Trove Best Emblem Flasks For Each Class Guide

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Trove Best Emblem Flasks For Each Class Guide

Explore the best emblem options for each Trove class with this guide to the best options to purchase for either a specific class or general account utility to push players to the next level of Trove progression. Serving as secondary flasks to the primary healing vials the emblem system in Trove allows players to equip an emblem to their character to provide additional damage, defence or utility. Unlike healing vials though players can equip up to two emblems at a time although with nearly two dozen options and each needing to be individually purchased this isn’t an easy decision when deciding which emblems to unlock and use.

With my hundreds of hours of Trove experience and play time across all of the available Trove classes I’ll go into detail why I recommend everyone purchase Martial (physical), Arcane (magical) and Chronomantic emblems in the majority of situations for players given the flexibility that these have to a Trove account. That being said there are some highly class specific emblem combinations which I explore in this best emblem guide with details of why these emblems are powerful in specific situations and how to balance that against the generalist emblem options. For those unfamiliar with all of the emblems available I also include a summary at the end of this page that discusses the statistics of each emblem option.

Table of Contents:
Trove Best Emblems
Trove All Emblems

Trove Best Emblems

The best emblems in Trove fall into two different categories with a generalist set of best emblems that are effective on most Trove classes and by focusing on these players will be able to save on Credits and Cubits as emblems are unlocked for all classes on your account. The secondary category highly class or situational specific choices that are powerful in particular situations but don’t necessarily translate to other class options. This means that the best emblem for your account depends on a number of factors including your main class, how many classes you enjoy playing, your available funds and ultimately your current Trove game goals. For example a player like myself who enjoys playing lots of different classes and rarely buys in game currency will favour the generalist recommendations while on the other hand a player who only likes to play a single class should purchase emblems specifically for that class. With this in mind the following are the emblems I would recommend the following emblem options in approximate order of priority.

Trove Best Emblems (Generalist)

For generalist emblems the following should be a focus for players to unlock:

  • Martial: A staple damage dealing emblem that is effective on any physical damage dealing class with the large boost to damage for a short period of time and thus should be carefully timed with any burst available to your class. If you play no physical damage Trove classes then skip this emblem for your collection.
  • Arcane: Strong for the same reasons as the Martial emblem above and if you play no magic damage dealing classes then this can be skipped.
  • Chronomantic: With every Trove class being based around the cooldown of their abilities this will improve your damage or utility with any class as you’ll simply be able to use your abilities more often.
  • Beamer: Summoning a temporarily ranged ally for 10 seconds is a simple but effective damage increase, note that the damage of this emblem is based on your own physical damage and so should only be purchased if you play physical classes. Note players unlock a melee ally that functions similarly (Master Cheep) for mastery rank 160 that is an alternative.
  • Evil Eye: The alternative to Beamer this is a ranged summon that deals damage based on your magic damage and should be used where players focus on magical classes. Note that players unlock a melee variant of this emblem at mastery rank 170 (Master Magician’s) which is an alternative.
  • Vampiric: A simple source of healing that can help players particularly in solo play as it will provide an extra source of healing that can keep you in the fight longer and give you some room to make mistakes that you can recover from.

Trove Best Emblems (Class Specific)

The below emblems have specific class usages and provide alternatives to the generalist options above to suit particular playstyles, double down on a class strength or even cover for one of their weaknesses. Generally if using one of these options below it is still best to pair it with either martial or arcane depending on the class damage type.

  • SureStrike: If players find themselves currently at around 80% critical hit chance given their current stats the extra 20% provided by this emblem is likely to give you the best damage boost alongside your respective damage type emblem (Martial/Arcane).
  • Zealous: An alternative to the cooldown focused Chronomantic for classes that are focused on regaining their energy in order to boost their power level rather than cooldowns. This includes classes like the the Tomb Raiser or high burst classes with low cooldowns that can use their full energy bar quickly and utilise the reset.
  • Unyielding: For classes that are often in close range with enemies like the Knight, Neon Ninja and Candy Barbarian the temporary invulnerability when timed well can save a considerable amount of damage.


Trove All Emblems

The below table shows all of the Trove emblems currently available in game including the source players can obtain them from and the effect.

Emblem Source Effect
Master Cheep Emblem Mastery Rank (160) Summon a melee ally for 10 seconds that deals damage based on your physical damage
Master Magician’s Emblem Mastery Rank (170) Summon a melee ally for 10 seconds that deals damage based on your magical damage
Megaminer Emblem Weaver of Wonders Boosts lasermancy by 650 for 20 seconds
Bountiful Emblem Weaver of Wonders Chance not to consume a charge
Surestrike Emblem Weaver of Wonders Boosts critical hit chance by 20% for 8 seconds
Decoy Emblem Weaver of Wonders Summons a decoy for 3 seconds that distracts enemies
Damage Reflection Emblem Weaver of Wonders Reflects damage taken back to the enemy
Beamer Emblem Weaver of Wonders Summon a ranged ally for 10 seconds that deals damage based on your physical damage
Evil Eye Emblem Weaver of Wonders Summon a ranged ally for 10 seconds that deals damage based on your magical damage
Energetic Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Boosts energy regeneration by 50% for 10 seconds
Restorative Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Boosts health regeneration by double for 10 seconds
Trailblazing Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Boosts speed by 20 and jump by 5 for 10 seconds
Arcane Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Boosts magic damage by 250% for 3 seconds
Martial Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Boosts physical damage by 250% for 4 seconds
Zealous Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Restores all energy
Unyielding Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Grants an invulnerable shield for 2 seconds and boosts stability (knockback resistance) by 200
Soothing Rain Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Restores 10% health to nearby allies
Energising Rain Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Restores 20 energy to nearby allies
Repulsing Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Pushes enemies away from the player
Chronomantic Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Reduces cooldowns of all abilities by 7 seconds
Shadow Shrike Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Summon a melee ally for 10 seconds that deals damage based on your physical damage
Sorcerous Servant Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Summon a melee ally for 10 seconds that deals damage based on your magical damage
Vampiric Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Attacks for 8 seconds restore 10% of your maximum health
Berserker Emblem Purchase Credits/Cubits Boosts attack speed by 50 and movement speed by 40 for 5 seconds. Players can only use their basic attack during these 5 seconds.

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Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam has played Trove for a number of years following its initial release after being attracted to the unique art style and simple but deep challenge that the gameplay offered. His favourite class is the Tomb Raiser for the ability to summon a wealth of minions to battle enemies and bosses on his behalf.

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