How To Add Friends On Tarkov: Screenshot Steps Guide

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Samuel Franklin

Learn how to add friends on Tarkov with this step by step screenshot guide to help you experience Tarkov as a squad and take a break from solo play. In EFT, playing with friends enhances your experience by providing support in raids, assistance with quests and someone to share the challenging or rewarding moments. With these advantages how to add people in Tarkov is a common new player question given the UI design of the friend list can be puzzling the first time which this full text and screenshot guide will help you overcome.

Table of Contents:
How To Add Friends In Tarkov
Accepting A Friend Request
How To Play With Friends In Tarkov
Tarkov Tips When Playing With Others

How To Add Friends In Tarkov

Other players can be a added to your friends list regardless of their PMC faction (USEC or BEAR) and allows you to create a squad without having to try find each other in a raid lobby. You can add someone on Tarkov with these steps:

  1. Open the “Messenger” located along the bottom of your Escape From Tarkov screen and click the “Friends” button in the top right hand corner of the messenger pop-up.
  2. Type in the name of your friend into the search bar, if this is a valid name it will show in the drop down menu along with their PMC player level in square brackets.
  3. Left or Right click on your friends name in the drop down and select “Send Friend Request” with left click, a message will display on the bottom right hand corner of the screen confirming if this was successfully.
  4. tarkov-add-friends-send-requestYour friend now needs to accept the friend request (using the steps shown below) before they will appear within your friends list.

How To Add Friends In Tarkov – Accepting A Friend Request

  1. If you are in the Tarkov menus when the friend request is sent to you then you will see a player wants to add you message in the bottom right of your game. When you are not online players will be greeted with white coloured alert above the messenger area that shows a pending friend request instead.
  2. To access this friend request follow the steps in point 1 of sending a friend request above. Note that there is an additional alert here of a pending friend request.
  3. Click on the pending requests section of the friends list which will display the name of the player making the friend request.
  4. Click on your friends name which will display the options to accept or decline.tarkov-friend-request-pending-choice

How To Play With Friends In Tarkov

  1. Navigate to the “Prepare to Escape” screen as you would for a solo Tarkov raid and tell your friend which character (PMC or Scav), map and time you have selected for them to do the same. USEC and BEAR characters can play with each other and Edge of Darkness accounts can play practice mode together as an alternative to online raids.
  2. Players on your friend list will appear at the top of the PMC list. If players aren’t on your friend list, they should click the ‘Start Looking For A Group’ button under their PMC’s avatar.
  3. Right click on the name of your friend that you want to raid with and click “Invite To Group” after a few seconds the invite will be sent and you’ll see an invite sent status.
  4. The receiving player will get a confirmation message accept the group request.
  5. Selecting ‘yes’ forms a group, allowing you to see your friend’s PMC loadout. At this point the group leader can click the ready button just like any other raid.

Tarkov Tips When Playing With Others

In order to optimise your experience when playing with other people in Tarkov I recommend players utilise the following tips. Given I have spent more than half of my total raids in a duo these tips have been developed over thousands of raids:

  1. Communication: Communication is your number one priority when playing with others and while there is VOIP in game this can be heard by all players in the area so players should use Discord or similar instead. I also recommend players develop common callouts for locations and threats as clear communication makes a significant difference in your survival chances.
  2. Loadout: Sharing your loadout with your partner and co-ordinating can give you an important edge and will determine your shared playstyle. Having combinations of weapons that allow for short to long ranges ensures that you have every engagement distance covered although it’s equally effective to focus on one range of weapon as long as you play accordingly as a team.
  3. Have A Plan: Entering a Tarkov raid it is always important to have a plan and it is critical to determine a shared plan so that everybody in a squad knows the high level objective. This could be going to a location for loot, hunting Scav bosses or completing a specific quest.
  4. Less Is More: While a full five man squad is incredibly fun groups will require strict communication to succeed. For new players in particular I would keep your squad size to 2 at maximum as it is easier to stay focused on other parts of the raid. Players can use armband colours (purchased from Ragman) to help identify teammates although this may tip off other players you are potentially playing in a group if they only spot (or kill) one player.


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