Tarkov How To Level Search Skill

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Tarkov How To Level Search Skill

The search (or searching) skill will let you loot faster in Escape From Tarkov making it important to learn how to level especially given the high quest requirement of Ragman that you also need it for. With looting playing such an important role in your Tarkov raids search is a highly sought after practical skill with particularly strong elite max level skill bonuses although these are only likely to be reached by those that put significant hours into Tarkov.

Keep in mind that practical skills in Tarkov gain a bonus to experience gained once the library in the hideout has been built which can significantly help the levelling process although needs to be balanced against the exhaustion mechanic on all skills.

What is Search Needed For in Tarkov?

While search boosts your overall raid experience it is most importantly needed for a late Ragman quest called Scavenger where you need to reach level 9 search skill. While this quest is the last in this quest line it is a requirement for Kappa and does also unlock the Crash Axe barter that is a favourite flex melee weapon of many in the community.

Outside of this quest requirement players can expect the search skill to significantly enhance their ability to complete loot runs effectively and even keep them safer during raids with less time spent vulnerable looting.

Benefits of Search in Tarkov

Search provides the following PMC benefits:

  • Increases search speed (although currently not working as intended if not elite level)
  • Doubles searching speed (Elite)
  • Lets players search two containers at once (Elite)

While currently having the increases search speed tooltip this has been tested by the Tarkov community and shown to produce no benefit (although the attention skill does help).

This means you’ll need to reach elite (max) level before seeing any real benefits from the search skill. For those that do reach this point though you’ll start to benefit from the increased search speed and the ability to search two containers at once so if you’ve been wondering how to double search like your favourite Tarkov streamer this is how.

tarkov-scav-searchIn practice this means that when looting dead players and scavs you’ll be able to search any combination of backpack, rig and pockets (two at a time). Any Tarkov player will know that this is a huge quality of life and efficiency power in your raids that means you’ll be able to loot and go from all your kills at a significantly faster rate.

How to Level Search in Tarkov

Players level the search skill with a single method:

  • Searching loot containers and corpses (experience earned at completion).

Given this method players are quite likely to earn a wealth of search experience just from raiding in Escape From Tarkov but experience can be targeted as required to reach level 9 for Ragman or on the path to chasing elite level.

For those looking to drive skill point gain the best method is to load up a loot run on your PMC with a vast number of quick to search containers which may involve using some of the best Tarkov keys. This means things like filing cabinets, duffle bags and toolboxes which are quick to search due to their size and number of items per container are more valuable as experience is earned on search completion and not on individual items being discovered.

tarkov-search-filing-cabinetsWhile there are some available options to cheese this skill levelling with a friend placing items one by one in a backpack and you searching it in between this is really only needed for those wanting to reach elite. For the regular player looking to get level 9 only you’ll be able to reach this point with a little extra emphasis on searching containers during raids and save your sanity and friendships in the process.

If you want to learn more about levelling skills in Tarkov visit our other guides on endurance, strength, vitality, attention, health, metabolism, stress resistance and sniper rifles.


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