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  • Visuals – Narration – Character development
  • Combat gets repetitive

Bastion is a unique action RPG developed by the independent game company, Supergiant Games. The game is available on Xbox Live Arcade, Windows, Mac, iOS and is even available on Google Chrome.


In Bastion players play a character known as ‘the Kid’ from an isometric angle in a colourful and impressive game world that has plenty of mystery about it. In the game players travel around a floating environment and battle various enemies in order to collect special rock shard cores to reconstruct the Bastion. One of the unique features of Bastion is the narrator which voices over the player’s actions in both a fixed and dynamic way.

The Kid can carry two weapons in Bastion which players can swap out at particular arsenal locations. Each weapon comes with a standard attack but also a special attack which are limited to a certain number each level, requiring careful management by the player. Additional special attacks can be found throughout the level or dropped by enemies though. Health potions work on a similar limitation system.


As players move through the levels in Bastion they’ll gain fragments which are used to upgrade their gear at the end of levels. If players have collected a core piece during the recent level they can elect to build one of six parts of the Bastion which each provide their own benefit to players. From the distillery that features a number of upgrades to the shrine that lets players invoke the gods to boost enemy power for better experience.

Bastion offers a unique feel with impressive gameplay to back it up. Something about the game will just keep bringing you back and there is plenty of freedom in how you develop your character that you can easily get more than one playthrough.


  • Bastion offers a unique vibe.
  • Impressive art style that features a colourful game world.
  • Reconstruct the Bastion in an order that works for you.
  • Great variety in enemies, locations and items.
  • Available on plenty of different platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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