier the ability to purchase this is forever lost although this is a small factor as most players will never use it given this helmet is far from one of the best meta helmets in Tarkov.


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