Tarkov Stash Upgrade – How To Increase Stash Size

Last Updated on July 7, 2022 by Samuel Franklin

Tarkov Stash Upgrade – How To Increase Stash Size

Learn how to increase stash size in Escape From Tarkov with the stash upgrade in the hideout and account upgrade which allow you to to store more of your accumulated loot. Stash size in Tarkov is one of the greatest limiting factors that intermediate players will encounter once they start surviving raids and building up their item stash.

With the advent of the flea market being locked behind PMC level as well this can be particularly frustrating prior to this point and often leads to people wanting a quick solution to increase stash size in Tarkov. Unfortunately though there are currently limited mechanisms to do so during the early game but some creative thinking and Rouble spending can help your storage woes which are covered below.


How To Increase Stash Size in Tarkov

For those hunting how to upgrade stash size your available space in Tarkov comes down to the following options:

  • Upgrading your Escape From Tarkov game version to a higher tier (increases your starting stash size).
  • Performing a Tarkov stash upgrade through the hideout (which allows all players regardless of game version to achieve the same stash sizes when fully upgraded).
  • Purchasing various containers to offer additional stash size.
  • Using specific rigs to improve your storage space (Tarkov best rig for storage explored below).
  • Using specific backpacks to improve your storage space.


tarkov-edge-of-darknessEscape From Tarkov Starting Stash Space Per Game Version

Before we dive into how to upgrade your stash size it is important to understand the stash levels that Tarkov offers and the differences of stash space and which edition of Escape From Tarkov they come with. As you can see below the edition of the game you have dramatically impacts your starting stash space with Edge of Darkness players starting with over double the space of Standard players.

  • Stash Level 1 – 10×28 stash space – Standard Edition players
  • Stash Level 2 – 10×38 stash space – Left Behind Edition players
  • Stash Level 3 – 10×48 stash space – Prepare For Escape Edition players
  • Stash Level 4 – 10×68 stash space – Edge of Darkness (EoD) Edition players

To access this larger starting stash space in Tarkov your only option is to purchase a higher game version initially or perform an account upgrade where you pay the difference between your current edition and the one you are upgrading to.

tarkov-hideout-upgradeEscape From Tarkov Stash Upgrade Hideout

If you would rather not spend your real life money to boost your stash size Tarkov still allows players to reach the massive 10×68 stash space that Edge of Darkness edition players receive through hideout upgrades. The Tarkov wiki is an invaluable resource and has a wonderful table under the stash module section that lists out the requirements to perform the stash upgrade through the hideout which is definitely worth the investment.

These requirements are by no means easy especially going to Level 3 and beyond. I recommend that Standard edition players should prioritise Level 2 depending on the prices of other containers such as the Lucky Scav Junk Box that might provide more efficiency for your Rouble investment and are discussed below. This means saving the advanced Tarkov stash upgrade levels (3 and 4) for when you are more established in terms of Roubles.

tarkov-lucky-scav-junkboxEscape From Tarkov Containers To Increase Stash Space

Containers can provide a Rouble efficient option although depends heavily on time of wipe and price of containers to expand your Tarkov stash if you have already maxed out the level of your stash or are unable to pursue that option due to limited funds or not meeting the requirements described above.

While containers such as the T H I C C Item Case can really break the bank there are a number of quest rewards that provide high tier containers that should be prioritised. The following are containers that players should strongly consider from a space to cost perspective:

  • Lucky Scav Junk Box
  • Ammo Case
  • Meds Case
  • Magazine Case

While there are a range of other containers generally these containers are enough to allow players to store the main items they will be accumulating over time (barter items, ammo, medical items and magazines) without eating up too many Roubles.

Escape From Tarkov Rigs and Backpacks

Your final option for Tarkov stash space optimisation is utilising rigs and backpacks which is particularly useful pre early on and until you obtain some of the containers above. This method works because there are specific rigs and backpacks that have an efficiency score above 1 which means that they have more space inside them then they take up. If a rig takes up 16 slots for example and has 18 slots of space it has an efficiency of 112.5% (18/16).

Compared to using cases though this method is limited but is highly Rouble efficient and easier to use provided you use the tarkov best rig for storage from the below list.

The Tarkov armoured rigs that have an efficiency of greater than 1 are:

  • Arma 18
  • CQC Osprey (Assault & Protection)
  • TV-110
  • AVS
  • Arma Plate Carrer
  • Crye Precision
  • ANA Tactical M2
  • 5.11 Tactec

The Tarkov unarmoured rigs that have an efficiency of greater than 1 are:

  • LBT-1961A
  • Velocity MPPV
  • Haley Strategic D3CR
  • Direct Action Thunrderbolt
  • MK1 rig
  • CSA Chest Rig
  • Blackrock
  • Wartech MK3
  • Azimut SS Jhuk Chest Harness
  • Stich Profi Chest Rig MK2 (A and R variants)
  • DIY IDEA chest rig
  • Bank robber
  • SOE Micro
  • Triton
  • Blackhawk! Commando
  • Umka М33-SET1 hunter’s vest
  • ANA Tactical
  • Belt-A & Belt-B gear rig
  • Splav Tarzan
  • Wartech

The Tarkov backpacks that have an efficiency of greater than 1 are:

  • Med Pack (only holds medical items)
  • F4 Terminator
  • Oakley Heavy Duty
  • Hazard4 Pillbox
  • Blackjack 50
  • Beta 2
  • 6SH118 Raid
  • Hazard4 Takedown

With the tips and tricks above you’ll be able to increase stash size in Escape From Tarkov through stash upgrades, containers or having a few efficient rigs and backpacks in your stash.


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