What Is Tarkov Survivor Class? All Classes List

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What Is Tarkov Survivor Class? All Classes List – Escape From Tarkov Guide

Have you noticed the Tarkov survivor class in your overall statistics tab within Escape From Tarkov? This mysterious little stat can give you some additional insight to your playstyle and is often a mystery to players especially when it can be different from your Tarkov friends and even change over time in your own statistics window.


Escape From Tarkov Survivor Classes – What Is Survivor Class?

For those unfamiliar with where to find your Tarkov survivor class you’ll find it in the overall tab of your character statistics (as shown in the screenshot below). The purpose of this class statistic is to provide a quick reference point for your Tarkov survival playstyle and is based on the statistics also on the page featured directly underneath it meaning it can change overtime (does not include offline game mode experience).

There are 5 possible values for this statistic currently in Escape From Tarkov which are as follows:

  • Unknown: The player has not gained enough experience to determine a clear survivor class for the player. BattleState Games has not defined the criteria required to change from unknown but the EFT community (and my own testing has confirmed) the specific threshold is level 20. At this point you will change to one of the options listed below in your overall stats page. However, before this point using the logic described below players can determine for themselves what their class would be as the experience metric it is based on is available from level 1.
  • tarkov-survivor-class-key-stats

  • Neutralizer: The player has obtained the majority of their character experience from killing. Players with the Neutralizer survivor class likely hunt other PMC dogtags or Scavs as a priority and don’t emphasise looting in raid or chasing high tier loot on a regular basis.


  • Marauder: The player has obtained the majority of their character experience from looting. Players with the Marauder survivor class likely adhere to the “rat” playstyle, preferring to loot everything they can find and take it back to their stash while avoiding actively hunting players or Scavs. This can also indicate the player chases high value loot areas as rare items provide significantly more experience in Tarkov that might outweigh any kills along the way.


  • Paramedic: The player has obtained the majority of their character experience from healing which means they spend a large amount of raid time healing over other activities. In practice players are unlikely to get this Tarkov survivor class naturally through regular gameplay and this is indicative that the player has been skill levelling by purposefully taking damage from fire, barbed wire or falling.
  • Survivor: The player has obtained the majority of their character experience from surviving which means they have a high survival rate but also likely have shorter raid times as they don’t generate significant kill or loot experience in proportion to survival experience.

As you can see from the above changing your class in Tarkov is unlikely as it is directly related to your Tarkov playstyle which could even lead to players within the same regular raid squad having completely different classes. Important to note is that this statistic also resets every Tarkov wipe as it is linked to character statistics. Want is your class currently in your character stat window from the list above? Be sure to share it and your current experience numbers below to allow for community comparison.


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Samuel Franklin
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Sam (Seelyon) has over 1,000 hours, 1,000 raids, 2,000 kills and 50% survival rate in Escape From Tarkov (EFT) over multiple wipes and has achieved the elusive Kappa secure container in the process. He loves the Tarkov experience and seeks to share his insights and expertise with new players to the game.

  1. Im a neutralizer. I love hunting players down I run towards gun fire and W key just about everything

    • Good Luck though Thomas :)

    • I’m also a neitralizer but honestly I feel like I should be a marauder. I like to chase pvp once in a while but my looting is insane it really surprises me I didn’t get the rat one.

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  5. If you arent neutralizer are you even playing the game

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