Tarkov How To Level Health Skill

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Tarkov How To Level Health Skill

Level the Health skill in Tarkov to meet hideout and key quest requirements with this guide to health levelling which is vital to your account progression. Health is part of a unique subset of Tarkov skills that level by improving other skills (strength, endurance and vitality in this case) which gives players multiple ways to tackle the necessary requirements in the levelling process.

The tips included in this how to guide will allow PMCs to optimise levelling given the Health skill has one of the highest quest requirements in EFT of any skill with level 10 required for those on the pathway to the elusive Kappa Secure Container. Thankfully it’s a generally simple and mostly passive process to reach this required level in Escape From Tarkov albeit some optimisations can take the pressure off achieving this high requirement. Important to note that despite the name of this skill it has no impact on player health in raid so it will not make you harder to kill.

As with all physical skills levelling in Tarkov you’ll want to use the FP-100 filter absorber in your air filtering unit if unlocked in the hideout and be aware of the exhaustion mechanic which limits the progress you can make per raid when levelling your health skill (and all other skills).

What is Health Needed For in Tarkov?

Levelling up Health is needed for a number of quests and also a key hideout upgrade that can sometimes slow player progress slightly if they are a hideout upgrade rusher. For the bulk of players though it will be the quests on their path to Kappa that will mean they need to spend some oftheir game time focusing on this skill.

These quests are the Therapist’s Health Care Privacy Part 4 (requiring level 4) which leads to one of the best Tarkov quest rewards with the THICC item case from Private Clinic. Secondly, is Athlete which requires a health skill of level 10, thankfully though this is the final quest in that quest line so can be done passively without impacting progression and with time you will eventually hit the necessary target.

Additionally, the level 2 medstation requires players to reach level 2 health skill. However, this is a fair way into your broader account progress in Tarkov and is a low requirement that most will be able to meet without issue.

Benefits of Health in Tarkov

Health provides the following PMC benefits:

  • Decreases chance of fractures occurring
  • Decreases energy consumption and dehydration rates while in raid
  • Increases out of raid regeneration
  • Damage absorption (Elite)

It’s a mixed bag of benefits when it comes to the health skill in Escape From Tarkov with decreased chance of fractures being a nice passive benefit that means you’ll have less random fractures from the various fights you take. If you manage to reach elite level this amounts to a massive 60% decrease that can definitely help in a firefight but doesn’t mean you’ll never have to carry a split or similar medical item into raid again.

tarkov-dehydration-rateOther decreases offered include energy and dehydration loss which while far from being an overpowered benefit can help you stay in raid longer without the need to bring in or hunt for provisions.

Given Tarkov has been experimenting with events that diminish the availability of provisions or increase the speed of dehydration this can be a nice benefit to have on your PMC. It is also part of the reason why early on you’ll often find these statistics reach near 0 in a raid and as you level Health you’ll be able to last an entire long raid without eating or drinking. Out of raid regeneration rounds out the non max elite level benefits and is the most useless of the bunch with players most likely to heal via the Therapist trader or medical items in their stash at the end of each raid rather than rely on this passive regen.

In terms of the elite skills the damage absorption is currently not implemented and there has been no documented plans from BattleState Games to introduce this yet.

How to Level Health in Tarkov

Health is one of the few skills in Escape From Tarkov that increases as you earn experience points in other skills. For health this is endurance, strength and vitality which all have fairly easy to execute levelling methods alongside your passive activities from raids that benefit these.

For those looking to focus on health as an urgent matter for quest or hideout requirements your best bet is to combine the methods to level strength and endurance linked above as these are powerful skills in their own right which makes them worth investing in and are generally lower effort of the 3 options.

Given your goal is level 10 players can also take advantage of the Therapist’s, An Apple A Day quest which provides 2 levels of health and should be taken at level 8 as the required skill points in skill levelling increase at higher levels for all Tarkov skills. This quest is easy to complete requiring players to hand over 400,000 Roubles which at this stage of your account progression should not be a significant investment.

If you want to learn more about levelling skills in Tarkov visit our other guides on endurance, strength, vitality, search, attention, metabolism, stress resistance and sniper rifles.


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