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Vitality is one of the important Tarkov skills to level as it is a prerequisite for quests and essential hideout upgrades. Depending on your playstyle and EFT experience, you might struggle to naturally reach the required levels by the time they are needed, potentially slowing down your account progression. In this guide to how to level vitality I’ll describe the strategies I’ve used on my own Tarkov journey to the Kappa Secure Container alongside the specific quests and hideout upgrades you’ll need vitality levels for.

Table of Contents:
How To Level Vitality
Vitality Requirements (Quest & Hideout)
Benefits Of Vitality Levels

As with all physical skills in Escape From Tarkov players should optimise the levelling process by using the FP-100 Filter Absorber in your air filtering unit and familiarise themselves with the levelling speed limits of Tarkov that are described on the EFT wiki.


How to Level Vitality in Tarkov

Earning skill points in vitality requires:

  • Taking damage
  • Blood loss
  • Completing specific quests (Ambulance: +1 level and Crisis: +4 levels)

While these vitality skill points don’t sound difficult given the amount of combat in Tarkov they are slow in practice given the ratio of damage and blood loss to skill points. Further compounding this is the quick nature of firefights that translates to few vitality skill points gained naturally, particularly if you prefer to fight Scavs and PMCs at longer distances.

To extract some extra skill points naturally from your raids I recommend the following methods:

  • After obtaining a bleed in raid players can not heal it to allow for extra blood loss although this requires sufficient medical items available on your PMC. To help with this players can bring one of the stims (propital, adrenaline or eTG) in your secure container as they only take a single slot.
  • Place extra focus on finding close range fights early on as you will generally receive more damage than long ranged battles that end with a single headshot and favour quests that take you to PvP maps and locations.

tarkov-grizzlyFor those players that want to level vitality quickly and don’t mind performing some cheese actions despite the negative community perception in Tarkov:

  • Load into factory (lowest queue times) with a grenade and use it on yourself after the raid starts before healing to full outside of raid through Therapist or medical items and repeating.
  • Bring a Tarkov friend into a map (preferably a large one like Woods or Shoreline with places to hide) to damage each other and heal the damage with a large medical item such as the Grizzly first aid kit. By using a melee weapon this can also double as a method to level your strength skills.
  • Visit one of the fire or barbed wire locations in Tarkov and constantly damage yourself while healing with a Grizzly before repeating the process in another raid once you reach skill exhaustion (bringing a grenade can make this reset faster). I prefer this to the Factory method above as it doesn’t ruin a Factory raid for others (by giving them one less PMC to fight which is a focus of that map) and I will generally farm Scavs for experience after doing this vitality levelling method on Shoreline for other account gains. Popular low traffic locations can be found in Shoreline in particular near Scav Tower and South Fence Passage as pictured below:


Vitality Requirements (Quest & Hideout)

Vitality in Tarkov is used for the following:

  • Level 3 vitality is required for players to construct the level 3 medstation in the hideout.
  • Level 5 vitality is required to complete the Jaeger’s quest The Survivalist Path – Combat Medic.

These requirements can potentially bottleneck Tarkov progression based on your playstyle and raid results while others might have no problem meeting the above quest and hideout requirements at the appropriate time.

Benefits of Vitality in Tarkov

Vitality provides the following PMC benefits:

  • Decreases chance of bleeding
  • Bleeding stops without medical treatment after a few seconds (Elite)

Of all the skills in Tarkov this makes vitality fairly lacklustre in comparison to the likes of strength or endurance and why it is never focused on by the community to reach max vitality level with most players goal only to meet the quest and hideout requirements noted above and avoid levelling it beyond that point.

That being said decreased chance of bleeding is a nice quality of life benefit with the heavy bleed mechanic now implemented in Tarkov which gives you one less emergency to deal with during or at the end of a fight and limits your loss of health overall when it does trigger. While most players won’t reach the elite skill those that do won’t have to worry about healing their own bleeds at all which can save a few seconds in your post fight recovery.

Note that in previous patches players also gained a decreased chance of dying by losing a limb which was a Tarkov mechanic. Given this is no longer a game mechanic the associated vitality benefit has also been removed.

If you want to learn more about levelling skills in Tarkov visit our other guides on endurance, strength, search, attention, health, metabolism, stress resistance and sniper rifles.


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam (Seelyon) is a seasoned Escape From Tarkov player with over 1,000 raids across multiple Tarkov patches while accumulating thousands of player kills and maintaining a 50% survival rate who favours a calculated playstyle. During these wipes he has earned the coveted Kappa secure container, proving his determination in the unforgiving world of Tarkov. His passion for the punishing game goes beyond personal accomplishment and he is driven by a desire to guide new players on their own Escape From Tarkov journey one raid at a time.

Through countless firefights, strategic flanks and exhilarating boss encounters, he has accumulated a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and nuances that allows him to offer valuable insights and strategies to those seeking to navigate the complexities of Tarkov.

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