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Master Tarkov metabolism levelling and reach max (elite) level with these tips and strategies to give you stronger positive effects and weaker negative effects from consumables. Metabolism is a skill that receives less attention than other skills by the EFT community although this often leads to new players being caught off guard by the metabolism hideout requirement. With this skill easy to level by eating provisions in raid though once players are aware of its importance and the strategies noted here you’ll easily reach the necessary skill levels.

Table of Contents:
How To Level Metabolism
Metabolism Requirements (Hideout)
Benefits Of Metabolism Levels

As with all physical skills in Escape From Tarkov players should optimise the levelling process by using the FP-100 Filter Absorber in your air filtering unit and familiarise themselves with the levelling speed limits of Tarkov that are described on the EFT wiki.


How To Level Metabolism

Earning skill points in metabolism requires:

  • Replenish lost energy or hydration through eating and drinking in raid
  • Completing specific quests (Junkie: +2 levels)

Metabolism skill experience is only gained in raid and is based on the missing energy or hydration that is restored. Accordingly the best way to maximise metabolism experience is to focus on eating provisions that lower your hydration with foods such as crackers, croutons, chocolate bars, sugar and condensed milk before replenishing this with one of the hydration provisions. Provisions are relatively common on most Tarkov maps so this can be a passive activity during your regular raids or players can bring in provisions and eat them at the start of the raid instead.

tarkov-metabolism-devildogFor players that forget to do this (or were unaware of the metabolism hideout requirement) and find themselves wanting to quickly level the metabolism skill your best option is bringing food and drink regularly into raid or at the extreme end finding a quiet location on a map such as Woods or Shoreline to consume multiple food items rapidly. The best items for this are foods like condensed milk and DevilDog mayo due to their price and large reduction in hydration before using some units of an aquamari to restore hydration and repeating.


Metabolism Requirements (Hideout)

Metabolism in Tarkov is used for the following:

  • Level 3 metabolism is required for players to construct the level 3 nutrition unit in the hideout.

As noted above this can catch new player (or forgetful experienced players) off guard and put a temporary stop to their hideout expansion although can be quickly rectified with the recommended methods above.

Benefits Of Metabolism Levels

Metabolism provides the following PMC benefits:

  • Increases in the time of positive effects from stimulants and provisions (food/water)
  • Reduction in the time of negative effects from stimulants and provisions (food/water)
  • No dehydration or exhaustion damage (other effects remain) (Elite)

With an increase in positive effects and reduction in negative effects for the expanding list of stimulants in the game that players regularly use to heal, remove pain, run faster or carry more weight metabolism is a nice quality of life benefit that will allow these to go a little further.

Given full dehydration and exhaustion is a rare outcome during a raid as players should move to extract as soon as possible if this is a possibility the max (elite) level is not particularly notable or worth striving for. It also only prevents damage while the other disorientating effects remain so is not complete immunity to these status effects.

If you want to learn more about levelling skills in Tarkov visit our other guides on endurance, strength, vitality, search, attention, health, stress resistance and sniper rifles.


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