Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Servers List Location

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Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Servers List Location

In this article you’ll learn about the Escape From Tarkov servers list, their location and population. If you are wondering where are the EFT servers before you make your Escape From Tarkov purchase this server guide will provide useful information about the game regions that is vital before making your EFT game purchase.

Like any multiplayer game Escape From Tarkov requires a solid ping to get the full enjoyable experience and part of that is being close to one of the many game servers. With the growth in the community throughout 2020 and 2021 BattleState Games has invested in a wide range of server locations to ensure that the majority of players have a server close to home. For the most part the automatic server selection in Tarkov does a wonderful job so there is no need to change to another region manually but it is an option available to players. One common use case for changing servers is players looking to play Tarkov with friends from outside of their country or reduce their matching time during high server load.

If you are wondering how to find dead servers in Tarkov you can select a server from the list with a lower server population and combine this with off-peak times and night time raids to reduce the number of players in your raids. While EFT server population numbers are not public given the origins of the game European based servers are generally the most populated, followed by America, Asia and Oceania. In 2020 BattleState Games publicly announced some new servers which were heavily weighted towards the US and Asia suggesting these regions are growing rapidly in EFT population.

Players can somewhat test the population size themselves based on PMCs using the looking for group lobby option and the general matchmaking time you encounter. Tarkov dead servers do still happen at certain times of the day though like most online games and this is compounded at the end of a Tarkov wipe when the player base reduces.

How To Change Tarkov Server

For those that do have the game already installed and want to see what Escape From Tarkov server locations are available or change Tarkov server you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Escape From Tarkov Launcher and click “Change server”:tarkov-launcher
  2. A pop up of the available game servers list will appear allowing you to individually select servers (or use automatic server selection instead that will pick an entire region such as OCE). This will also display the expected ping and average matching time:
  3. The default option (shown above) is “use automatic server selection” and in brackets will be the region that has been selected for you. Players can untick this box and manually select any server from the list which will be applicable from then on when matchmaking.

Africa (AF) Servers

  • Johannesburg

Asia (ASI) Servers

  • Singapore
  • Seoul
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong

Europe (EUR) Servers

  • Ukraine
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • London
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Finland
  • Czech
  • Bulgaria
  • Austria

Middle East (ME) Servers

  • Turkey
  • Israel

Oceania (OCE) Servers

  • Australia

Russia (RUS) Servers

  • Vladivostok
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Novosibirsk
  • Moscow
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Khabarovsk
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ekaterinburg

South America (SAM) Servers

  • San Paulo

United States of America (USA) Servers

  • Washington DC
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • St Louis
  • Seattle
  • Pheonix
  • Orlando
  • New York
  • Montreal
  • Miami
  • Houston
  • Denver
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • California
  • Beauharnois
  • Atlanta

Is Tarkov Down? Tarkov Server Status

If you are ever wondering if the Tarkov servers are down or if there are issues with one element of Escape From Tarkov game services you should be referring to the EFT official status page which provides real time updates which are often also posted on the official BattleStateGames Twitter page.

Escape From Tarkov Other Region – Can You Change Region?

It’s important to note that Tarkov uses the term region during the purchase of Escape From Tarkov and this is not related to selecting your EFT server as described above. Region in regards to Escape From Tarkov actually limits where you can play Tarkov (physically launch the game) from and if you’ve been wondering if you can change your region you cannot and will have to repurchase the entire game. This means players wondering how to change region will unfortunately be disappointed at the lack of option which is driven by licensing requirements.

The most common region players are likely to encounter is the Tarkov other region which is for those outside of CIS and EU locations. This page on the Escape From Tarkov official website which details this issue (and error 208) should be read in full before purchasing along with the warning that will appear at the bottom of the purchase page:



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  1. Except you can upgrade your version of the game to the Europe version and just play anywhere.

  2. yes i paid i think like 5 bucks to unlock all region after i bought EOD


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