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Unlock the secrets of how to level stress resistance in Escape From Tarkov (EFT) with these Tarkov strategies to optimise your skill levels. This physical skill offers unique PMC benefits that reduce the impact of pain on your PMC and is also a quest requirement that makes it important to monitor throughout your Tarkov progression. This is crucial as a common playstyle choice (using painkillers before a fight) can hinder your levelling of this skill.

Table of Contents:
How To Level Stress Resistance
Stress Resistance Requirements (Quest)
Benefits Of Stress Resistance Levels

As with all physical skills in Escape From Tarkov players should optimise the levelling process by using the FP-100 Filter Absorber in your air filtering unit and familiarise themselves with the levelling speed limits of Tarkov that are described on the EFT wiki.


How To Level Stress Resistance

Earning skill points in stress resistance requires:

  • Having low health
  • Having the pain character debuff (such as having a fracture)
  • Completing specific quests (Psycho Sniper: +1 level, Cold Blooded: +1 level, Wounded Beast: +1 level and Swift One: +1 level)

The majority of your skill points will be earned passively when taking damage in raid as this triggers a pain effect. It is important to be aware though that there is no experience gained if players have an active painkiller effect as this blocks the pain debuff. For players that regularly use the “pre-med” meta before a fight this can result in slower stress resistance levelling so be careful if using this tactic regularly. Experienced Tarkov players may also find a slower progression in stress resistance as their game knowledge will likely translate to less overall damage and pain triggers received that make them more reliant on the specific quests for levels.


If you find yourself still short on stress resistance levels for quest completion the best way to level it is similar to vitality by using the environment (such as fire) to take damage and healing it before repeating the process. For players that prefer not to use these environment damage cheese methods your next best alternative is to grind out Factory combat with PMCs and Scavs without using painkillers and these can also be combined with the vast number of PMC kill quests to ensure you are optimising your account progression.

Stress Resistance Requirements (Quest)

Stress resistance in Tarkov is used for the following:

  • Level 5 stress resistance is required to complete the Skier’s quest Flint.

As noted above this requirement can often catch players unaware on their road to the Kappa Secure Container from The Collector quest as this is deep into the Tarkov quest tree and with players regularly using painkillers before fights (particularly PvP orientated Neutraliser players) in the current meta this can really halt your quest progression and leave you struggling to reach the required stress resistance level.

Benefits Of Stress Resistance Levels

Stress resistance provides the following PMC benefits:

  • Decreased chance of getting pain shock
  • Decreased tremor oscillation (red border when hurt)
  • Berserk mode (Elite)

With reduced shock chance when getting hit this can be a useful PvP skill to help you keep your sights on target during a fight. Tremor oscillation (example screenshot below) is also useful to keep your vision when hurt although triggers significantly less and unlikely to last long unless players find themselves without medical items to heal.

tarkov-tremor-oscillationBerserk mode is arguably the most unique elite skill in all of Tarkov though and based on community testing triggers when significant damage is taken while giving players a brief burst of speed and temporary painkiller like effect. Given the current mechanics of the Tarkov skill system, reaching this is not possible without some serious in-game cheesing or end of wipe events and significant hours invested. If you are wondering what the berserk mode does and looks like this reddit clip (language warning) demonstrates the activation of the buff in action.

If you want to learn more about levelling skills in Tarkov visit our other guides on endurance, strength, vitality, search, attention, health, metabolism and sniper rifles.


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