Tarkov How To Level Attention Skill

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Tarkov How To Level Attention Skill

Leverage these how to level attention skill tips in your Tarkov raids to increase the powerful mental skill that boosts your PMC looting abilities. Helping players to loot more efficiently a healthy attention skill can help players quickly uncover high tier loot and get out of the danger zone faster after a successful takedown of an enemy. Despite looting central to the Tarkov experience to earn Roubles and complete quests this is an often overlooked skill with dramatic quality of life in raid enhancements.

While the attention skill levels passively throughout your raids some early progression requirements for the skill can require early focus on optimal looting to ensure your steady PMC progression continues after a server reset. Regular Tarkov players that blitz through hideout upgrades can often find they don’t have the necessary requirements if they don’t take the time to loot at every opportunity which is a habit often brought across from an end game PMC playstyle.

Unlike physical and practical skills in Tarkov mental skills currently have no method to boost experience gained which makes an understanding of how to level attention early even more valuable.


What is Attention Needed For in Tarkov?

Attention in Tarkov is required for hideout upgrades with both requiring a level 3 attention skill to allow construction:

  • Intelligence centre level 2
  • Water collector level 2

While these are available in the later portions of your hideout upgrade path players that rush hideout upgrades and leverage their significant Tarkov experience to get there may find themselves stuck. This is even more pronounced for players that do little looting as part of their playstyle and thus likely to find this a potential progress stopper to these key hideout progression points.

Whether you fall into this category of player or not some early additional focus on the attention skill while painful can help players throughout their future raids due to the skill benefits, general quality of life and PMC experience points provided that can even allow you to level up your PMC faster.

Benefits of Attention Skill in Tarkov

The attention skill provides the following PMC benefits:

  • Increases looting speed
  • Increases the chance to discover more valuable loot first in a container
  • Chance of instantly finding an item in a container (Elite)
  • Doubles your looting experience (Elite)

Loot speed is a significant advantage in Escape From Tarkov with players able to quickly check the inventory of any PMC and Scav kills for items and helps your loot runs by being able to quickly run between high loot containers (such as hidden stashes).

The discovery chance is also a nice quality of life enhancement by revealing higher tier loot before other items when searching which allows you to place it safely in your secure container. Note that in practice this ability isn’t perfect as it relies on a set hidden assignment of value that does not necessarily reflect flea market value. Given this is also only a chance to activate and the fact that a container can spawn many rare items you’ll be unlikely to stop looting a container before discovering all items.

For elite level which is rarely reached outside of full time Tarkov streamers who put significant hours into the game players earn a chance of instant find. This mechanic reduces the overall time to loot a container and doubles your looting experience although this experience boost is simply not useful at the point you reach max attention level.

How to Level Attention in Tarkov

Players can only earn skill points in attention with a single method:

  • Uncovering loot in loot containers

The important thing to note about obtaining skill points in attention is that earning points requires searching of loot containers in the world. This means backpacks on the ground, hidden stashes, filing cabinets, crates and so on are the primary sources of experience. That isn’t to say you’ll get zero experience for searching backpacks and rigs from other players or Scavs but you will earn significantly less with these more focused on the search skill.

tarkov-backpackThis means players that regularly complete hidden stash runs on maps like Shoreline will have higher attention experience gain compared to those with a PvP focus. Accordingly, the best ways to level attention in Tarkov is to focus on container loot runs using hidden stashes or areas of high concentration of searchable containers like filing cabinets on Reserve.

If you want to learn more about levelling skills in Tarkov visit our other guides on endurance, strength, vitality, searchhealth, metabolism, stress resistance and sniper rifles.


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