Escape From Tarkov Trader Levelling Guide

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Escape From Tarkov Trader Levelling Guide

Levelling up traders in Escape From Tarkov is vital to your account progression and this article will guide you on fast and effective methods to utilise. With these tips and tactics players will be able to reach maximum trader level allowing access to their high level vendor inventory and barters. If you are wondering what does levelling up dealers do in EFT you’ll find that many key weapon attachments and best Tarkov ammo are locked behind these levels which means its an element of progression that can provide significant advantage. Like many mechanics though levelling traders fast and the mechanics of the process are not obvious at first and this vendor levelling guide intends to bridge that knowledge gap.

With much of Tarkov progression linked to the in game traders knowledge of how to quickly level them up can dramatically improve your account progression. Levelling vendors is multifaceted which means you’ll need to use multiple methods to meet all the necessary requirements with each covered below.

Levelling Traders In Escape From Tarkov (How To)

Each trader has 3 attributes that need to reach specific thresholds before you will increase the trader loyalty level (LL). Each trader currently ranges from LL1 to LL4 with each upgrading the available inventory that they offer to your PMC for purchase or barter. Note that Fence operates slightly differently to other traders as you’ll need to be using joint Scav and PMC extracts or performing other Scav friendly acts to gain loyalty with him. Given Fence’s unique mechanics we have made his own dedicated article for Scav Karma (Fence Reputation) that covers this detail.

These attributes are:

  • Player PMC level
  • Reputation with the trader (‘Standing’)
  • Total transaction value (‘Spent’)

tarkov-loyalty-standing-spentIf you find traders not levelling up then you have not met all of these requirements described above. Player PMC level and reputation are fairly self explanatory with Tarkov quests the best method to quickly gain experience and the necessary reputation. Making smart decisions with quests that offer multiple choices is also extremely important here and includes Chemical Part 4 and Supply Plans. The thresholds required are included on the respective Tarkov trader wiki pages (e.g. Skier).

If you don’t have the necessary level or reputation the advice on levelling traders simply comes down to playing more raids and focusing on quests that you have unlocked. To maximise experience gained in raid you’ll want to focus on hitting Scav hot spots around the map, looting as many containers as possible, eating any provisions that you find and mostly importantly survive the raid for an experience multiplier. Upgrading your hideout to use the library module will also give you a boost although this is more of a mid to late progression piece.

Escape From Tarkov Levelling Traders Fast (Transaction Value)

Transaction value is often the point in levelling up traders in Escape From Tarkov that serves as a roadblock to many players. While you might think that this metric increases only with money spent and money received there are actually a few other methods that increase this metric that aren’t obvious at first.

This includes barter trades, repairs and insurance which means that some traders will be significantly easier than others. When combined with the optimal trader order to sell items you’ll find that the sticking point of trader progression comes down to just a few of EFT traders. For example Therapist is often one of the easiest traders to level as she purchases many items like player dogtags and other commonly looted items while paying a solid amount of Roubles for them.

tarkov-therapist-valueWhen you already have the required PMC level and trader reputation there are two primary tactics you can use to level up your trader fast:

  • Pre-purchase equipment that you will use in future raids (such as headsets, weapons, ammo, armours and helmets) provided you have the stash space to store them.
  • Purchase items from the flea market that sell for a similar value to your trader of choice. For example the antique axe often sells on the flea market for approximately the same price that Jaeger will pay for it, meaning players can often gain a large amount of transaction value without losing any Roubles.

To reach the millions often required for transaction value though using the second tactic this will need some research at the time given that there can often be dramatic shifts in flea market prices and trader values over time. Pestily has some great recommendations below as a starting point though that should be your first investigation points.


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