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  • High quality mobile app – Strong community – Massive list of items
  • Limited ways to earn game coins

Offering a large social community within a mobile app Avakin Life offers you the ability to start your own new life on your iOS or Android device. Customise your own avatar and an apartment while hanging out with countless people in the great social locations.


Starting with the creation of your avatar players have a range of options including gender, face paint, skin colour, hair, facial hair, eyes, mouth, ears and eyebrows. This is then paired with a healthy collection of clothing items and accessories. For those that would rather hop right into the world a convenient random button will quickly create an avatar for you.

Avakin Life is broadly split into 3 game elements; social, clothing and housing. Socialising is where most players will spend the bulk of gameplay and takes place across a number of scenes such as parks, lounges, bars, cafes and even beaches. Each of these have various interactive objects to help it feel like a real location and can be explored with simple one touch controls. Players can engage in all chat, add friends or private chat people from each of these locations.

The rest of your time on Avakin Life you’ll be spending your allotment of game coins on attractive new outfits, hair styles and furniture for your very own in game apartment. Other purchases include special animations for your characters and even pets.


The largest sink of your funds though is the apartment system where you can purchase a beautiful piece of personal space that can be customised with your own pieces of furniture and used as a hub to bring your friends. Each apartment also gives players a daily diamond income for premium items and can be voted on by other users.

Avakin Life is an impressive social mobile game and definitely one of the leaders in the mobile space. With large amounts of customisation, a solid app and strong community it is hard to pass on what Avakin Life offers.


  • A mobile social game.
  • Huge amounts of avatar customisation.
  • Purchase an apartment and customise it with furniture.
  • Large number of social spots to meet new people and hang out.
  • For iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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