Tarkov FPS Command – How To Show FPS Counter

Last Updated on July 7, 2022 by Samuel Franklin

Tarkov FPS Command – How To Show FPS Counter

Use the Tarkov FPS command in your game console to activate a live counter to show FPS in your Tarkov raids to help you monitor in raid game performance and analyse the impact of changes to your graphic settings. Like many online and offline games the ability to show your frames per second is an important debugging tool and easily activated in EFT.

With Tarkov being well known for stuttering gameplay and low FPS issues there are a number of optimisation guides created by the community to help give your frames per second a boost. Despite these best efforts though there still seems to be little clear blanket recommendations for players with different settings having varied results based on both the same and different computer hardware. It’s for this reason that being able to display your own FPS counter through the console command in raid allows you to find the ideal settings for maximum performance with your unique PC setup.

This quick guide will detail the necessary steps to activate it and is supported with screenshots where applicable for those unfamiliar with console commands in video games.

Enable Tarkov FPS Command (How To Quick Guide)

To show the number in your raids perform the following actions:

  1. Launch Escape From Tarkov through the installed launcher.
  2. Press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard to enable the console command interface (either on the menu or in raid).
  3. Enter “fps 1” in the console bar that appears at the top of your screen and press enter. Alternatively, enter “fps 2” for advanced information or “fps 0” to turn off the counter completely.
  4. Press the tilde key to exit the console command interface. Depending on your entered command you’ll have a counter at the top right of your screen.

Enable Tarkov FPS Command (How To Visual Guide)

For those that prefer a visual representation the below shows how to display the frames data with screenshots of the process:

  1. Launch your Escape From Tarkov game.
  2. Press the tilde key (~) located underneath the “Esc” key in the top left of your keyboard. This will load the console command text field as shown.
  3. Type “fps 1” into the console field that appears at the top of the screen
  4. Confirm your text entry be pressing the “Enter” key, a confirmation message will display as shown in the screenshot below.
  5. Press the tilde key (~) again to close the console command box. A box will now display in the top right of your screen in the game menu with various debug statistics about your game performance that are updated in real time.
  6. If you want more detailed information repeat the process and enter “fps 2” instead, the advanced box shows the following information although is generally not required and takes up significant more screen real estate:
  7. To turn off either of the debug stat windows repeat the process to bring up the console command bar and enter “fps 0”

Tarkov FPS Window Details

Each number in the display window reports a different statistic that you can use to analyse your game performance. The details of each of these is included below for the basic (fps 1) mode as these are the most useful to debugging and optimisation within Tarkov’s offline mode or during raid and an option you can even always keep active if preferred.

The following numbers are available in basic (fps 1) mode:

  • Limit: Displays your set limit within the Tarkov graphic settings menu which can be set independently for menus and in raid.
  • FPS: Shows the Tarkov FPS counter that will constantly update with your frames per second and is a useful optimisation tool. Improving this in Tarkov often comes down to finding the right balance of graphic settings for your machine and preferences.
  • RTT: Stands for Round Trip Time which is similar to ping in other games as it displays the time taken for your information to be sent and acknowledged by the server. This is impacted by things like server selection and your own internet service provider (ISP).
  • Loss: Shows the amount of packet loss you have which can impact the information you are sending to the Tarkov server.
  • PlayerRTT: Similar to RTT this will show a higher number as it includes the time taken for the server to update for the information you have sent it (and thus making it available to other players sending their information).

When in advanced (fps 2) mode the following additional information is provided to the player in the window:

  • Average fuFPS (yellow)
  • fuFPS
  • Average fuFPS (white)
  • Single fuFPS:
  • fuPD
  • Update
  • GameUpdate
  • Render, ms
  • Frame, ms
  • Buffer count
  • Cam Position
  • ServerFixedUpdate
  • ServerTime


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