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Providing a huge boost to your looting speed in Tarkov learning how to level attention skill and optimising it with these levelling strategies can significantly improve your raid experience. Allowing you to quickly discover loot in a container and move onto the next one you’ll spend less time exposed to danger for a notable boost to your survival rate and Roubles gained efficiency. Most attention skill levels are earned passively through raid looting but with strategic tweaks and tactics based on my thousands of EFT game hours, players can reach elite levels sooner, meeting the attention skill requirements for hideout upgrades.

While most of your attention skill levels will be earned passively from looting in raid with some tweaks and tactics from my thousands of hours in EFT players can reach elite level sooner or simply ensure they meet the attention skill level requirements of the hideout upgrades.

Table of Contents:
How To Level Attention
Attention Requirements (Hideout)
Benefits Of Attention Levels

Unlike physical and practical skills in Tarkov mental skills like attention currently have no method to boost experience gained that makes it even more valuable to learn how to level attention early in your Tarkov journey.

How To Level Attention

Earning skill points in attention requires:

  • Uncovering loot in containers
  • Completing specific quests (Farming Part 4: +3 levels and Booze: +1 level)

Attention experience is earned for each item that players find within a loot container such as filing cabinet drawers, supply crates, jackets, computers, safes, duffle bags, toolboxes, weapon boxes and many others which leads to a significant amount of passive experience gained during normal raid activities. Notably the experience gain for attention is significantly higher where bags or rigs are located on the ground rather then on a dead PMC or Scav although I don’t recommend using this in practice as you’ll extend the time you are exposed to drop these and then loot them.

A small optimisation players can use to generate additional attention experience per loot container is to focus towards aidrops, hidden stashes/caches and supply crates as these have a high number of items in each container. Players can also reduce their focus on loot locations that have high amounts of loose loot as this rewards no attention experience and instead favour a loot run focused on container looting such as Reserve or Interchange.


Attention Requirements (Hideout)

Attention in Tarkov is used for the following:

  • Level 3 attention is required for players to construct the level 2 intelligence centre and the level 2 water collector in the hideout.

While these hideout upgrades are later in the hideout upgrade path experienced players that rush hideout upgrades may find themselves stuck on the level requirement. This is particularly the case where players do limited container looting compared to loose loot spawns or PMC/Scav kills.

Benefits Of Attention Levels

The attention skill provides the following PMC benefits:

  • Increases looting speed
  • Increases the examination speed
  • Chance of instantly finding an item in a container (Elite)
  • Doubles your looting experience (Elite)

Loot speed is the main advantage of higher attention skill levels as players can quickly check the inventory of any PMC and Scav kills for items and move on to the next loot location which reduces the time you are exposed. In comparison the increased examination speed is not useful given most items will already be examined by the time you reach notable attention levels.

From the elite benefits the chance of instantly revealing items results in another significant jump in looting speed while the double looting experience helps you reach higher PMC levels although is still a small portion of overall experience gained.

If you want to learn more about levelling skills in Tarkov visit our other guides on endurance, strength, vitality, searchhealth, metabolism, stress resistance and sniper rifles.


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam (Seelyon) is a seasoned Escape From Tarkov player with over 1,000 raids across multiple Tarkov patches while accumulating thousands of player kills and maintaining a 50% survival rate who favours a calculated playstyle. During these wipes he has earned the coveted Kappa secure container, proving his determination in the unforgiving world of Tarkov. His passion for the punishing game goes beyond personal accomplishment and he is driven by a desire to guide new players on their own Escape From Tarkov journey one raid at a time.

Through countless firefights, strategic flanks and exhilarating boss encounters, he has accumulated a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and nuances that allows him to offer valuable insights and strategies to those seeking to navigate the complexities of Tarkov.

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