How To Upgrade Escape From Tarkov Edition

Last Updated on December 18, 2022 by Samuel Franklin

How To Upgrade Escape From Tarkov Edition – Tarkov Guide

Wondering if you can upgrade Tarkov edition? This how to upgrade Tarkov edition guide will show you the process without resetting your account progression. Players often perform a Tarkov EoD upgrade after starting with a standard edition account and the screenshots below show how you can upgrade by paying the difference between game versions. Many players make this account upgrade after learning it is the only way to get the Gamma Container in Escape From Tarkov.

Starting with the standard edition is something I regularly recommend to new players as it allows you to get a taste of Escape From Tarkov before committing to the price of Edge of Darkness (EoD) or another game package tier. Once you are ready to upgrade for those juicy benefits (upgrade to Gamma container, more space and trader reputation) this guide will detail the specific steps and answer some frequently asked questions of the upgrade process. An important up front consideration is that using this method you can take advantage of any Escape From Tarkov game sales so it is often worth waiting for one in most cases as they happen several times per year.


How To Upgrade Tarkov Edition In Your Account

In order to perform a Tarkov upgrade edition to your account you’ll need to perform the following steps. If you’d rather watch a video of the steps a you can refer to this video below:

  1. Close the Escape From Tarkov game and launcher before proceeding to limit potential issues or delay in receiving your upgraded account items. It is also recommended to unequip your secure container (and remove all the items in it) from your PMC and place it into the stash as some Tarkov users (myself included) have experienced that the upgraded container was applied directly onto the PMC which resulted in the previous container being lost. While not a significant issue some players may want to keep their old container and while the items within my secure container were not impacted the game is in beta so issues can happen.

    Other players in the community have reported receiving their new secure container through the mail system as expected although the criteria for this is unclear and might be related to; 1) being in a raid during the time the upgrade is applied on BattleState Games side or 2) having completed the Punisher quest lines for the Epsilon Secure Container (for reference I had not completed all these quests at the time of my account upgrade and my experience was a secure container overwrite). Regardless when it comes to account upgrades I recommend you apply the safety principle of unequipping your secure container. This prevents potential bugs and allows you to keep and/or sell your old secure container that could be potentially lost otherwise.

  2. Login to your account through the official Escape From Tarkov website and visit the pre-order page that you originally used to purchase the game. When logged in you’ll see the “you purchased this package” message under your current package.
  3. Scroll down to your desired account upgrade (such as EoD but works on any upgrade) and you’ll see the following which shows the price to upgrade. This price will depend on your current version and any applicable game sales.
  4. You’ll then see the below pop-up which describes how to access the additional items from the account upgrade. Once you confirm your age you’ll go through the same checkout process as your original purchase.
  5. After completing the above simply login to your Escape From Tarkov account (generally instant or within a few minutes) and claim your new items through the message system (same process as collecting insurance, flea market items/money or quest rewards). This will include all starting equipment differences between versions.tarkov-upgrade-system-message

By following the above steps (particularly the all important step 1) you will be able to complete an Escape From Tarkov upgrade without reset. However, as someone who plays Tarkov you are likely aware the game isn’t perfect and still in beta phase which means that bugs and issues do occur. During certain periods your account upgrade may not applied instantly and it’s important not to panic if this occurs or worse resetting your account thinking that will fix the issue. Some members of the Tarkov community have reported upgrades taking up to 24hrs and even 48hrs especially during periods of high server load or when the Tarkov account upgrade system is having issues (this is usually reported as an alert banner in the launcher).


Written by
Samuel Franklin
Samuel Franklin is the founder and lead editor of the Games Finder team and enjoys video games across all genres and platforms.

Sam (Seelyon) has over 1,000 hours, 1,000 raids, 2,000 kills and 50% survival rate in Escape From Tarkov (EFT) over multiple wipes and has achieved the elusive Kappa secure container in the process. He loves the Tarkov experience and seeks to share his insights and expertise with new players to the game.


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