theHunter: Call of the Wild Best Map For Money

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theHunter: Call of the Wild Best Map For Money

With a wealth of unlockable content in theHunter: Call of the Wild many players are seeking the best map for money to help them purchase that weapon or weapon attachment to take their hunting game to the next level. On this page I’ll recommend some of my favourite maps and in turn the best species to hunt to maximise your money earned in each hunt for an effective progression speed. While each map offers a reasonable method to generate money there are some particular standouts that are slightly faster and easier which if optimised for with these tips allow for some of the best hourly cash rates in the game especially when layered with the potential missions.

To ensure this guide to money making caters to all players I’ve included DLC and non DLC options so that all players have something that is accessible along with a general variety of options to ensure you still get to experience the diversity of gameplay that theHunter: Call of the Wild offers. Alongside the best map for money I’ve also included some general money making tips that players can keep in mind when playing to ensure that every hunt is a profitable adventure.

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Money Making Tips
Best Map For Money

theHunter: Call of the Wild Money Making Tips

Optimising your gameplay is the key to solving the how to make money in theHunter: Call of the Wild challenge that new players in particular face as they try to unlock the powerful weapons and equipment options to hunt higher class levels, assist their diamond trophy hunt or the acquisition of rare animal furs. These tips below will help optimise your money making hunts when combined with the best maps and best species noted further down in this guide:

  • Maximising your money earned for each hunted animal can quickly add up given this is the primary method of acquiring money in theHunter: Call of the Wild. In order to do so players will want to select an attractive species to hunt, focus on male animals when possible and target vital organs as these award quick kill and harvest check bonuses.
  • An attractive species is one that provides a high base value of cash relative to its difficulty, density and ammunition cost that is required to be effective against it. These species will allow players to easily hunt them at a large scale and return a strong profit margin on each hunt and are noted in the detailed best map for money section further down. Players should also be leveraging the various drinking locations on each map as these are often where the highest density of animals can be found.
  • Players should ensure that after selecting their intended map that they consider completing the map specific missions or challenges they have available where they are relatively easy and likely to be completed as you hunt anyway. This allows you to layer activities together to optimise your money earned so that players spend less time for cash earned.
  • Efficiently spending money is often just as effective as making money, players should focus money they do obtain on purchasing the best rifles and other weapons the game has to offer which will allow you to progress faster to higher cash rates per hour. Importantly a focus on saving money should come from ensuring you purchase a diversity of weapon options that provide coverage for all species classes rather than purchasing multiple weapons for the same job.

theHunter: Call of the Wild Best Map For Money

In this section to finding the best ways to make money in theHunter: Call of the Wild I detail the best map for money and the specific species on each that players should keep an eye out for along with some map specific tips for players to utilise that should be combined with the money tips above for maximum success.


Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve

Of the two non DLC maps that players start with its the Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve that provides the best opportunities for making money in my opinion. While it is no where near the potential level of the DLC regions it is the best option that many new players will have available if they are trying out the game before deciding to purchase some of the DLC content.

On this map your priority should be the Red Deer and Fallow Deer that are both relatively easy hunts for the reward and have reasonable long drinking cycle times that you can capitalise on by scouting the various waterhole locations. Given these are class 4 and 6 respectively your choice as a new player is probably more likely to be the Red Deer given weapon availability with the option to eventually graduate to the Fallow Deer. If players opt to purchase the Wild Goose Chase Gear DLC you’ll have access to useful geese hunting tools that make the Canada Goose a viable money maker on this map. While this was a hugely popular method on it’s original release the effectiveness has been slowly diminished with changes over time that doesn’t necessarily make this an absolute must buy for money making that it was in previous years.


Emerald Coast

With the newest map addition to theHunter: Call of the Wild map options players know that they are in for a treat as the developer continues to refine their process and deliver on community feedback. Not only is the Emerald Coast new and exciting in terms of animal species with many making their first appearance in this region it is also one that is absolutely packed full of diversity and density which is of course great for money making in theHunter: Call of the Wild.

Notable money making species here include the class 7 Saltwater Crocodile that are easy to locate along the shorelines and provide great return on investment while serving as a large target that is slow to run away from player hunters. Alongside this players also have an abundance of deer across several animal class ranks that are a staple money maker on many maps already.


Revontuli Coast

With some of the largest diversity of birds available this is a great money making map for those that don’t mind the bird hunting mechanics that theHunter: Call of the Wild has to offer although not everyone wants to spend their time hunting the various fowl available. Birds are attractive for money gains given they will spawn in large flocks and players can use basic weapons (like a shotgun or .22 if players have DLC) to quickly hunt multiple targets from each flock in comparison to other animals that require longer range weapons or run quickly that add extra difficulty. All of the fowls on Revontuli are also relatively similar in terms of money so it means that any flock you encounter is worth your time.

Beyond these class 1 birds players can also hunt Moose or White Tail Deer on this map although if you’re interested in these larger game alone you’ll probably be better served by one of the other maps listed on this page.


Yukon Valley

With the Yukon Valley DLC unlocking one of the best weapons in the game in the .300 Canning Magnum Frontier it is a common choice for many players and also comes with one of the top money making maps available. While the hunting opportunities are on the larger side of animal classes with options like the Grizzly Bear, Plains Bison, Moose and even the Gray Wolf they are an attractive option for money making as they come in large packs and are generally slow moving or slow to run away that makes multiple trophies possible from each pack.

With the higher animal class levels players do need a reliable weapon or two to bring along for this adventure though so this is not generally an option for newer players. When you are able to face the Yukon Valley though you’ll find it to be one of the most diverse and beautiful maps that has a surprising number of biomes for its size.


Silver Ridge Peaks (SRP)

A community favourite in the search for the theHunter: Call of the Wild best map for money that offers an expansive land that once again offers large herds of potential money for players to hunt. It is also more friendly to the newer player than Yukon Valley above given some of the best money making options are lower in class tier.

This includes the class 1 Merriam’s Turkey and the class 4 Pronghorn that are great for money but also experience given the large numbers they can be found in. The diversity in general of this map can also offer an enjoyable hunting adventure and if players have the capable weapons they can hunt options like the class 9 Plains Bison.

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