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  • Over 900 monsters – Extreme amount of depth – Competitive PvP
  • Depth of options can be overwhelming

Battle Camp is one of the most detailed and in depth monster training and battle games currently available on mobile devices. Fans of the likes of Pokemon will feel right at home as you create your dream team to complete the lengthy quest driven storyline or create the ultimate PvP fighting force and rise through the rankings.


The sheer level of depth in Battle Camp ensures you’ll get hundreds and hundreds of hours out of the game as you mix, match, train, catch and battle over 900 monsters in this monster capturing mobile MMO. Gameplay in Battle Camp mixes Pokemon style battles with puzzle matching to keep every battle engaging. This also creates opportunities for a skilled puzzle matcher to overcome tougher opponents in both the PvP and PvE aspects.

Unlike traditional matching games like Candy Crush that you might be most familiar with players are able to drag tiles around anywhere on the board. This also has the effect of displacing tiles which lets you create multiple matches in a single turn.

Tiles come in six different colours, one for each of the monster elements in the game (water, fire, leaf, wind and stone) and hearts which can heal your team. Matching directly impacts your monster attacks for example matching 3 fire tiles will cause any fire monsters in your party to attack with bonuses for matching more than 3 tiles.

This is just the start of strategy in Battle Camp with players having to consider the elements in their team and the elements of their opponent to take advantage of any elemental weaknesses.


Your team is made up of 5 monsters which you can capture as you explore the large game world. Each of them will level up individually through battle or by feeding them to create a stronger team through evolution. Monsters also have a random zodiac sign assigned to them with bonuses for having a team with the same zodiac symbols to add another layer of depth.

With a very competitive ladder to compete against, badges to collect, plenty of quests and the ridiculously large number of monsters in the game this is a game that any fan of monster catching should own.


  • Over 900 monsters in the game.
  • Huge amount of strategy in putting together a team.
  • Puzzle matching lets you have more control over battle outcomes.
  • Large number of quests and areas to explore.
  • New monsters and events to keep the game fresh on a regular basis.



Review Platform: iOS

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